(drumroll) The Winners of $200 in the Chitika Premium Contest Are…

The Chitika Premium Interesting Placement Contest began Oct. 30th, and since then we have received over 100 contest entries from our users! We were so very impressed with many of the placements we saw that it made it very hard to choose only 3 winners – big thanks to everyone who participated.

First place: $100 Winner – Elran Oded, co-founder at Indyish.com Elran did something really cool.. he placed the unit so that it’s actually integrated within his first paragraph text. Users who come directly to his website will see a normal paragraph of text but those coming from a search engine will see a large Premium ad unit with the text wrapping around to the side of the unit. 

And now for our two runner-ups:

$50 runner-up: Richard Cloutier, SweepstakesLovers.com

$50 runer-up: James Nardel, FreeWeddingToasts.net

A BIG thanks again to all our users who sent in their Premium integrations!! This was not Chitika’s first contest and this will definitely not be the last! We love attending/hosting events and we really love giving stuff away for free. Subscribe to the blog now to be sure you don’t miss out on our next contest giveaway.

$200 Giveaway in Premium Contest – Now Closed

I hope you got a chance to submit your website as an entry to our Premium Ad Placement Contest because the contest closed for submissions yesterday. We wanted to see the different ways publishers chose to integrate their Chitika | Premium ad units to earn revenue on their site. We will be diving into all of the 100+contest entries we received (by email and blog comments) tonite and we will be announcing the winners tomorrow. First place winner will receive: $100 and and 2 runners-up will receive $50 each. How will Chitika | Premium ads make you money? Sign up now: www.chitika.com/publishers/apply

Enter now, $200 Contest Ends Soon!

Keep the entries coming everyone – so far we have received over 70 entries by email and a handful on the blog! The contest is almost over! Submit your entry for the most interesting/cool/unique placements of Chitika | Premium ads by posting a link to your site in the comments section in this blog post here. Here is an example of a interesting Premium placement. First place winner will receive $100, and 2 runners-up will receive $50 each. Enter now by posting your site in the comments here! 

What are Chitika | Premium ads? Sign up: www.chitika.com/publishers/apply

$200 Giveaway – Interesting Placement Contest

We are giving away a total of $200 for the most interesting/cool/unique placements of Chitika | Premium ads!

What do you mean by “interesting/cool/unique” placements? Well take this for example:

[Photo Unavailable]

Why is this cool/interesting/unique? Because it is placed inside the content (right after the first paragraph) – which will generally earn a very high CTR/eCPM.  But since it will only display to search engine traffic, it will not display to your regular readers (they won’t be annoyed by ads in the middle of their content!).

What are the prizes? First place winner will receive $100, and 2 runners-up will receive $50 each.

How do I enter? You can submit your entries by posting a link to your site in the comments below – entries must be received by 12:00 pm US EDT on Monday, Nov. 10.  We look forward to seeing what you all come up with!!! If you don’t have Chitika | Premium code yet, you can grab it here.  Also – if you are unfamiliar with Chitika | Premium, you can learn how it works here.

UPDATE:  The contest is now closed. Thank you all so much for your entries – we saw a lot of great implementations!  You can see who the winners are here.

Chitika is hiring !

 By: Alden DoRosario

Yeah — Chitika is growing and we have a bunch of positions open at our Marlborough, Massachusetts offices. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please do send his/her resume to alden [at] chitika [dot] com or drop me a tweet @adorosario Here are some of the positions that are open with links to more details. All positions are in-house full-time at our Marlborough, Massachusetts office.

  • Web developer
  • Social Marketer/Twitterer
  • Account Manager – Publisher Side
  • Sales Representatives – Publisher Recruitment (multiple positions)
  • Sales Representatives – Ad Sales (multiple positions)
  • Software engineer (multiple positions)

Please note: These are all current positions with approved budgets. Hiring for these positions is immediate. To apply, please send your resume to alden [at] chitika [dot] com or drop me a tweet @adorosario

BtoB Magazine: Chitika’s Extended Search Marketing Strategy

Chitika’s Tessa Rudd is interviewed by BtoB Magazine on cutting edge trends in search marketing. Rudd shares insight on Chitika’s Search Behavior Marketing (SBM) targeting technology:

BtoB: So this goes beyond the search engine results page?

Rudd: Absolutely. It’s true that search engine marketing campaigns [SEM] can drive highly targeted, intent-driven search traffic and produce measurable ROI, but search can be made to work harder. Search Behavior Marketing [SBM] extends the visibility of a keyword campaign by redirecting an advertiser’s keyword-based targeting channel beyond the search engine to target the same audience when they move into content Web sites. Click here to read interview.

Chitika MythSmashers – Because ‘Mythbusters’ is already taken


By: Daniel Dore

I’d look strange in a beret.

One of my favorite TV shows is The Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters – for those of you unfamiliar, the concept of the show is that the hosts and a team of sidekicks confront popular myths (“The moon landing was faked!“) and test them out to see if they’re true, possibly true, or untrue (“busted”). I love this idea, especially for a company like us here at Chitika; now, we’re not going to blow something up with a ton of dynamite like the Mythbusters crew, but I wanted to confront a few myths about Chitika in something I like to call:

 Let’s get started!


