You Voted: Winners of PS3, $400 in placement contest

This year we decided to have YOU, our readers vote for which AdSense + Chitika ad placement was best integrated together in our annual AdSense + Chitika placement contest. After hundreds of submissions, Chitika’s Special Projects Team narrowed it down to 8 finalists.

Our Grand Prize Winner of a Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 2010 is:

Tim Carter,

We really liked Tim’s integration of AdSense at the top, Chitika Premium in the right hand sidebar and Premium at the bottom of his articles. While sometimes the sidebars are not always successful ad placements, Tim made it work to his advantage- Great job Tim!

And our 2 runners up who will receive $200 each are:

Kenneth Barbalace,

Anton Amoto,

Ken perfectly customized his AdSense and Premium ad units throughout his site. With a Premium ad unit at the top as well as in the sidebar and AdSense complementing nicely above his comments. Anton used an AdSense square above his titles and a Premium Mega Unit below them. The links were all customized as well making for a nice sleek integration.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners! And a big thank you to all who participated. Be on the look out for our next contest!

Finalists chosen for Chitika + Adsense Contest

We received hundreds of submissions for our AdSense + Chitika Ad Placement Contest this year, thank you to all who entered! This year we have decided to narrow it down to 8 finalists and have you vote for our grand prize winner who will receive a Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 10, and 2 runners up who will receive $200 each.

The finalists in the running for the grand prize are:

Please review the links above and vote for your favorite here: *VOTING IS NOW CLOSED- WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED*

And the websites chosen as the runners up are:

Please review the links above and vote for your favorite here: *VOTING IS NOW CLOSED- WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED*

Adsense + Chitika Placement Contest 2: Win Playstation 3 Slim & NFL Madden 10

*UPDATE: This Contest Is Now Closed* Finalists announced here Our AdSense + Chitika Ad Placement contest is back again by very popular demand. Last year we had over 300 submissions to this contest with some really great ad integrations of Chitika Premium and Google AdSense on your websites.

This years’ grand prize winner will receive:

  • a Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 10

And 2 runners up will receive:

  • $200 each!

Chitika and AdSense can work very well together on your site to bring you a combined higher revenue than using one of these services alone. Some of you have received this higher income because of your thoughtful integrations of these two types of ad services so we have decided to reward you for being so smart!

What are we looking for? We want you to show us how you use Chitika Premium ads as well as Google AdSense on the same page(s) of your site, in which it helps give you higher revenue than you would using just one of the services alone. 

How do you enter? Post a link to the page on your site in which you feature both Premium and AdSense in the comments section of this blog post. Or, please email your submission to specialprojects (at) chitika (dot) com, with the subject “AdSense + Chitika contest”. Your entry must include both a Chitika Premium ad and a Google AdSense ad on the same page. Only one page is necessary for entry. Entries must be received by Friday, September 18, 2009- 11:59pm EST. *UPDATE: This Contest Is Now Closed* Finalists announced here

Chitika MEGA-Unit – New Size Available

After the release of our new MEGA-Unit: 4x More Clicks/Revenue, thousands of Chitika users got access to a great new revenue increase. This never-before offered size ad unit is ONLY offered by Chitika, and has opened up a new door to revenue solutions for our users. So now if you will, please join me in welcoming the next size ad unit in the MEGA-unit family: the 500×250!

This new ad unit was made for those users who would like to benefit from the untapped revenue of the new MEGA-Unit but their website is limited to a small pixel ad space. Originally the MEGA-unit a: 550×250 was a bit too large for a small number of users. However, we feel it is important to be able to cater to all of our user needs. You can grab the new MEGA-Unit by logging into your Chitika account, and clicking on “Get Code”. We are very interested in how the new MEGA-Unit is working out for you, so please share your experiences by leaving a comment below. And as always, you can request your site needs and new ideas in our forum here. LOGIN HERE.

Don’t have a Chitika Account? Sign up in seconds here.

Why advertising will not kill Twitter

Just like anything, Twitter is hated among some people purely for the reason that so many others love it. The human psychology of Twitter is that it’s easier to love something someone hates and vice versa. But Twitter actually plays on the human nature of people in many interesting ways, and this is what makes it hard to avoid.

