New Ad Unit Being Tested… Are You Interested?

The magicians engineers are cooking up a cool new Chitika ad unit – the Chitika search unit.  

As you can see, your users will have the ability to search your site, or search the web, all without leaving the page (results are displayed inside the unit).  We will have 2 separate tabs – 1 for sponsored results (which you get paid for clicks on), and 1 for results from your domain or the web.

This unit is extremely cool for 3 main reasons:

  1. It is a search box that actually generates revenue for you.
  2. It keeps your users on your page.  Many search boxes display results on a different page, and a high percentage of users don’t end up coming back to your site because of this.
  3. Many of our publishers have expressed disappointment that we cannot provide Premium ads for all of their traffic (since Premium will only display to search engine traffic).  This unit will increase Premium impressions, thus increasing your revenue.

What do you think about this new offering?  Is this something that you would use on your site?  Are there features missing that you would like to see added?  Let us know in the comments below!

New Reports Feature: See Your Reports How YOU Want To

A number of publishers have requested that we add a feature to allow you to download your customized reports to Excel (or OpenOffice, for you open-source geeks like us!). Well the number-crunchers can rejoice as that feature is now live – reports can now be downloaded to CSV format which you can open into any spreadsheet software of your choice. This gives you MUCH more flexiblity over how you view/review your data, and allows you to view the reports however YOU want to view them. All you need to do is go to the reports tab, then just click the “Download Excel Report” link in the reports page and save the file to your computer: 

This will work for the defualt (unaudited stats) report, or any customized reports you run (check this out for a recap on how to customize your reports). Also, don’t forget that you can have your reports sent to your email automatically by using the “Report Scheduling” feature on any of your saved reports. Are there other features that you would like to see added to our reporting system? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

A Quick Friday Pick-Me-Up

The end of the week can be tough, as the last few minutes and hours of the day count down and the weekend seems soooo far away…so, here’s something adorable to brighten up the rest of your day: The first picture of eMiniMalls Escolas!!  

Congratulations to Karla and Mike on their 6 lb, 5oz bundle of Chitika branding power! (Okay, so they didn’t name her “eMiniMalls”, but we’re very, very happy for them!)

Three Things You Didn’t Know About: Chitika

Three quick facts about us here at Chitika:

1.) The first-ever Chitika staff meeting took place at a Wendy’s in Waltham, MA.

2.) One of the names considered for the eMiniMalls ad unit was ‘MiniPortal’ (but nobody understood what the heck it meant).

3.) Karla Escolas, who has done such an incredible job as the editor of this blog for the past two years, will be leaving very soon on maternity leave. We wish Karla, her husband Mike, and their new baby-to-be (who will, no doubt, be named eMiniMalls Escolas) the best of luck and best of health over the next few months!  

First picture taken of eMiniMalls Escolas, circa 2010 The interim editor of this blog, Daniel Dore, will introduce himself in a self-indulgent post on Monday. Stay tuned!

“Chitika is the 5th Search Engine” says Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall, author of SEOBook and posted an article today calling Chitika the “5th search engine” and offered the following observation:
They have been aggressively signing up bloggers and other independent publishers, and are now getting over 2 billion monthly impressions, with their behaviorally targeted Premium ads getting hundreds of millions of monthly search driven impressions, putting their search distribution network on par with 
Click here to read the rest of the article.

Chitika | Premium – Oh, Canada!

Editor’s note: I don’t understand most of the references in this post, but I’ve been assured they make sense.
Strap on your hockey skates and order up a “double-double” at Tim Hortons because we’re happy to announce we now support traffic from Canada in our Chitika | Premium ad program! While it may seem like this post is mostly aboot making fun of our friends in the great white North, the truth is that we love Molson and poutine just as much as they do (well maybe not as much as they do – but we do love it!). The great news is that Chitika | Premium now supports your traffic from Canada, for any website or blog traffic from ‘A’ to ‘Zed’, so enjoy the additional loonies you will earn. Click here to learn more about Premium ads!

Get Started Quickly with Chitika|Premium

YOU: Have a website with a good amount of US search engine traffic and are looking for highly targeted text ads that will earn you revenue. You need access to a large, diverse set of inventory with clean content for your pages. After all, you like to keep your visitors happy. Chitika|Premium ad units: Behaviorally-targeted ad units that shows text ads from a diverse set of advertisers. Steps for easily getting started: 1. Login to your account / Sign up for Chitika 2. Once logged in, click the arrow on the Get Code tab, then choose Chitika|Premium:

3. Follow the simple Steps to choosing your format size, ad unit colors, and setting your alternate URL (optional), then COPY YOUR CODE by clicking in the code box. 4. Now you paste the code on your website/blog. Use this heatmap for placement tips. How to insert Premium into The New Blogger, Classic Blogger, WordPress, TypePad Pro, TypePad Basic or Plus.

Chitika | Premium for Ad Networks


By: Alden DoRosario

CTO, Chitika Inc.

Over the last couple of weeks, a host of ad networks have begun using Chitika | Premium within their own advertising inventory; some small, some much, much larger (Think: Comscore Top-50 type). This post is about the dynamics of using Chitika | Premium in your own ad network. [Due to the sensitivity of each ad network’s business model, I cannot ‘name any names’ in this blog post] Please Note: If you don’t own or work for an ad network, you might want to stop reading 🙂  

What is Chitika | