Three quick facts about us here at Chitika:

1.) The first-ever Chitika staff meeting took place at a Wendy’s in Waltham, MA.

2.) One of the names considered for the eMiniMalls ad unit was ‘MiniPortal’ (but nobody understood what the heck it meant).

3.) Karla Escolas, who has done such an incredible job as the editor of this blog for the past two years, will be leaving very soon on maternity leave. We wish Karla, her husband Mike, and their new baby-to-be (who will, no doubt, be named eMiniMalls Escolas) the best of luck and best of health over the next few months!  

First picture taken of eMiniMalls Escolas, circa 2010 The interim editor of this blog, Daniel Dore, will introduce himself in a self-indulgent post on Monday. Stay tuned!