Chitika begins testing ads in Europe

Great news for publishers with traffic in Europe! We will be slowly expanding your ad display to your traffic in the following countries: UK, GB, DE, IT, ES NL, DK, NO, SE Your Earnings Quick Report table that’s available right in your dashboard after you login, will show you a 7-day rundown.

Additional custom reporting will be available in your advanced settings. 

Please note: We will be displaying ads to only a portion of this traffic to start, and you may see some abnormalities in your impressions counts for international stats. These will be ironed-out soon.

Chitika @ GeoDomain Expo & AppNexus Summit 2010

GeoDomain Expo is the sharing of information and best practices among the Associated Cities member/operators and is the reason why Associated Cities has become one of the most important coalitions of independent media owners on the Internet. Vik Chhabra, Director of Business Development at Chitika, was asked to present on the: Developing Any City panel. Not all cities are created equally. What core strategies can be used to monetize any city’s potential, regardless of size or tourism numbers (or lack thereof). 

Alden DoRosario, Co-Founder & CTO, Chitika spoke on a panel about “What Works for Ad Networks: Technology Challenges” at AppNexus Summit 2010. Alden was joined on a Technology Panel with others who represent the richness of innovation happening in the ecosystem of technology. Click click here to watch the video!

97% revenue increase with Chitika | Select ads for

Update: is no longer in relationship with Chitika 

A Chitika | Select Success Story

Gao, being a long-time fan of online games, one day decided to start his own online game site. “I noticed girl names were incredibly popular, so I registered domain: November 6, 2007”. The website features free online games for girls in which he is able to include his own created games. With the help of his great production team, they often include new games to keep the site fresh and fun. One year later, Gao started using Chitika ads on the site. He always customized his Chitika ads very nicely to match the color scheme of his very colorful website, and has had a steady income stream from Chitika for 2 years. Before Chitika launched Select ads at the beginning of last month, Gao along with the remaining Chitika publisher network relied on Chitika Premium (search-targeted ads) for revenue. However, many including Gao were missing out on potential revenue from their non-search traffic. With the addition of Chitika | Select ads, which display to some non-search traffic (see below for more), experienced a 97% increase in revenue. Gao did not have to make any updates to his existing Chitika ad units; if you are using Premium on your site, Select ads will automatically start to display.  

So why don’t we display ads 100% of the time for maximum revenue? User experience plays a major role in the way Chitika chooses to show ads. Striking the right balance between both user experience and revenue, is what we believe to be very important to publishers. While displaying ads 100% of the time can give a publisher a higher revenue, it can have a negative impact on your visitors. This is why Chitika Select ads, will display to your search traffic as well as a “select” portion of your non-search. The “select” portion of your non-search is the key. How we determine this portion is how we were able to take it a step further using our click-prediction technology. Explaining to a publisher that we don’t just focus on the revenue earning aspect of the spectrum is what makes Chitika different; we are the only advertising network to provide this technology. You can read more on this here.

Are Chitika Select ads on my site(s)? We have been rolling out Select ads slowly across the Chitika Network. Once Select ads start to appear on your site, you will see an increase in impressions as well as a new Select/Premium comparison stats graph when you login. Submit your testimonial or story to be featured here.

The man behind the “number of iPads sold”

The man behind our newly famous “estimated number of iPads sold” is actually one of the youngest “men” here at the Chitika office; Gui Pinto just celebrated his 20th birthday.

Gui is holding his brand new iPad he received as a gift from Chitika CEO, Venkat Kolluri for putting together the data so quickly.

“I am super thankful and very excited to own my very own iPad. I also can’t wait to get into developing new apps for this thing.”

