Here at Chitika we love to get out of the office, network and most importantly learn something new! Attending special events, speaking panels and enrichment programs are passion points for everyone in the Chitika family.  We are fortunate enough to be located in a region that is one of the epicenters for tech and innovation.  This provides us with ample opportunity to constantly mix, mingle and share ideas with some of the industry’s top talent.

On April 23rd, a group of Chitika Data Solution Engineers attended Mobile Monday Boston, one of Boston’s biggest monthly technology networking events. This particular session dubbed “Mobile Pitch Challenge” allowed some of Boston’s newest early stage mobile startups to pitch a panel of mobile investors, including; Antonio Rodriguez of Matrix Partners, Jeff Glass of Bain Capital Ventures and Jennifer Lum of Apricot Capital.

In the words of our Data Solutions Engineers, here is how the evening turned out: In front of an audience of over 200 industry professionals, a group of startups made their pitch. Participating companies included Thumbs Up, PerscribableApps, cognet mobile, 29GO, RepeatReceipt, Spectacle and Codex Development. PerscribableApps came out on top, winning the most votes of the evening. Their mission is to improve care for those living with a chronic illness by providing their users with collaborative resources to understand their own condition -not just their diagnosis- with the help of their Doctor.

*Image courtesy of PerscribableApps

PerscribableApps was the most popular pitch among our group as well, given their intent to utilize big data to create a smooth and regular flow of information and feedback between mental health patients and care providers, standing to make a huge impact not only on the market but to the quality of services offered to patients today. We especially liked PerscribableApps because they want to change the world, not just an industry – just like us. Hope to see you at the next event!