“Chitika & AdSense can’t run on the same page”

Absolutely, completely, 100% not true. All of our ad units, including our Chitika | Premium ads, are designed so they can run on the same page as AdSense without violating their Terms of Service. You don’t have to alter the Chitika code at all to make it AdSense-compatible – every piece of ad code you generate from your Chitika code panel is already AdSense-compatible. You can read more about this question in a previous blog post, or you can check out the article in our knowledgebase with links to articles from specific publishers. 


“Chitika is a ‘replacement’ for AdSense”

Again, this is not true. Chitika’s ads are not a replacement for your AdSense ads, and any ad network telling you to replace your AdSense with their product will probably cost you revenue. Our ads are meant to be a complement to your AdSense revenue, for a number of reasons:

  • The look-and-feel of the ads are different, so any readers that have developed an “ad-blindness” to AdSense will be more receptive to the Chitika ads and more likely to earn you more revenue than AdSense alone.
  • Ad targeting is handled differently, so different content will be shown. Chitika’s ads are all keyword-based including our Premium ads, which use a reader’s search term (the search term they entered to get to your page) as the keyword.
  • Our Premium ads will only display when relevant, so it opens up a world of new placement options. When a user is not coming to your page from a search (like users that have your site bookmarked), we will not serve an ad and the ad does not appear, so you can place the ad unit within your content and your “regular” readers will not even know it’s there. Here’s a very informative graph on this very issue. I think we can call that…

    “Chitika only does product ads!”

    I will quickly call this one not true, as well. Since it’s release back in May, our Chitika Premium ads have helped us go way, way beyond product sites by serving ads for anything you can imagine. These ads help sites of all types make money, from the b5media network of over 300 sites, to sites such as bankaholic.com. Once again… 

Using Chitika Premium With Google Ad Manager


By: Daniel Dore

Sales Support Engineer

Our publisher support and sales support teams have received a number of inquiries on adding Chitika Premium ads to Google Ad Manager, Google’s new…ad manager. This was the method I used to get up-and-running:

  • Create a “line item” for the Chitika ads (setting the type as ‘CPC’ and the other metrics as you wish)

NOTE: I manually set the “weighting” to 10 and the targeting to U.S. and Canada traffic, and restricted it to users coming from the major search engines, in lieu of setting up an ad campaign as the “alternate” URL; if this method does not ‘work’ for you, you may need to specify another campaign as the “alternate URL (contact our customer support for instructions). 

  • I uploaded the Premium ad as a Rich Media creative and saved the result; if you cannot see the ad after saving it you might need to use the “#chitikatest” preview tool.
  • Once I created the campaign, I created a new ad slot (or, you can use an existing ad slot) for the Chitika | Premium ad
  • I then added it to a placement on the site
  • …and generated sample HTML to try it out on my page. 

Questions? Comments? Let us know!

Chitika Network Stats – Sandwiched Between Ask and AOL


By: Alden DoRosario

CTO, Chitika Inc.

Its Friday evening and the big bad boss has left the building. So I get to steal some time for my favorite passtime – data analysis. Here are some stats from across the Chitika network. Hats off to the Chitika publishers .. Executive Summary:

  1. Just crossed the 30,000 mark of approved publishers [This was a huge surprise — since just a month ago, we were at 26,000]
  2. We now serve more sponsored search ads than ask.com making us the “5th Search Engine” [This is of course an estimate. According to Comscore, ask.com serves around 300M. We did about 370M in July. AOL probably did around 790M].
  3. The Chitika | Premium network is growing at around 25% month-over-month since April. [If this rate continues, we should be able to cross AOL by around December]

Publisher Growth

A nice suprise in the analysis was that the publisher growth seems to be accelerating since we launched Chitika | Premium in April. Why is this a surprise ? Because usually the summer months are the slowest months — yet the growth is very healthy and strong.  

Chitika | Premium Trend

Since April, the number of sponsored search ads (these are the type of ads you see when you type a keyword in google) seems to be growing at a healthy 25% month-over-month clip. That is good news all around here as more and more large publishers are coming into the Chitika | Premium fold.  

Some Technical Details

  1. This entire comparison is based on queries entered by humans in the search engines. This is not some contextual stuff or artificially generated ad impression numbers. These are real sponsored search ads like the ones you see at the right of the page when you type a query in google.
  2. A nice new trend is that larger publishers (from the Comscore 250) are also coming on board the Chitika | Premium network [This is exciting because till around 2007, Chitika was mostly mid-size publishers]
  3. A big part of the growth is due to the fact that we now serve ads across all types of sites. Its no longer only “product oriented” sites. [In fact, finance and health are now big drivers at Chitika]

If you’ve read till here, you probably love data as much as I do 🙂 .. Drop me an email (alden [at] chitika [dot] com) or comment below if you have any questions. Or drop me a tweet.