What are you waiting for? Contest of the year!

IT’S ON! We have received over 300 submissions for our Adsense + Chitika Premium Contest. And no wonder, besides Chitika being a stellar addition to your Google Adsense revenue, we are giving away some pretty amazing prizes:

GRAND PRIZE – Winner will receive their choice of: * Google/T-Mobile G1 Android phone * Blackberry Storm * Apple iPhone 3G

RUNNERS UP – 2 runners up will receive $200 each So hurry up! This contest ends Sunday night 12pm EST.

How do you enter? Show us your best integration of Google Adsense and Chitika Premium ads together on the same page by submitting your URL in the comments of this blog post, or by sending an email to “specialprojects [at] chitika [dot] com” with the subject “AdSense + Chitika contest”.

***UPDATE***: The contest is now closed. Winners

AdSense + Chitika | Premium Contest: Win a Google Android G1 phone, Blackberry Storm, or iPhone

We’re giving away 1 of this year’s hottest phones, along with $400 cash in this Adsense+Chitika | Premium placement contest! Since one of the best ways to earn the most revenue is by using AdSense and Chitika | Premium together on the same page, we thought we would hold a contest to see who has the best AdSense + Chitika | Premium setup.

What do you mean by AdSense + Chitika | Premium setup? We mean anywhere on your site where you are running AdSense and Chitika | Premium on the same page.   

What are the Prizes? There are 3 prizes: GRAND PRIZE – Winner will receive their choice of:

  • Google/T-Mobile G1 Android phone
  • Blackberry Storm
  • Apple iPhone 3G 8Gb

RUNNERS UP – 2 runners up will receive $200 each

How do I enter? You can submit your entries by posting a link to your site in the comments below, or send an email to “specialprojects [at] chitika [dot] com” with the subject “AdSense + Chitika contest”. All entries must be received by 11:59 pm US EDT on Sunday, Dec. 21.  We look forward to seeing what you all come up with!!!

If you don’t have Chitika | Premium code yet, you can grab it here.  Also – if you are unfamiliar with Chitika | Premium, you can learn how it works here. Spread the word about this contest and earn revenue! You can link to this page with your Chitika referral ID and earn referral revenue from people who sign up.  Just use the link below, and substitute “username” with your Chitika username: http://blog.chitika.com/2008/12/12/adsense-chitika-contest?refid=username

***UPDATE***: The contest is now closed.  Winners announced December 22nd 08.

Update: New Version of WordPress Plugin for Chitika | Premium (v. 1.2)

Version 1.2 of the Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin lets you decide where to position your ads, above, below or both above and below your posts amongst some other bug fixes. You’ll be up and running with Chitika | Premium ads on your WordPress blog in no time!

Chitika | Premium Success Story – PopularWealth.com

Chitika publisher Jean Harris of PopularWealth.com has been a computer fanatic since 1982 when he wrote his first program on his first machine, the Vic-20. He’s been an owner/webmaster & a designer of content-based websites since launching his first business in 1997. Starting to blog in 2007, he found it to be a challenge because he was used to digging into code & sharing statistics, not sharing his personal view on things, but found it to be a lot of fun. Jean soon decided to take the “next step” and start using affiliate programs like Chitika to monetize the traffic to his site and earn revenue.

TESTING “I’ve tried every major affiliate ad network and service as well as most of the second tier or smaller services. I’ve been disappointed a few times and pleasantly surprised a few others. Chitika Premium has been a most welcome surprise,” says Jean. Jean, being the “techie” that he is, likes to test and re-test every line of code on his sites for maximum results. So when he started using Chitika Premium one month ago he found it to be easier than he thought. He notes, “using the Premium code has been the best no-brainer move I’ve ever made online.”

RESULTS My CTR reached 4.60% and eCPM peaked at 7x average AdSense levels. Which is why I feel that Chitika is in a group all it’s own, it can’t be compared to other services because of its unique delivery approach,” says Jean The ‘unique delivery approach’ Jean is referring to is how Chitika Premium ads are ONLY displayed to his search engine traffic; which means his regular readers are not bothered by any additional ads. He notes “it doesn’t scare off the regulars while at the same time it helps search visitors a great deal. It’s a win-win-win situation.” He believes that Premium gives the freedom to help visitors find what they want instead of forcing them to see what he wants, “this is key moving forward and Chitika Premium fits that mold perfectly”, he adds.

You can read more about Jean’s success using Chitika | Premium on his PopularWealth blog here.

