YOU: Have a website with a good amount of US search engine traffic and are looking for highly targeted text ads that will earn you revenue. You need access to a large, diverse set of inventory with clean content for your pages. After all, you like to keep your visitors happy. Chitika|Premium ad units: Behaviorally-targeted ad units that shows text ads from a diverse set of advertisers. Steps for easily getting started: 1. Login to your account / Sign up for Chitika 2. Once logged in, click the arrow on the Get Code tab, then choose Chitika|Premium:

3. Follow the simple Steps to choosing your format size, ad unit colors, and setting your alternate URL (optional), then COPY YOUR CODE by clicking in the code box. 4. Now you paste the code on your website/blog. Use this heatmap for placement tips. How to insert Premium into The New Blogger, Classic Blogger, WordPress, TypePad Pro, TypePad Basic or Plus.