A number of publishers have requested that we add a feature to allow you to download your customized reports to Excel (or OpenOffice, for you open-source geeks like us!). Well the number-crunchers can rejoice as that feature is now live – reports can now be downloaded to CSV format which you can open into any spreadsheet software of your choice. This gives you MUCH more flexiblity over how you view/review your data, and allows you to view the reports however YOU want to view them. All you need to do is go to the reports tab, then just click the “Download Excel Report” link in the reports page and save the file to your computer: 

This will work for the defualt (unaudited stats) report, or any customized reports you run (check this out for a recap on how to customize your reports). Also, don’t forget that you can have your reports sent to your email automatically by using the “Report Scheduling” feature on any of your saved reports. Are there other features that you would like to see added to our reporting system? Let us know by leaving a comment below!