By: Daniel Dore

Chitika Customer Service

1. What happened to my traffic from October and November?!? It’s gone!! The “unaudited” (or ‘raw’) data is cleared from your account every 60-90 days. The reason for clearing your past months of unaudited data is to speed up loading of your current reporting data. However, your audited stats (which is what payments are based on) will never be cleared from your account. Here’s a great knowledgebase article on how to view your audited data. To view your “audited” revenue stats in your reports simply click on “Change Report Metrics/Settings” and select “Audited Revenue”

2. What happened to Chitika | eMiniMalls? Chitika | eMiniMalls have been upgraded to Chitika | Premium ads over the past year. With this change we can now cater to ALL types of websites – finance, health, automobile, etc., instead of focusing on websites centered around shopping products & product reviews. Since this upgrade our publisher network has grown from 17,000 to 39,000! Learn more about Premium and its award-winning innovative technology here.

3. How come I see “mortgage” ads in my Premium ads? My site isn’t about mortgages! Premium Ads can only be seen on your page by visitors who enter your site from a search engine, and the ad displayed in this unit will be based on the term they searched for. To preview the ad, we created a Preview Tool that will show you a “test” of how the ad will appear to a search engine visitor reaching your site. The default term for this ‘test’ is “mortgages”. To use the Preview Tool- Add this text to the end of your URL: #chitikatest=mortgage Then click ENTER, and Ctrl + R to refresh your page.  You can change the term for this ‘test’; if you change the word “mortgages” to “cars”, you would see an add for cars, etc.

4. I tried logging into the support section, but it wouldn’t let me! The log-in for our Customer Support System is different from the account section of – this way, non-members can submit questions.  FIRST, click “Submit a Ticket“, to contact support. After you submit your question, you will receive an email with a user name (your email address) and password to log in to the Support section. If not, try checking your spam folder (sometimes the spam monster steals our emails). We want to encourage anyone who has an issue with their ads or any part of Chitika services to let us know so we can work on fixing it right away. You may have noticed our Feedback tab throughout our website – thank you all for your great feedback!