We’re always looking for new ways to earn our publishers more money. This week, we launched a new referral program to do so! In addition to the links you know and love, we have released 4 new banners units to help boost your revenue through your site traffic – check this one out below: The Referral Rewards program is a great way to earn extra revenue from your Chitika account without much effort. There is no limit to the number of publishers you can refer, and you will earn 10% of each publisher you refer’s income for the first 15 months they have a Chitika account, without affecting their income at all! Chitika takes a cut out of its own profits to encourage our users to refer new publishers. The new referral banners and link can be found under the “ad setup” tab within your Chitika account. Aside from the new banners and your customized referral link, the Chitika ads displayed already include a customized referral link in the bottom right corner. This actually links to the publisher signup page complete with your unique referrer ID.     Our referral rewards program is not limited to those publishers running our ads – you can open a Chitika account with the intent of only referring new publishers, and still earn the same benefits. Publishers who are using the referral program have seen great results – check out this post from a few months back in which Jeremy Schoemaker (a.k.a “Shoemoney”) highlights his success with the program here.

We’re always getting great feedback on how great the referral program is, and we expect our new banners to increase publisher revenue even more! Click here to log in and grab your new referral banners today.