“Bing!”  That sound is a brand new search engine (sorry, “Decision Engine”) from Microsoft leaping into the fray and making everyone’s life a little more Microsoft-y.  Launched in late May, Bing has started taking searches away from reigning powerhouses Google and Yahoo! – and it works great with Chitika | Premium ads.

 As much as we love search, and as much as we live by the power of search engines, you didn’t really think we’d be unable to serve ads to Bing traffic, did you?  It’s an exciting new tool that Microsoft hopes will revolutionize the way people search on the Internet.  We’re all over that. Plus, when I went to grab this screenshot, they had a picture of Boston (where Chitika lives) as the main image.  It was like fate telling us “Yeah, Chitika and Bing work well together.” So, if your site is getting traffic from Bing, that’s great – your Chitika | Premium ads will continue to show up and be exactly what your site visitors are searching for.