As we move through 2012, we’re always thinking of ways to improve what we currently offer. From our products to our perks, we like to incorporate innovative, never-been-done ways to give us an edge over the competition. Most recently, we’ve implemented our new Wednesday Start Date program for new hires. So what is the Wednesday Start day all about? Most people have their last day at their old job on a Friday, and are expected to report into work at their new job the following Monday morning. Switching jobs is a stressful time for anyone, and two days just isn’t enough in between! Therefore, we decided to give our new employees two extra days to relax over a long weekend before their first day of work at Chitika. Even better? They’re still being paid for the Monday and Tuesday before they start. This week, I want to introduce you to our 4 newest Chitikans who are the first to experience our new Wednesday Start day program. We’re really excited to have them on the team, and know they each individually bring a lot to the table. One thing we like to do is introduce new employees to Jim Collins’ “Hedgehog Concept,” designed to help you discover how to make the best decisions for yourself in your work life that will lead to success. Scroll down to meet the newest Chitikans!