Tablets are not smartphones. Then again, they’re not home computers, either, and their share of Internet usage is projected to be nearly 4% of all Internet traffic by the end of 2011. Fortunately, we at Chitika already have the solution for web publishers: specialized ads designed specifically for iPad, iPad 2 and Android tablets. Chitika mobile ads work on all mobile devices, including the iPad 2.


Across the Chitika network, tablets and mobile devices make up 15% of publishers’ revenue, and that number is growing by 5% every week. Thanks to our innovative, class-leading mobile ads, publishers can immediately boost their revenue by 10-20% just by taking advantage of the tablet and mobile traffic they already have.

“With 5% of traffic contributing 15% of our revenue, how could we not put our full weight behind this mobile product?” asks Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri. “That’s why we made sure our ads work as well on iPads as they do on iPhones. A tablet has the real estate of a laptop and the personal touch of a smartphone, so you have to be very specific in making ads for users of iPads, Xooms, and the next hot tablet to hit the market.”

The effect has been felt immediately: according to our research department, iPad users are clicking on the new ad 76% more than desktop ads. The tablet ads come several months after the release of our mobile ads, and like the mobile ads, these ads detect what a user is browsing on when they come to a Chitika publisher and automatically transform into the right ad for the device. iPads, iPhones, Android devices, or a home PC; the Chitika ad unit is automatically optimized for any device that hits it. For more on Chitika Mobile Ads visit