What is this iPad estimator and how was it born? Gui Pinto was the recipient of a very early phone call from Chitika’s CTO, Alden DoRosario last Saturday morning in which he told him, “I have an idea…”. Gui spent the next 12 hours putting together the data & the page featuring real time stats! During the duration of writing this post, there were 768,480 iPads sold, but if you click here now, it will be more than that.  The estimator gives you a breakdown of adoption by hour and by state. How did we do it? You can read more into the technical stuff here. I know I am looking forward to more of Alden’s ideas =)

Chitika Ads: Going Beyond Search Traffic…

Up until now, Chitika ads were only able to cater to your search traffic with Chitika | Premium.  I am now happy to introduce Chitika | Select ads, which will display to more than just your search traffic. This upgrade to Premium ads on will allow Chitika ads to reach more visitors and directly increase your Chitika ad revenue.  We estimate Select ads could give publishers a 5 – 10% revenue increase on top of Premium ads alone.

How do Chitika | Select ads work? Using our click-prediction technology, Chitika | Select ads will display only when there is a higher chance the ad will be clicked. The percentage of non-search traffic that will see the Select ads will vary from site to site.


Can I Still Use Chitika | Select With Google AdSense? Yes! Just like the Chitika | Premium ads you can use the new Chitika | Select ads and AdSense together on the same page.

How Can I Upgrade My Chitika | Premium Ads? You don’t need to, it will happen automatically Monday, March 8th 2010.

Are Chitika | Select Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click)? Chitika | Select will always show the highest-paying ads possible. This will include PPC ads as well as CPM image/banner ads (which pay per impression, whether a user clicks or not).

Will Chitika | Select Ads look different than Chitika | Premium? Sometimes. Similar to how Google shows image/banner ads if they determine that it is the highest paying ad for a certain user visiting the site, we will do the same. Some of your users will see ads with the Chitika | Premium format and others will see ads that look different but will pay more.

If you would rather have your Chitika ads continue to ONLY show to your search traffic, you can learn more about the opt-out option for Chitika | Select in our knowledgebase.  *However by doing so, you will miss out on a potential revenue boost!

What do you think of our new Select ads?   Please comment below. 




Mega Unit gives 450% revenue increase to

Isabel Isidro and her husband, Nach Maravilla, reached what Isidro calls a “turning point” for their website,, in the summer of 2009. That’s when they found out about Chitika’s newest ad unit, the Mega Unit – an ad unit that would go on to increase their site revenues by 450% in the first month alone. We sat down and spoke with Isidro about her experiences as a web publisher, on running Chitika ads, and on how their earnings have been impacted over the past six months.

How did get started? “We started in December 1999. We saw the tremendous growth potential of the Web and knew that we wanted to start an online business. We both were scammed by work at home business opportunities advertised in magazines, and we knew that there is a huge market of people out there looking for ways to earn money from their homes. We decided to start an information resource site to help people start, run and manage a home-based business the legitimate way.” Do you currently own any other websites? “We have since added two other sites to our network – for women entrepreneurs; as well as Learning from the Big Boys showcasing lessons that small businesses can learn from big businesses.”

What were your first experiences with online advertising? “We tried several CPM ad networks, but we’ve always been so disappointed with the earnings. While our traffic increased through the years, our income from these ad networks stayed at the same negligible levels – even after giving them prime “real estate” in our site. Our mistake was in assuming that Chitika will perform just like the CPM ad networks we have joined. We joined Chitika in 2005, and we basically didn’t expect anything from it. We just joined Chitika, and promptly forgot about it. We barely displayed the Chitika ads, and if we did, we placed it in less visible pages and in less visible part of the page. As a result, income from Chitika was negligible.”

..the way Chitika emphasized that their product is compatible with Google AdSense caught our attention.”

“We were doing extremely well with Google AdSense and direct ad sales at the time we joined Chitika, and all our premium real estate were given to AdSense and to our own direct advertisers. There was no question as to which ad network we should be focusing on and giving our prime real estate. We started thinking about Chitika when Chitika Premium was announced. Our main priority has always been Google AdSense, but the way Chitika emphasized that their product is compatible with Google AdSense caught our attention. We already know from our experience with Google Adsense that our visitors are highly responsive to ads. Plus, receives a huge amount of search engine traffic. Still, Chitika remained in the backburner.”