I was once a Twitter “non-believer”, SHOCKED? I know – but it’s true, you can blame the month of dead silence coming from the Official Chitika Twitter account on boring ol’ me before I was shown the Twit-light – not to be confused with the teen-girl phenomenon Twilight, of course. Simply put, how else could you directly listen, in real time to, or connect, with someone you may have otherwise never seen or heard a word from ever in your lifetime? Twitter. It’s almost as if you took a super-telescope and pointed it around the world, into your customers, users, publishers, heroes and even idols computer screens where they are typing their very thoughts, options and actions. Simply put again, Twitter directly connects you to a world ultimately unreachable & unseen.

Let Twitter play to your EGO Don’t stand behind the super-telescope forever. Get out there and talk. Meet people, talk to people.. because they want to talk to you. Once you start getting followers, RT’s, @’s and direct messages- you will feel very relevant in the Tworld. And unlike Facebook, MySpace, etc., this never gets boring. Why? There is always a larger audience, access to more people and their lives, stories, opinions, friends & followers without trying or having to friend request them. It’s more reachable than other social networks, so it will be less likely to lose your interest. And because Twitter cleverly plays into personal ego, it would be hard for someone to leave. This emotional connection will keep it afloat for a very long time, and this is why advertising will not kill Twitter…

Twitter and advertising What gives Twitter an edge over Facebook and Myspace is right now, it’s the only of its kind. Twitter also has a dominant number of people who use Twitter for business reasons because it brings great value. So the question is not whether advertising will kill Twitter (because thats impossible) but how much it will be affected. I do not see a domino-effect of dropped users just because of ads, but I do see many being annoyed about it. But even then, will users really be able to give up the on-going benefits? We already know that Twitter captures an emotional involvement to people, and right now, the only content on someone’s Twitter page is info all about them. So advertising could either cause a personal invasion to users, which could alter the way people feel about Twitter or use it, or they could value the benefits of the system and move on. Nothing in life is free. Who could really blame Twitter for falling into the human nature of survival? How can someone criticize something they use for free for wanting due-financial credit? So my answer is, no. But that’s just me… What are your thoughts about advertising on Twitter? -Karla Escolas – Chitika, Inc.

Follow Karla on Twitter! @KarlaChitika

More on Twitter: Advertising on Twitter, by Dan Ruby

Expert tips from JenSense at Chitika’s SearchAppalooza

Jennifer Slegg of was one of four star panelists who judged a search application contest sponsored by Chitika at SES NY, Chitika|SearchAppalooza. The video below captures her contribution as a contextual advertising expert, critiquing the app developers on how well they were able to create search app’s that have what it takes to stand out in today’s competitive market for creative tools. Click here to see the video, or watch below: Big thanks to Jennifer Slegg for her participation in this successful event! Not using Chitika to earn revenue from your website yet? Click here to sign up now.

“I can’t see my Chitika Premium ads!”

If you find yourself silently thinking or very loudly shouting the above statement then we’re here to help. The good news is, your ads are probably working perfectly on your site – you just can’t see them; this is actually normal, and I’ll tell you why. Chitika Premium ads work differently from traditional advertisements on your website. It will not just camp out on your site displaying an ad all the time (which can be annoying to your visitors), because the wise people here at Chitika decided that approach to displaying ads was actually not all that smart. So we decided to do it differently.

The Premium Approach Premium ads will only appear on your site to a visitor that clicks through to your website from a search engine. Why? Because we believe that targeting their search query and showing an ad related to that will result in a higher CTR and we don’t want you to feel like you are annoying your regular visitors with ads (this is especially important for forum owners).

How to test your ads It’s very easy to check out how the ad actually displays on your site by adding #chitikatest=keyword to the end of your URL in your browser’s address bar (for example – Refresh the page, and you will now see how the Chitika | Premium ad looks on your site for whatever keyword you used in the test (in the example, we used “doctor”). You won’t see exactly what your visitors will see in the ad unit because for them it’s targeted to their search query, remember? 🙂

Still have questions? No problem, comment below so I can help. If, after using the test tool to view the Premium ad on your site, you still cannot see it or are experiencing issues, you can receive assistance from our experts in support. To submit a ticket to support, click here.

