For a publisher that is new to Chitika, figuring out which of our ad types is the best fit for your website can be a challenge. Not to worry – we have it all laid out so you can pick the ad units that will suit you and your site’s needs.

Text Ads:

Text ads are good for beginners, as well as users who have specific spaces where they want to place their ad units. We have a very large list of preset sizes, so for those of you logging into your account for the first time, picking out a new ad unit is a breeze. From banners to small squares, we have it all.

List Unit:

The List Unit is great because you can choose your desired width, and depending on how many ad units you choose (or are available) your unit height will adjust. If you choose to display 5 ads, but a specific search query only turns up 3 ads, the unit will adjust so that there is no empty white space underneath the listings. Therefore, it’s important to place these ad units in a spot on your site where a change in height won’t mess with the content formatting on your page.

Mobile Ads:

Mobile ads are great for mostly everybody, as they will only display on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and hover at the bottom of the page as your users scroll down. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you have a vast loyal following of website visitors that may be coming from mobile devices, they may not like seeing mobile ads every time they come to your site (think a dedicated forum community situation).

Local Ads:

Located under “Map Ads,” our local ads are great for websites that are location specific. Think directories that help users find local businesses in their area, or websites completely devoted to one location. These ads units look like our regular text ads, but with the addition of a small map to show the location of the businesses being advertised.

What type of ads do you use on your site? Which works best? Be on the look out for an announcement coming soon about our newest ad types!