A question we often get from new publishers relates to what they can expect to earn using Chitika. While the answer can vary significantly, this blog post outlines the factors that influence publisher revenues on our network

The potential earnings Chitika Publishers see will vary based on several factors:

  • Which advertisers appear on your site: Chitika’s technology is designed to serve each individual user with the most relevant and engaging ad based on each impression. The rates advertisers pay for a given ad, which directly impacts that ad’s CPM, increases or decreases depending on the ad topic (keyword), and competition within that industry for online ad exposure. For example, finance-related ads typically demonstrate higher CPMs compared to those for consumer packaged goods, as seen in the most recent edition of our Ad Monetization Matrix.

  • Geographic location of your website traffic: While Chitika serves ads worldwide, our advertisers generally pay more for U.S. and Canadian Web traffic, which correspondingly increases the publisher payout on those impressions. Beyond that, users browsing from English-speaking nations will also yield higher CPMs than traffic from non-English speaking countries.

  • The Chitika ad types you use, and where you place them on your site: Chitika has a variety of ad unit types that vary in size and user experience. The placement and size of the ad unit typically impacts earnings. Publishers who choose to combine certain Chitika ad types, like the Chitika Hover app, with search-targeted ads, often see an increase in earnings.

By following our best practices for top-tier ads, you can help maximize your earnings using Chitika. Of course, you can view daily reports on your site’s revenue by signing in to our new PartnerCenter. There, you’ll see the total number of valid clicks and  impressions, average click-through rate, CPM, and overall earnings from your Chitika ads. These data points will allow you to track your progress along with the impact of any changes to your site layout or traffic mix.