We are excited to introduce our new ChitikaApps, which will enhance the way users experience ads on your site and allow you to generate maximum revenue with your Chitika account.

Chitika Apps Logo ChitikaApps is now live with four new ad units, which will allow you to monetize your site in a way that works best for you. Our first four ad types available through ChitikaApps NOW are:

  • Chitika Highlighter – When one of your site visitors wants to copy and paste some text on your page, they will be served an ad based on the keywords that they have highlighted directly below that paragraph of text. The ads will disappear once they copy and paste different text. These ads will only appear when text has been highlighted.
  • Chitika Hover – These ads will hover on the bottom right corner of your site, and will stay in the position as your user scrolls down the page. They are similar to our mobile ads, but take up less screen space and will show on all devices, not just mobile. A great way to make sure your Chitika Ads don’t go by the wayside.
  • Chitika Linx – Back by popular demand, Chitika Linx are in-text ad units that automatically identify relevant keywords on your page to hyperlink (double underline) to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings. For those of you with a text-heavy site, Chitika Linx is for you!
  • Chitika Pages – These are interstitial ads that your site visitors will see after clicking a link on your page, before being redirected to their desired destination. There will be a set period of time this ad page will show before the visitor is redirected. These ads are a good way to earn revenue from your site visitors before they leave your webpage for good.

ChitikaApps is open RIGHT NOW! Simply check the boxes of the ad types you want to try out, and ads will automatically be placed on any page where you are currently running Chitika ads. This is a great way to boost your existing Chitika revenue, so don’t miss out!! Log in now and get started.