So what changed your mind about keeping Chitika in low prominent placements? “The turning point was when a Chitika email newsletter announced the availability of the Mega Units 500×250 and 550×250 in the summer of 2009. The newsletter also demonstrated the best practices for these new ad units, again emphasizing that these ad units are compatible with AdSense and how these units could work with AdSense on a page. I think that was the first newsletter from Chitika that I really paid attention to and read.”

The first month alone of implementing the mega units saw an increase of 450% in revenues – and that was only for a handful of our pages!”

“After reading the newsletter, we implemented the Mega Units at the bottom of a few articles to test it out. We were greatly pleased with the results. The first month alone of implementing the mega units saw an increase of 450% in revenues – and that was only for a handful of our pages! We knew that the time of ignoring Chitika was over. We are now in the process of adding the Mega Unit in all our pages. We’re looking forward this year to seeing Chitika become a major revenue source for And we’re off to a great start – for the first half of January 2010, our unaudited earnings is already equal to what we earned from 2005 to 2008!”

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3 Top Customer Support Questions Answered

Bill Huertas

Publisher Tech Support Specialist

Bill receives all kinds of support questions on a daily basis here at Chitika. Today he was gracious enough to share 3 important questions that ALL types of Chitika users could benefit from.

What’s the difference between an “impression” and a “page view”? “You may see these two terms used often and different contexts. While they have similar meanings, it’s the context that makes the difference. Page views are a measure of website traffic. In this context, the term page view represents every time a page from your site is requested by a visitor. If you have three visitors that each request five pages, this will result in fifteen page views for your site. Impressions are a measurement of the number of ads that are shown on your site. An impression occurs any time an ad unit is displayed. If you have two Chitika ad units on your page and five users request the page, the result will be ten ad impressions since the five users each saw two ad units.”

Are “unique IP addresses” the same as “unique visitors”? “An IP address is a basically just a numeric pointer for computers and servers on the internet to be able to find each other. For example, if you type “” into your web browser, your computer and our servers know how to talk to each other based on this numerical IP address. Therefore, when you look at the number of unique IP addresses accessing your web site, what that loosely means is the number of different machines requesting information from your site. The area where these two terms are blurred is when either a user accesses your site from multiple machines on separate IP address – for example, at work and at home. In this case, the number of users and IP addresses are both two, but there is actually only one unique visitor. On the other hand, a home or business could have a network that uses only one IP address on the internet. In this case, if two people from inside the network access your site, the unique IP address count would only be one, but the unique visitor count should be two. Generally, web statistics are reported in unique visitors, though this number is a highly-refined estimate.”

My Chitika reports give me a breakdown of impressions, clicks, CTR, Avg CPC and eCPM for my account. What is all this stuff? “As explained previously, an impression is counted anytime an ad is displayed to your visitor. This may happen multiple times per page view if there are multiple ad units on a page. A click is a fairly easy unit of measurement – a click occurs when your user clicks on your ad. CTR or click-through-rate is the percentage of your impressions that garner clicks. For example, if your site has 1,000 impressions in a day and results in 10 clicks, you would have a 1% CTR. Average CPC or cost-per-click is the average amount that you are paid per click generated from the ad units on your site. This number is represented as an average of the CPCs that you get on each click for each day. Specific CPC values can fluctuate depending on the market and having the average of these values helps to illustrate the overall trends of the CPCs generated for your ads. eCPM or effective cost-per-thousand impressions (the M is for the roman numeral M meaning 1,000) is a unit designed to help normalize the performance of a CPC ad unit. On a simple level, this number represents the amount revenue you would generate for 1,000 impressions based on your current CTR and CPC. As an example, if you had 1,000 impressions at a 2% CTR you would generate 20 clicks. If your average CPC was $0.20 for those clicks, you’d earn $4 on those 1,000 impressions – a $4.00 eCPM.”

HAVE A QUESTION? Chitika Customer Support is available 24/7, please browse our knowledgebase or submit a ticket here. NOT YET A CHITIKA PUBLISHER? SIGN UP HERE

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