Microsoft Surface RT Usage Share Rises Significantly Following Price Drop

  • 25 October 2013
Released back in October 2012, Microsoft Surface RT was the computing giant’s first major attempt at designing its own hardware. In terms of usage, Chitika Insights had found that Surface RT users generated only 0.5% of all North American tablet Web traffic in June 2013. However, subsequent price cuts on the device beginning in July look to have substantially improved the device’s fortunes in this area, as the share of tablet Web traffic generated by Surface RTs nearly doubled following the promotion’s rollout.

Third Quarter End Tablet Update: iPad Usage Share at 81%, Other Tablets See Share Increases

  • 22 October 2013
iPad users still generate 81% of all tablet Web traffic within North America, and while this is a three percentage point share drop since Chitika Insights’ June 2013 study on the tablet market, share gains have been spread out across various manufacturers. Also in this latest tablet report, Chitika Insights sought to examine how usage of iPads and Android tablets varied by the time of day. Interestingly, despite the aggregate differences in usage volume, the hourly behavior of both respective sets of users is remarkably similar.

Chitika Goes “All In” on Programmatic Buying with OpenX Partnership

  • 18 October 2013

Chitika has invested heavily in the development of our programmatic buying technology and reach over the past several years, and our real-time bidding division now has the ability to act upon more than 150,000 requests per second. This allows advertisers to leverage Chitika’s first party network of over 300,000 publishers to extend their search strategy and buying through display.

Three-Week Analysis: iPhone 5 Models Account for 40.6% of North American iPhone Web Traffic

  • 15 October 2013
Apple’s launch of two new iPhone models on September 20, 2013 was the company’s latest salvo in the smartphone market. Initial domestic sales estimates for both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been positive, and based on the latest usage figures, the releases have already made a significant impact on the iPhone ecosystem.

Chitika Innovation Day: 24 Hours of Arcades, Algorithms, and Automation

  • 7 October 2013
We recently held our first Chitika Innovation Day – 24 hours dedicated to innovating, problem solving, product improvements and cross-functional team fun. Teams were formed, ideas were shared, and plans were put in place to execute on projects that would make an impact on Chitika technologies, along with innovative ideas that would make an impact on the world outside of Chitika.

Impact of Google Result Position on Online Ad CTR

  • 1 October 2013
In June 2013, Chitika Insights published a study examining the value of each Google result position. Analysis of the study data revealed that the first position on an average Google search engine result page (SERP) garnered about 33% of Google search traffic. However, as part of Chitika Insights’ latest study examining the advertising implications of the earlier data set, it was found that visitors who got to a site via clicking on the first position in a Google SERP exhibit dramatically low ad click-through-rates (CTR) on the subsequent website.