The Chitika Premium Interesting Placement Contest began Oct. 30th, and since then we have received over 100 contest entries from our users! We were so very impressed with many of the placements we saw that it made it very hard to choose only 3 winners – big thanks to everyone who participated.

First place: $100 Winner – Elran Oded, co-founder at Elran did something really cool.. he placed the unit so that it’s actually integrated within his first paragraph text. Users who come directly to his website will see a normal paragraph of text but those coming from a search engine will see a large Premium ad unit with the text wrapping around to the side of the unit. 

And now for our two runner-ups:

$50 runner-up: Richard Cloutier,

$50 runer-up: James Nardel,

A BIG thanks again to all our users who sent in their Premium integrations!! This was not Chitika’s first contest and this will definitely not be the last! We love attending/hosting events and we really love giving stuff away for free. Subscribe to the blog now to be sure you don’t miss out on our next contest giveaway.