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Chitika Insights Helps Magazine Publishers Understand the Tablet Usage Environment

The first issue of Tablet Publishing magazine is utilizing Chitika Insights data and expertise to educate its audience of magazine and print media publishers about the current tablet usage environment in North America.

A rigorous commitment to data analysis has allowed Chitika to help publishers best monetize their websites since the company’s inception in 2003. Meanwhile, our research arm, Chitika Insights, has built a reputation as one of the most trusted sources of data when it comes to tablet usage behavior in North America. In our contributions to Tablet Publishing magazine, we utilized these two strengths to shine a light on the tablet usage environment within North America as it relates to magazine publishers looking to improve their presence on tablet platforms.

Market Analyst Andrew Waber authored the featured piece with the help of the entire Chitika Insights team. In it, Andrew discusses the usage differences between Android tablet and iPad users, along with how the environment may evolve as tablet device adoption becomes more pervasive.

Take a look at the app in the Apple iTunes Store ($3.99), or, if you’re more curious about what we can do for website publishers, check out our publisher page!