Chitika: Now Supporting All Countries

Chitika is proud to announce that we are now supporting all countries worldwide with our ad units. Up until now, our supported countries were the US, CA, UK, GB, DE, IT, ES NL, DK, NO, SE and India. Now that this is no longer the case, we are excited for all countries to be able to run Chitika ads successfully. If you were previously outside of your supported countries list, now is the time to get started with Chitika! To sign up for an account, click here. If you already have an account with us, you can sign in here. Does your location make it difficult to find compatible ad networks? Let us know in the comments below!

Chitika Celebrates 70 Consecutive Months of On-Time Payments

At Chitika, we pride ourselves on a very important quality that sets us aside from the competition: our dedication to building and maintaining strong, meaningful relationships with our publishers. Our customer support is always available to help, whether its by phone, email, or Facebook. We also love to share news with our publishers – from our new products, to our latest office robot. This month marks an occasion that we are particularly proud of, which is 70 months of consecutive on-time payments to our network of publishers.

NECN: Chitika is the Google of MetroWest [In the News]

“It is like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” are the words that Katelyn Tivnan of New England Cable News used to describe the culture at Chitika after visiting our Westborough, MA Headquarters this week. Our incredible set of perks aren’t just about fun and games (although we have a ton of it!), but are in place to keep us focused on bringing our A+ game to the table every day, putting our energy into creating the most exciting, innovative, new products and technologies for our network of publishers – without having to worry about getting laundry done when we get home at night. Take a peek at what life is like inside Chitika, “The Google of MetroWest”, in this news clip from NECN’s evening broadcast, and let us know what your favorite office perks are! Oh and one more thing… if you like what you see, come work with us! We’re hiring:

3 Easy Ways to Optimize Chitika Ad Units [Tutorial]

After you open a Chitika account, it might seem like the only thing to do is copy and paste the ad code onto your website. However, there are many different things to consider before doing so in order to effectively maximize your potential revenue with Chitika. There are three main ways to monetize: Ad Placement, Ad Customization, and the use of Multiple ads.

Top Tech Talent Enjoys Chitika Perks [Worcester Business Journal Profile]

The Worcester Business Journal recently featured Chitika, calling us “The Google of the MetroWest” and other pretty flattering names! Thanks to writer Matt Pilon and the rest of the WBJ crew for giving us a shout-out. We’re proud to be one of the top tech talent recruiters in the area! For a good read, check out the article in all its glory below.


Looking for Rockstar Talent to Join the Chitika Team [Chitika Careers]

The Chitika ad network isn’t the only thing growing quickly here – our team is too! We are on the lookout for rockstar talent for a range of positions with immediate openings. Working at Chitika you have the opportunity to build a career, rather than occupy a job and work alongside a group of smart, ambitions and driven colleagues who inspire one another to achieve personal greatness every day. We make decisions supported by data and are never satisfied with existing technologies.  If this sounds awesome to you already, wait until we get to the good part – the PERKS!

  • Catered lunches daily
  • Complimentary dry cleaning and laundry service, twice a week
  • On-site gym for ‘anytime’ use
  • Free snacks and drinks all day (healthy options always available!)
  • E-ZPass reimbursement
  • Monthly car stipend
  • Anytime use of in-office Performance Zone (treadmill work stations, ping pong, basketball, air hockey, hammocks and more!)

Featured Opening  This week’s featured opening is for a role within the heart of our company as a Data Engineer. We’re looking for a data driven college graduate who has a passion for statistics and probability. Your background could be in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Math and you’ll have some exposure or interest in programming.  Check out a full description here: So, What’s it like to Work at Chitika?  Want to get a sneak peak at what life is like at Chitika? The Boston Globe recently came to check out the Chitika Office Olympics and was so impressed they wanted to get it on film! The Boston Globe visits Chitika Think the Performance Zone sounds like a place you want to hang out? Read more about it in the Boston Business Journal‘s article “Getting Physical on the Job to Boost Productivity”. If you are interested in joining the Chitika team, visit our Careers page for details on our current openings and send your resume to  We are always on the lookout for smart people who can think on their feet, who don’t shy away from challenges, and will always explore innovative ways to solve problems. If you are up for the challenge, we will always have a job for you. Feel free to send us your resume for review with a brief description on what you’re looking for.

How Domenic of MommySavesBig Increased Revenue by 30% Using Chitika [Success Story]

Earlier in June our friends over at, the premiere Affiliate Marketing Blog, published a post on how Chitika ads are earning publishers 20-40% more in the last year. We were so excited about the post we wanted to share it with all of you! Take a read and learn how Domenic, the owner of increased his revenue over 30% with Chitika ads.  The following post appeared on Shoemoney: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chitika publishers report making 20-40% more in last year


Remember Chitika?  The first “other” place to make money other than with Google AdSense?

