At Chitika, innovation is something we are able to successfully incorporate into all aspects of our company. You’ve heard about our unique office atmosphere, but it’s important not to forget about who we are – a data analytics company and online ad network. In Sunday’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Jon Towne, correspondent, detailed Chitika’s ahead-of-the-curve approach to Mobile Advertising and how we use location and interest-based targeting to effectively deliver high-performing ads.

With the shift of web browsing market share favoring mobile devices, Chitika has been at the forefront of the ad companies that are adjusting their technologies and resources to accommodate this shift. We recently welcomed Matt Kojalo to the team, who will head our Mobile Division as the GM and will be responsible for the planning and execution of our global roll-out of the Mobile Ad Exchange Platform.

Check out the article below, or visit the Worcester Telegram’s website here!