In addition to the current upgrades in the Chitika ad service, we have begun incorporating ads which pay per impression (CPM/CPI) along with pay per click (CPC) for your websites.

What is changing in my reports? With the addition of these CPM ads, we will no longer be reporting on clicks. Because of this, the CPC and CTR values in your reports now become quite irrelevant and alter your focus from your actual revenue earnings. We feel that removing the CPC and CTR fields, will help you see the most important aspect of your earnings: your revenue.

How should I read my reports? Focusing on your impressions and the revenue earnings for those impressions will show you the CPM rate you are getting. Previously, your CPC and CTR stats did not include stats from CPM ads on your site. So as of today, your reports will now give you a breakdown of Impressions, CPM and Revenue.