Recently, we have seen an increasing number of complaints about a “Chitika virus” popping up around the Internet, so we wanted to take some time to address this issue and assure our publishers and customers that there is no chance that a virus is being transmitted through Chitika advertisements, and we have no association with this virus.  A third party has been using our name on a virus that they have created.

Are Chitika advertisements dangerous? Is Chitika safe?

Yes, using Chitika is completely safe.  We do not serve any malware through our advertisements, and have a multi-layered approach to vet third-party advertisements before they are placed in our system.  All advertisements by Chitika are placed on websites by the choice of their site owner, and can be removed any time they wish.

How can I tell if the ad I am seeing is a virus?

If the advertisement appears to be following you around the internet and always appears ‘hovering’ over the content on the page, and a second advertisement also appears in the same location or the other bottom corner, you may be infected with Win32/Sirefef, aka Trojan.0access.

I think my computer may have the virus.  How can I remove it?

The best option is to take your computer to have the virus professionally removed.  Win32/Sirefef is a dangerous virus known for stealing personal information as well as using your computer for illegal activities.

If you would like to try to disable this virus by yourself, many anti-virus companies offer solutions for removing this virus. is a good place to start. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to email