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Free Drinks Tonight In San Fran – Chitika Hosting Happy Hour

Calling All present and future Chitika Publishers in the San Fransisco Area – we want to buy you a drink! Come have a drink and a chat with Alden DoRosario (CTO) and Vik Chhabra (Publisher Sales Specialist) tonight at the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco.  They’re at the end of their wild voyage to the Bay Area, and they’d love to meet up with you to chat about… well anything that’s on your mind! Happy hour will take place from 6-8pm, and all drinks are on Chitika.  Come say hi!

Buena Vista Cafe 2765 Hyde St. San Francisco, CA (415) 474-5044 See location on Google Maps here.

Using Heat Maps to Quickly Increase your Revenue

Heat maps are an easy way to visualize where the ads on your pages will work the best. The key to earning as much revenue as possible is to make sure your ads are in the best possible placement. Zedomax.com increased his revenue by 25% by experimenting with the placement of his ads. And now he has recently released his Adsense and Chitika Optimization Heat Map Version 2, which he says is a “new simplified version of the heat map that will make you more money“. Also check out Chitika’s heat map for our recommendations for where to place Chitika | Premium ads on your website.

Chitika users click here to get your Premium Code | Or sign up now.

Chitika Audits – A Thing of the Past?

Many publishers have expressed frustration with our “audits” process (at the end of the month, we discount the invalid clicks from reports – you can read more about this here.) Well we have good news – with our new Chitika | Premium ads, audits are pretty much a thing of the past!  Chitika | Premium is set up differently than our old eMiniMall/MPU units, and audits on Premium units are usually less than 1% of total earnings.

  • In most cases, there are zero audits on Chitika | Premium ads – meaning that “what you see is what you get” from your daily reports.

If you have not tried Chitika | Premium yet, you can grab your code here, or to see more about how Chitika | Premium works you can check out this quick video.

Online Advertising Cooling Off for “Big 3” Search Engines; Heating Up for Chitika

All across these crazy interwebs, I’ve been reading report after report of doom-and-gloom for online advertising companies.  A couple weeks ago I saw Glam Media change their payout process.  Since then, various sites have reported that even the big search engines are losing steam. While TechCrunch reports a massive slow-down in growth for the “Big 3” (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft grew only 0.6% from Q2 to Q3), we actually saw something quite different at Chitika – 200% growth from May – October. Over these 5 months, our publisher base has actually doubled from 17,000-34,000, and in October we served 550 million search-targeted ads (out of over 2 billion total ad impressions) .  To put this in perspective, Ask.com (the world’s 5th-largest search engine) did 364 million search queries according to the August 2008 ComScore reports, meaning that our network almost doubled their amount of search traffic in October. This leads to the question: Why is Chitika seeing this growth?  2 words:  Ad-Targeting.

The Value of “Big Mouths” in Helping Grow a Company

Michael Arrington is a big mouth.  So is Aaron Wall.  And ShoeMoney.  In fact, one of my all-time favorite big mouths is Darren Rowse (someone who I have collaborated/worked with for a long time on my journey here at Chitika).  To make it perfectly clear – I’m referring to the term “big mouth” as a web-influencer, and I believe being one is a good thing.

A long time ago, before I worked in the online sphere, I’m pretty sure that I saw the term “big mouth” in a negative light.  Like – something you would call someone who really liked to hear the sound of their own voice.  That all went right out the window when I entered the internet industry. Online, having a big mouth means that you have a certain amount of influence over others.  It means that you have a lot of people who watch/listen to/read what you have to say.  It means that your fans/readers/followers (Twitter anyone?) respect you enough to take action based solely on your opinion.  And in this industry, the big mouths are the most respected (and valued) individuals of all.

I can speak to this personally – at Chitika, we’ve seen the impact of big mouths first-hand (what I like to refer to as “The Big Mouth Effect” – trademark pending).  Like when Darren Rowse writes about us on ProBlogger, or Aaron Wall does a piece on SEOBook, or Patrick O’Keefe speaks highly of us in his newest ebook.. each one of these holds tremendous value to our company.  And I don’t mean just emotional value (although we definitely do love those guys!).. I mean value as in dollars – specific addition to our company’s bottom line. 

The value of a big mouth is unquantifiable, and it is what every company strives for (online and offline). This blog post actually spurs from an email that I mistakenly sent to a big mouth, where I referred to him as such, and he (understandably) took offense to this.  But I’ll tell you what – not only do I have tremendous respect for him professionally, but I’ve met him and hung out with him before, and he’s just an awesome guy.  And the bottom line is – without big mouths like him, it is very likely that our company would not be where it is today. So – for all you aspiring bloggers and internet rock-stars out there – if someone calls you a big mouth in the future, be proud!  You are most certainly on the right track.

-Posted by Ryan Travis, Chitika Director of Client Services