The man behind our newly famous “estimated number of iPads sold” is actually one of the youngest “men” here at the Chitika office; Gui Pinto just celebrated his 20th birthday.

Gui is holding his brand new iPad he received as a gift from Chitika CEO, Venkat Kolluri for putting together the data so quickly.

“I am super thankful and very excited to own my very own iPad. I also can’t wait to get into developing new apps for this thing.”

What is this iPad estimator and how was it born? Gui Pinto was the recipient of a very early phone call from Chitika’s CTO, Alden DoRosario last Saturday morning in which he told him, “I have an idea…”. Gui spent the next 12 hours putting together the data & the page featuring real time stats! During the duration of writing this post, there were 768,480 iPads sold, but if you click here now, it will be more than that.  The estimator gives you a breakdown of adoption by hour and by state. How did we do it? You can read more into the technical stuff here. I know I am looking forward to more of Alden’s ideas =)