Spotlight: Traffic Sources that Make You $$


One question we often get from publishers is how we determine which ads get shown on their site. While our algorithms take a wide variety of factors into account, the exact ad shown to a given user is greatly dependent on the geographic location of that user and how they got to the website itself. In this post, we’ll focus on both of these areas and how you can maximize your earnings with Chitika.

Best Practices for Chitika Ad Implementation


In this post, we tackle one of the major factors influencing a publisher’s revenue – how they implement the Chitika ad code in terms of page position and unit size. Due to the differences in behavior between sets of audiences, the optimum settings for maximizing ad revenue can vary drastically between website types.

Getting to Gold with Chitika


For our premium advertisers, including those that provide us with Rich Media/display inventory, we’re able to deliver their best ads to sites with traffic representing the greatest proverbial bang for the buck – our Gold-level publishers. With Gold-level publishers recieving our highest-value ads in terms of CPM, how can a publisher move up the tiers?

Apple Earnings: Chitika Insights Stats Referenced by Apple Executives for Fourth Time in Past Year

Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer cited Chitika Insights’ most recent smartphone and tablet usage statistics on its Q4 2013 earnings call – the fourth time over the past year that the company has referenced Chitika Insights data in a public-facing announcement.

Chitika Goes “All In” on Programmatic Buying with OpenX Partnership


Chitika has invested heavily in the development of our programmatic buying technology and reach over the past several years, and our real-time bidding division now has the ability to act upon more than 150,000 requests per second. This allows advertisers to leverage Chitika’s first party network of over 300,000 publishers to extend their search strategy and buying through display.

Free eBook: A Beginner’s Guide to Online Advertising

If you’re a site owner new to online advertising, the logistics and nuances behind driving revenue can seem daunting. But by following a simple set of best practices, you can maximize the money you make while making minimal changes to your site’s look and feel – keeping your visitors happy.