If you find yourself silently thinking or very loudly shouting the above statement then we’re here to help. The good news is, your ads are probably working perfectly on your site – you just can’t see them; this is actually normal, and I’ll tell you why. Chitika Premium ads work differently from traditional advertisements on your website. It will not just camp out on your site displaying an ad all the time (which can be annoying to your visitors), because the wise people here at Chitika decided that approach to displaying ads was actually not all that smart. So we decided to do it differently.

The Premium Approach Premium ads will only appear on your site to a visitor that clicks through to your website from a search engine. Why? Because we believe that targeting their search query and showing an ad related to that will result in a higher CTR and we don’t want you to feel like you are annoying your regular visitors with ads (this is especially important for forum owners).

How to test your ads It’s very easy to check out how the ad actually displays on your site by adding #chitikatest=keyword to the end of your URL in your browser’s address bar (for example – www.yourdomain.com#chitikatest=doctor). Refresh the page, and you will now see how the Chitika | Premium ad looks on your site for whatever keyword you used in the test (in the example, we used “doctor”). You won’t see exactly what your visitors will see in the ad unit because for them it’s targeted to their search query, remember? 🙂

Still have questions? No problem, comment below so I can help. If, after using the test tool to view the Premium ad on your site, you still cannot see it or are experiencing issues, you can receive assistance from our experts in support. To submit a ticket to support, click here.