The Chitika Team is excited to be working with Squidoo because they are a model publisher for our network. Chitika has always been a publisher centric advertising network, working with publishers to maximize advertising revenue and giving them choices about how to do that. We understand that all publishers have an inner dialogue about how to maximize revenue and grow the business, but also create the greatest user experience possible.  Often times strategies to maximize revenue are perceived to be the worse options for ensuring high user experience.  Take for example putting up another ad unit.  More ads means a worse user experience, right? Well hold on. Squidoo is uber concerned with visitor experience.  So adding a Chitika | Select ad to their page would seem to go against their philosophy of creating the highest quality user experience.  Turns out that wasn’t the case.  Here’s why:

  1. Chitika and Squidoo worked together to customize the look and feel of Chitika’s ads to perfectly integrate with Squidoo’s themes.  We worked on a custom title and colors that fit both Squidoo’s metrics of quality but also ensuring performance and revenue. 
  2. Chitika’s targeting technology can decide when to show an ad or when to disappear.  Yup that’s right, we don’t show ads all the time risking your visitors experience.  We think smart impressions is more revenue and user experience.  Based upon a number of metrics our ads show selectively and that helps protect Squidoo’s most loyal visitors by insuring that we won’t show them ads.

The end result is that Squidoo is enjoying additional revenue while protecting their impressive brand and high user experience.  How could Chitika help your site increase revenue and user experience?