1.9 billion people on the web – and 4.6 billion on mobile phones. Mobile is here to stay, and you can’t treat it like the rest of the web. The power of the click is replaced by one-touch phone calls, and the right Ad means everything. Initial results of the mobile ads on the Chitika network have seen a 76% jump in user engagement. Across the Chitika network, mobile traffic grew 500% over the past year. If you are already running Chitika ads on your website(s), Chitika Mobile Ads are already displaying for your mobile traffic.

To view your mobile stats: log into your Chitika account, click on “Reports“, then “Advanced Reports“. Under “Select Channels“, check-box the channel named “Mobile Ad” then click “Get Results“. If you would like to only display Chitika Mobile Ads without also displaying our regular online Chitika ads, this is an available option as well- Login, click on “Ad Setup“, then “Get Mobile Code” Or simply, click here. We look forward to speaking with you more about Chitika Mobile ads next week at ad:tech New York!

If you are not yet a Chitika publisher, please sign up here to get started.