Smart Phones Pave the Way for the Future of Online Advertising

According to Matthew Campbell and Amy Thomson of in that the geo-locating Nike and Heineken apps proves that mobile advertising has arrived for real. Due to the recent developments in smart phone technology and the resulting increase in popularity, mobile advertising is the hot new marketing venue. Campbell and Thomson cite Gartner Research, which projects that there will be a total of $3.3 billion spent on mobile ads in 2011. Based on the persistent rise of smart phones and apps, they predict that the total capital in mobile advertising will reach $20.6 billion by 2015. Campbell and Thomson point out that companies are investing heavily in mobile ads, taking advantage geolocation feature on smart phones and tablet computers.

Mobile Games are the Next Frontier in Advertising

The massive growth of mobile games since 2008 reached an astounding $6 billion last year. Earlier this year, Don Reisinger reported that Juniper Research expects this $6 billion in sales to reach $11 billion by 2015. This assumes that the current rate of growth of mobile games continues and there is little sign that it is flagging. The popularity of mobile gaming has presented marketers with a prime opportunity to advertise. Reisinger expects a 10 fold increase in in-game ad revenue from last year ($87M) to 2015 ($894M).

Paid Search Ads: How the Nature of Online Advertising Has Changed

Tom Taulli, a Forbes writer who specializes in finance, wrote a compelling article concerning the significance of paid search advertising. He informs us that paid search has become the pinnacle marketing strategy in the realm of online advertising. Taulli also touches upon alternate strategies that providers use to increase the odds of people clicking on their ads; they will change the font, add eye-catching photos, place the ad in different locations, or come up with clever slogans to entice searchers.

Chitika Discovers Mac Mecca

561,100 people picked up a copy of the June 9th edition of Boston Herald to the sight of the Boston Bruins raising their hockey sticks in elation at their victory against the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 in last nights Game 4. Flipping to page one, readers were greeted by an intriguing article entitled “In Wellesley, Macs Apple of Their Eye, Wealthy Towns Give PCs the Boot”, by Jessica Van Sack, in which Chitika research was the subject.

 The study, which focused on the state of Massachusetts, found that the largest percentage of Apple computer ownership was in the the affluent town of Wellesley Hills. Ownership of Apple computers there is an astounding 36%, which is “nearly five times the company’s U.S. market share average of about 7.2 percent.” Chitika plans to create more studies like this one in the near future. Gabe Donini, a data analyst for the Massachusetts study, says that, “at Chitika, Data Analytics are central to our thinking, and as such, we look forward to uncovering new and compelling trends which not only drive our business, but reveal the interesting ways in which the world is evolving today.” Print media is a great way to increase the Chitika’s exposure to a large diversified group of readers. Sources: Herald Media “In Wellesley, Macs Apple of Their Eye”  

Web out, Mobile in: 3 Reasons why you should be worried

We have seen it happen not too long ago, people stopped watching their favorite television shows during its regular time, and started viewing them right from their computer. Now, regular web browsing has been replaced by mobile browsing because just like streaming your favorite shows online, it’s easier to view the web right from your phone. We already know that traffic to your websites via cell phone has already started to surpass web traffic, and here are 3 more reasons why you should not continue to let mobile traffic pass you by.

1. Traffic is has shifted to mobile. I said it above and I’m saying it again, your web traffic has been replaced by mobile, and mobile is NOT the same as web, it needs to be treated differently.

2. Advertisers love mobile. You might love your web traffic, but advertisers love your mobile traffic. Advertisers love the fact that your mobile visitors are more engaged and hence, are willing to pay more. And that is what makes this the most important reason.

3. You don’t need to create a mobile version of your site. You are probably waiting for the mobile version of your site before you can start to think about your mobile traffic, but thousands of Chitika publishers are already monetizing their mobile traffic without having had to make any changes to their website.

GET STARTED NOW. (Chitika Mobile Ads for non-mobile websites)

Unleash the Power of Innovation @ TiECON East 2011

Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri will be speaking at TiECon East this evening on the entrepreneurial process and his inspirations for co-founding Chitika.

For the first time, the conference will feature TiE Stars, our very own charter members (Amar Sawhney, Ash Ashutosh, Asa Kalavade, Venkat Kolluri and Venkat Krishnamurthy ) who will speak about what inspired them to create great companies and value for the community.”

-TiE-Boston TiECON East brings together great people, be it innovators, investors, or mentors. Networking sessions such as PowerLunch on Friday are what the TiE magic is about. It is indeed a rare opportunity to meet my entrepreneur friends, Jit Saxena and Kedar Gupta amongst others in the charter member circle to discuss and share ideas on your venture.

Chitika Changing Our Name: Meet Aritipandu

Today is a big day for the Chitika family: we’re making a huge change to our branding by completely changing the name of our company. No longer will we have awkward conversations with potential partners like “I really like what Chittyville does,” or “hey, could I buy a banana from you guys?” “Everyone thinks our name has something to do with bananas,” says our co-founder and CEO Venkat Kolluri. “Well, it doesn’t. The word ‘Chitika’ means ‘in a snap’ in Telugu.”

In order to ease the confusion, from now on Chitika will be known as ‘Aritipandu’, another Telugu word, but one that should create less confusion over our brand. “Now, people won’t be confused over whether or not we sell bananas,” says Kolluri. “Aritipandu pretty much says it all.” For those of you who don’t speak Telugu, ‘Aritipandu’ translates to banana. Given how successful our Banana Party was at AdTech Chicago in 2007, we feel we’re on to something here. 

iPad 2: Chitika Has An Ad For That

Tablets are not smartphones. Then again, they’re not home computers, either, and their share of Internet usage is projected to be nearly 4% of all Internet traffic by the end of 2011. Fortunately, we at Chitika already have the solution for web publishers: specialized ads designed specifically for iPad, iPad 2 and Android tablets. Chitika mobile ads work on all mobile devices, including the iPad 2.


Across the Chitika network, tablets and mobile devices make up 15% of publishers’ revenue, and that number is growing by 5% every week. Thanks to our innovative, class-leading mobile ads, publishers can immediately boost their revenue by 10-20% just by taking advantage of the tablet and mobile traffic they already have.

“With 5% of traffic contributing 15% of our revenue, how could we not put our full weight behind this mobile product?” asks Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri. “That’s why we made sure our ads work as well on iPads as they do on iPhones. A tablet has the real estate of a laptop and the personal touch of a smartphone, so you have to be very specific in making ads for users of iPads, Xooms, and the next hot tablet to hit the market.”

The effect has been felt immediately: according to our research department, iPad users are clicking on the new ad 76% more than desktop ads. The tablet ads come several months after the release of our mobile ads, and like the mobile ads, these ads detect what a user is browsing on when they come to a Chitika publisher and automatically transform into the right ad for the device. iPads, iPhones, Android devices, or a home PC; the Chitika ad unit is automatically optimized for any device that hits it. For more on Chitika Mobile Ads visit

New Blogger One-Click Ad Widget

Do you have a Blogger account? If so, inserting your Chitika ad code is now just one click away with our new Blogger widget. Login to your account and generate your ad code under “Ad Setup”. When finished simply click the “Add to Blogger” button at the bottom of the page.

 What do you think of this widget? Should we make more? Let us know by commenting below. Not yet a Chitika member? Its free, sign up here.