Motorola Status Report: 53.1% of North American Motorola Smartphone Web Traffic from Droid Razr Devices

  • 4 February 2014
After helming the positive turnaround of IBM’s PC business, Lenovo is hoping to build upon Motorola’s recent innovations and gain a significant foothold in the smartphone market. Already, analysts have pointed to Lenovo’s acquisition instantly having made the company the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer. Yet, despite some positive signals, Web usage statistics point to Motorola having several hurdles to overcome in order to pose a serious challenge to Apple and Samsung within North America.

First Quarter 2014 Tablet Update: Major Tablet Brands See Biggest Year-over-Year Gains

  • 27 January 2014
Within North America, tablet usage figures directly following Christmas pointed to a surging Amazon and Microsoft, but as expected, Web usage share changes observed directly following the holiday did moderate as North American users went back to a more traditional week, and a correspondingly more typical level of browsing activity. Through a comparison of the below January numbers with what we observed in our last quarterly tablet update study this past fall, a clearer picture emerges as to how the larger tablet usage environment has truly changed. With the glut of new devices now in the hands of consumers – which tablet manufacturers are seeing their devices used more frequently by their new owners?

Samsung Status Report: Galaxy S III & IV Users Generate 57.7% of Samsung Smartphone Web Traffic in North America

  • 14 January 2014
Next to Apple, Korean-headquartered Samsung has perhaps realized the biggest benefits from the growth of the mobile marketplace. Within North America, Samsung smartphones represent the largest single Android manufacturer traffic source, and its share of tablet Web usage ranks behind only Apple and Amazon. In Chitika Insights’ latest study examining how Samsung Web traffic breaks down by device, it’s clear that despite Samsung’s wide range of offerings, there are a few notable points of strength in its device lineup.

Chitika’s Mobile Division General Manager Talks Tablet Traffic on Bloomberg West TV

  • 7 January 2014

Was Microsoft’s Surface tablet saved by the holidays? What will parents look for in the next generation of tablets for children? And what will 2014 bring to the tablet space? These are all questions Chitika’s Mobile Division General Manager answered in an interview for Bloomberg West Television.

Competitors Bring the Heat at Chitika India’s Creative Media Design Event

  • 7 January 2014

Anyone who has ever been to an event at Chitika’s stateside headquarters knows that they’re packed with fun, interactive learning opportunities (like our Big Data Open House). But the Chitika office in Hyderabad, India didn’t want HQ to have all the fun, so they recently hosted their first event ever: a Creative Media Competition with plenty of networking thrown in.

Holiday Mobile Progress Report: iPhone, Kindle, Surface Biggest Winners of Holiday Season

  • 2 January 2014
This past holiday season represented the cap on yet another banner year for the sales of mobile devices, and subsequent usage figures exemplify this flurry of activity. After examining changes in North American Web traffic share, we found that Amazon and Microsoft had the most promising holiday seasons within the tablet marketplace while Apple was the only manufacturer to gain usage share amongst all major smartphone competitors.

North American Microsoft Surface Usage Rises Sharply, Surpasses Barnes and Noble Nook

  • 27 December 2013
Chitika Insights’ last report on the Microsoft Surface observed steady, moderate usage share growth for the tablet family within North America. Since that time, retailers like eBay and Best Buy unveiled temporary discounts on the Surface RT model, and our most recent usage statistics point to a substantial usage share boost for the tablet around the sale dates. This recent growth has resulted in Microsoft Surface Web usage surpassing that of Barnes and Noble’s Nook, making it the fifth-largest tablet traffic source in North America behind Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Google.