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Get human feedback to create amazing experiences. Say hello to the latest tool that can optimize your ads and all your marketing assets in a snap.

By testing your brand and ads with real people, you gain key user feedback with one goal: converting your customers.
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CTR and CPA Too Low?

Feeling stuck with low CTR and CPA on your Ad spend? Skip the headache and let user testing with real people show you why users are not clicking on your ads. Just like that, optimizing your ad copy and conversion became the easiest part of your day.

What is this?

User testing is a method of user research that helps you gain feedback and insight into why your customers are not clicking on your ads. It is commonly used to optimize ads by comparing between two variations (A and B).

Poll The People - What is this

How does it work?

Survey participants are given two variations of your ads (A and B), and asked to answer a simple question. They choose one of the variations and provide an explanation for their choice. The feedback and insights give you key changes you need to make to your ad copy to improve CTR and CPA.

Poll The People - How does it work

What can I use it for?

User testing is suitable to improve CTR and CPA by incorporating user feedback and insights.

This includes answering questions like:
1. Which ad is more appealing to users?
2. Why would a user not click on the ad?
3. Which logo do you prefer?
4. Why is an ad not trustworthy?

Poll the People - What can I use it for
Dr. Venkat Kolluri testimonial about Poll the People

"Our client was able to decide between two ad creatives within hours. We saved time and cost – without expensive traditional A/B testing."

Dr. Venkat Kolluri, CEO, Cidewalk

Cidewalk - Poll The People
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