By: Daniel Dore

Yes, this is what I look like today

I will not be in the office tomorrow, for I’m going to be on a mission; despite the snarky comments from some of my colleagues, I will be, once again, waiting in line to buy an iPhone. I waited for 5 1/2 hours last June 29th for an iPhone on a beautiful, sunny Massachusetts afternoon, and in a few hours I will set up my camping chair and endure a humid, bug-infested Massachusetts night to purchase the new iPhone 3G and, hopefully, get my picture on the front page of the local newspaper again. I’m not an Apple “fanboy”; the only Mac computers I’ve ever owned were purchased for the sole purpose of repairing and re-selling. However, I’m a HUGE iPod fan (I’ve owned 2 iPods, a Nano, and 2 Shuffles in my day) and love the concept of carrying one device that handles everything I need.

I’ve had many, many different cell phones over the past 10 years; a StarTAC, a RAZR, various Windows Mobile phones…I’m officially hooked on the iPhone; all the other phones, in comparison, seem slow, underpowered, and user-unfriendly. I even imported an “iPhone killer” thinking it would be an alternative to my mild un-satisfaction with Apple’s offering. I had 3 major complaints about iPhone 1.0 – no GPS, no 3G internet, and no A2DP (stereo audio over bluetooth). The iPhone 3G solves two of those issues and the third, audio over bluetooth, will probably be solved by a crafty developer’s iPhone application. Yeah, I forgot to mention that – 3rd-party apps for the iPhone. Say what you will about Apple “finally” catching up to the rest of the mobile world and allowing 3rd-party apps, but it’s always been…oh my gosh, is that “Super Monkey Ball” for the iPhone?!? So, will I see you in line tomorrow, too?