Winners of the SES NY 09 SearchAppalooza contests

Once again, Chitika managed to uphold their reputation for thinking outside-the-box by putting one of our Chitika-ites in an owl costume at SES NY 09. He was featured in video interviews filmed by me, @KarlaChitika during the conference (which will be featured on the blog very soon), as well as put a smile on everyone’s face who came to the Chitika booth. SearchAppalooza Mania! Tuesday afternoon many gathered in the Grand Ballroom for our much anticipated SearchAppalooza ‘Search Apps Contest’ where 5 finalists presented their apps to Jennifer Slegg (CEO, Larry Cornett (VP Search Yahoo!), Rob Griffin (SVP Search Marketing MediaContacts), and Don Dodge (Business Development Emerging Business Team Microsoft Corporation). All of the apps were really great. If I were judging it would have been a very difficult decision, but the judges (who are clearly more thourough than I am) found some flaws and a winner was closen rather fast. The winner of the “Kick-ass Search App Contest” was:

Tom Wilde of:

He received a Kindle2 sponsored by Yahoo! The coolest thing about Tom’s app was how it created a way to take, otherwise unsearchable, video content and convert it into searchable text. This could ultimately make way for a whole new outlook and marketing perspective centered around search content in video. Amazing! **The SearchAppalooza video will also be featured on the blog early next week- so be on the lookout for that, which features all the presentations from the app finalists. Twitterers also had the chance to participate by Tweeting their favorite app finalist to be in the running for a Kindle2 sponsored by Chitika. That winner was:

Alex Winton, @doctoroak

And lastly, Chitika hosted their near-legendary, 3rd-Annual “Cookie Eating Contest” at the end of SearchAppalooza to win an HP 1000 Netbook. Eleven contestants gathered to eat as many Oreo (double-stuffed) cookies as they could in 2 minutes. There was a tie! 12 cookies ate by two people (who would of thought)- so they then challenged eachother to a Oreo face-off. In the end, 18 Oreos was consumed by our winner! You can watch it all go down in our video here:

Chitika | SearchAppalooza, SES NYC: Free booze, 6’4″ Owl…WTF?

  • Chitika is taking SES NYC ’09 by storm!

Send us a note if you are coming–we are offering all Chitika friends 20% off SES full conf passes, and free exhibit passes.

  • What’s in store?

Our SES “SearchAppalooza” workshop will feature Chitika’s “Kick-Ass Search App” contest…“Think American Idol for developers, with Yahoo! and Microsoft as the judges.” 

Stop-by our SES booth (#230) and meet “Hooty the Search Owl” –a 6’4″, fluffy owl who loves to play frisbee.

  • Can’t attend?

You can win cool stuff & watch SearchAppalooza from your couch.

  • SearchAppalooza Twitter Contest for an Amazon Kindle2! To enter, click here to post a SearchAppalooza tweet.
  • Watch SearchAppalooza live web-cast fan page.

Recently Frequently Asked Questions (RFAQ)


By: Daniel Dore

Chitika Customer Service

1. What happened to my traffic from October and November?!? It’s gone!! The “unaudited” (or ‘raw’) data is cleared from your account every 60-90 days. The reason for clearing your past months of unaudited data is to speed up loading of your current reporting data. However, your audited stats (which is what payments are based on) will never be cleared from your account. Here’s a great knowledgebase article on how to view your audited data. To view your “audited” revenue stats in your reports simply click on “Change Report Metrics/Settings” and select “Audited Revenue”

2. What happened to Chitika | eMiniMalls? Chitika | eMiniMalls have been upgraded to Chitika | Premium ads over the past year. With this change we can now cater to ALL types of websites – finance, health, automobile, etc., instead of focusing on websites centered around shopping products & product reviews. Since this upgrade our publisher network has grown from 17,000 to 39,000! Learn more about Premium and its award-winning innovative technology here.

3. How come I see “mortgage” ads in my Premium ads? My site isn’t about mortgages! Premium Ads can only be seen on your page by visitors who enter your site from a search engine, and the ad displayed in this unit will be based on the term they searched for. To preview the ad, we created a Preview Tool that will show you a “test” of how the ad will appear to a search engine visitor reaching your site. The default term for this ‘test’ is “mortgages”. To use the Preview Tool- Add this text to the end of your URL: #chitikatest=mortgage Then click ENTER, and Ctrl + R to refresh your page.  You can change the term for this ‘test’; if you change the word “mortgages” to “cars”, you would see an add for cars, etc.

4. I tried logging into the support section, but it wouldn’t let me! The log-in for our Customer Support System is different from the account section of – this way, non-members can submit questions.  FIRST, click “Submit a Ticket“, to contact support. After you submit your question, you will receive an email with a user name (your email address) and password to log in to the Support section. If not, try checking your spam folder (sometimes the spam monster steals our emails). We want to encourage anyone who has an issue with their ads or any part of Chitika services to let us know so we can work on fixing it right away. You may have noticed our Feedback tab throughout our website – thank you all for your great feedback!