Chitika publisher Jean Harris of has been a computer fanatic since 1982 when he wrote his first program on his first machine, the Vic-20. He’s been an owner/webmaster & a designer of content-based websites since launching his first business in 1997. Starting to blog in 2007, he found it to be a challenge because he was used to digging into code & sharing statistics, not sharing his personal view on things, but found it to be a lot of fun. Jean soon decided to take the “next step” and start using affiliate programs like Chitika to monetize the traffic to his site and earn revenue.

TESTING “I’ve tried every major affiliate ad network and service as well as most of the second tier or smaller services. I’ve been disappointed a few times and pleasantly surprised a few others. Chitika Premium has been a most welcome surprise,” says Jean. Jean, being the “techie” that he is, likes to test and re-test every line of code on his sites for maximum results. So when he started using Chitika Premium one month ago he found it to be easier than he thought. He notes, “using the Premium code has been the best no-brainer move I’ve ever made online.”

RESULTS My CTR reached 4.60% and eCPM peaked at 7x average AdSense levels. Which is why I feel that Chitika is in a group all it’s own, it can’t be compared to other services because of its unique delivery approach,” says Jean The ‘unique delivery approach’ Jean is referring to is how Chitika Premium ads are ONLY displayed to his search engine traffic; which means his regular readers are not bothered by any additional ads. He notes “it doesn’t scare off the regulars while at the same time it helps search visitors a great deal. It’s a win-win-win situation.” He believes that Premium gives the freedom to help visitors find what they want instead of forcing them to see what he wants, “this is key moving forward and Chitika Premium fits that mold perfectly”, he adds.

You can read more about Jean’s success using Chitika | Premium on his PopularWealth blog here.

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