Hey everyone – I want to introduce the newest addition to the Chitika | Premium lineup – the 550×250 MEGA-Unit.  Across our network right now, the MEGA-Unit’s CTR is 4 times higher than our other Premium units – so you can see why we are excited about it!  I want to answer some important questions about it here on the blog:

What is the MEGA-Unit?

It’s our newest Chitika | Premium unit, and it’s really BIG!  Take a look.

Why should you use this?

Across the board, our new MEGA-Unit is adding a massive increase in clicks and revenue:

  • AskDaveTaylor.com increased his Chitika earnings from $85/month to $2000/month by adding the new MEGA-Unit to his site (Dave talks about this in greater detail on his site).
  • ArticleAlley.com added the new MEGA-Unit and reports that “The result was a massive 721% increase in income –  without any noticeable knock on effect to our other income providers.”  – Adrian from ArticleAlley.com
  • Couponmom.com added the MEGA-Unit to just 1 of her pages, and immediately doubled her eCPM and revenue.

How do I get it?

If you have a Chitika account, you can get the unit by clicking here, then choosing the 550×250 “MEGA-Unit” from the drop-down. If you don’t have a Chitika account, click here to sign up.

Where should I place the MEGA-Unit on my site?

We are seeing it work best placed directly above or below the main content.  For example, you can see where ArticleAlley.com put it on this page (scroll to bottom of article). Try the new Chitika | Premium MEGA-Unit now! What do you think about this?  Leave us a comment below!