Using a little CSS coding magic we can add extra customization to the Chitika | Premium ad placement on your blog posts! Just choose a style and then add a line or two to your style.css file in your theme!

Our Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin has made it easy for so many of you to add Chitika | Premium to your blogs, but it is limited in customizations. Not anymore! As of version 1.3 we’ve made it easy to customize more about the placement appearance of your ads. You already know you can change the size, colors and placement (above and below) but with just a snippet of code added to your style.css file in your theme you can really make the display your own.

Add Space

Is your ad too close to the post?  Just add the following lines to your style.css file:

.chitika-adspace { margin: 10px 0;}

It will add some visual space, or white space, above and below the ad.

Center your Ad

Don’t like the way your ad looks aligned to the left? Why not center it?  Add this line to your style.css

.chitika-adspace { text-align:center; }

Your Ad Can Fly Right

Do you want your ad to appear to the right of your post?  There’s a couple steps to accomplish this:

  1. First you’ll have to choose your placement to be above or both
  2. Then choose an ad size with a smaller width
    For this placement style we recommend the 250×250 Square or 180 x 300 ad size

Once you’ve done that, just add the following line to your style.css file:

.chitika-adspace.aboveboth, .chitika-adspace.above  { float:right; margin:0 0 10px 10px; }

We also think this option looks cool with a 120 x 600 skyscraper ad (above positioning only) – it’s almost like adding a dedicated sidebar to display ads only to your search traffic! 

CSS Classes For You CSS Pros

For those of you who are familiar with style sheets or coding style sheets the plugin now adds the following classes to the divs containing the ads:

  • chitika-adspace (all ads)
  • above (above only)
  • below (below only)
  • aboveboth (above when both are displayed)
  • belowboth (below when both are displayed)

Have you done anything like this with your ads?

Tell us about your customizations in the comments below!