Extend Your SEM Reach. Keep Your Keywords. Why are we stopping SEM at search when we can take the power of keyword targeting beyond search? Ask any successful search engine marketing client what their successful, perhaps kick-a$$, keywords are and he or she will happily list off enough to compose a lengthy tongue twister.

We all know the SEMantra:  Kick-A$$ keyword line-up = Ability to drive Quality traffic to e-business  

After a web user searches for something they do not disappear into thin air, or the world-wide-webosphere… SEM has proven to be the most effective online marketing channel for driving relevant, valuable—ideal—web traffic to e-businesses. With SBM, or search behavior marketing, marketers can now extend their SEM success, and use their same Kick-A$$ Keywords to target ads to their ideal audience beyond the search listings page and into content-rich websites. SBM targets web audiences based on their search behavior by tracking their web activity, including affinity to search for certain terms as well as sites they frequent (ie; a web user who searches for Travel in Paris, and visits WSJ.com every few hours…) Learn more about SBM.