Well, recently I have been seeing a lot about them popping up on forums and in blogs.

The most recent thing that came to my attention was from Domenic the owner of  He switched over to Chitika ads in early 2012.

Before he switched to Chitika he was using Google AdSense ONLY.  After adding Chitika and a bit of optimization, he says his revenue increased “well over 30%”.

Domenic says one of the big reasons to his success was adding in the extra add unit:

Many people choose to have 3 AdSense ads on their websites, but if you take out one or two and replace it with a Chitika ad, it creates competition, which is a good thing.  My AdSense revenue remained the same and I was able to earn extra income with my Chitika ads.

Domenic also gave some shout outs to their customer support peeps at Chitika:

Having an account manager is amazing… it’s like having your own team working for you.  They optimize your Chitika ads until you reach the maximum payout without having to deal with the headache that comes with tweaking and testing your ads.

Since I sold off most of my content sites I have not been using Chitika.

But recently I saw a HUGE uptick from people I had referred to Chitika:

  The balance is all from referrals!  That rocks!!  Now normally this is only like $1,500 a month so its a nice jump.  Nothing like free money ;) If you have a content site I strongly recommend you give Chitika a shot. As for ad units they have as many different types as anyone:     For those of you who are current Chitika publishers please comment below if you are seeing a uptick on your websites. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks to Shoe and the team for the awesome post. If you aren’t currently a Chitika publisher, sign up now to start earning extra revenue with us!

Chitika’s Approved Domains Page [FAQ]

Over time, I’ve noticed that this question pops up quite a bit:

If my domain is not listed on the “Approved Domains” page, does that mean my ads aren’t working on that site?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! Just because your site isn’t listed on this page does not mean your ads will not work. In fact, you don’t have to submit your websites running Chitika ads to this page (Side Note: If you choose not to, make sure that your site abides by our Terms and Conditions). This page is for your convenience. With it, you can track which of your domains are approved for Gold and which are at Silver or Bronze levels. If you own a lot of websites, you can keep track of which of your sites you are currently running Chitika ads. To add sites to your approved domains list, just go to the “Domains” tab after logging into your account, and submit the sites in the white box at the top of the page: You can monitor your approved domains list below under “pending domains”: I hope that clears things up for some of you guys :)! Do you utilize the approved domains page? For more FAQ follow this link:

3 Easy Steps for Earning More Cash with Chitika’s Referral Program

Every Chitika Publisher has a unique referral link that can be found on your “My Account” page.  Spread the word about Chitika via email, your Social Media channels, and your website and earn 10% of your referred publishers’ income for the first 15 months they use Chitika.

Step 1: Find Your Referral Link by visiting your “My Account” page. The code is listed under ‘Account Settings’ under the headline ‘Referral Settings’. You can also find the code above in this email. (Your referral link will look like this: USERNAME) Step 2: Get Social!  Share your unique referral code with your personal and professional networks through social channels, email and on your site. Step 3: Sit back and start earning money! Your work is done once a new user signs up with your unique referral code. You will start seeing the dollars add up quickly.

Tips for boosting your Referrals:

  • Incorporate more Referral Links onto your websites. Chances are you don’t have any referral links present on your website. More links = more cash in your pocket.
  • Blog about us. Own a blog? Write about any positive experiences you may have had with Chitika ads, and include your Referral Link on all clickable links in the article. You can also encourage users to sign up for Chitika even if they only want to use it for referral purposes (Reminder: they need to have a Chitika account to refer)!

Referral FAQ:

  • I know I referred someone, but I’m not seeing them in my referral report. The reason for this is that your referrals will not show until they receive their first payment. Once they do, you will see your commission in your referral report and in your pending balance as well.
  • I told someone to sign up for an account using my referral link, but they signed up the regular way and forgot. Can I have them added as my referral? No. The user will need to sign up for another account using your referral link in order for you to earn revenue from their account.

*Enterprise Referral Program* Do you have someone you want to refer to Chitika that earns over $10,000 in ad revenue per month? Send an email to for details. If you have any questions regarding the referral program, email Do any of your currently use our referral program? Let us know how it has been working for you in the comments below!  

Getting Physical on the Job to Boost Productivity [Boston Business Journal Profiles Chitika]

Pictured Above: Chitika data solutions engineer Gabriel Donnini, left, and senior solutions architect Bill Huertas “joust” in the Performance Zone at the companyâs Westborough headquarters.

In today’s Boston Business Journal, writer Julie Donnelly explores the idea of “Fit for Profit”, as managers aren’t just promoting wellness to save on employee health costs anymore. They’re also finding exercise makes workers more productive, as explained by Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri.