Chitika Now Supports Payout to 200 Countries


Chitika is pleased to announce the integration of Payoneer as its default payment processor. Payoneer allows you to get your funds quickly, securely and at reduced cost to more than 200 countries and regions in over 150 currencies. You are given the flexibility of choosing how to receive your funds, by the method that best suits you.

How to increase CPM with ad count


On the back-end, we have recently improved our smart ad technology, which now only shows an ad when it’s most valuable to you as a publisher (when it can earn you revenue). When our system senses low-value impressions that don’t have the qualities which could result in high CPMs or CTR for you, the ad will collapse. By only showing ads to your most valuable visitors, it will improve the overall quality score of your traffic and CPM.

Cidewalk Integrates with Constant Contact to Help Small Business’s Grow Their Email List

Constant Contact Press Release.jpg

Cidewalk today announced they have integrated with Constant Contact®, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) as a technology partner. Through Cidewalk’s patent-pending technology, small business owners can generate email leads via mobile advertisements. These new email leads can then be incorporated into Constant Contact workflows, added to prospect lists, and allow small business owners to share special events and coupons. In addition to Constant Contact’s Marketplace, interested customers can visit to learn more about how Cidewalk targets locally, where their ads will be shown, and pricing details.

Chitika’s Self Service Advertising Program Celebrates its Anniversary

Cidewalk is coming up on it’s first anniversary. To celebrate, we’d like to offer your 1st Month Free!

Cidewalk is Chitika’s self-service mobile advertising platform. Cidewalk helps business owners build their brand locally by targetting particular geographic areas. It was developed under the mantra:

We believe all merchants, no matter the size, should have the same ability
to access mobile marketing technologies as brands with massive budgets

Faster Payments Through New Payment Changes

Every now and then, we update our policies to improve our publisher experience and to prepare for future changes to the products and services we offer.

We have made some new changes to our payments system based on feedback we have received from you, our valued publisher network. We know how important payments are to you (PS: We have track record of 70 consecutive months of on time payments) we are now updating our system to get payments to you even faster through verified PayPal accounts.

Chitika Discovers Mac Mecca

561,100 people picked up a copy of the June 9th edition of Boston Herald to the sight of the Boston Bruins raising their hockey sticks in elation at their victory against the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 in last nights Game 4. Flipping to page one, readers were greeted by an intriguing article entitled “In Wellesley, Macs Apple of Their Eye, Wealthy Towns Give PCs the Boot”, by Jessica Van Sack, in which Chitika research was the subject.

 The study, which focused on the state of Massachusetts, found that the largest percentage of Apple computer ownership was in the the affluent town of Wellesley Hills. Ownership of Apple computers there is an astounding 36%, which is “nearly five times the company’s U.S. market share average of about 7.2 percent.” Chitika plans to create more studies like this one in the near future. Gabe Donini, a data analyst for the Massachusetts study, says that, “at Chitika, Data Analytics are central to our thinking, and as such, we look forward to uncovering new and compelling trends which not only drive our business, but reveal the interesting ways in which the world is evolving today.” Print media is a great way to increase the Chitika’s exposure to a large diversified group of readers. Sources: Herald Media “In Wellesley, Macs Apple of Their Eye”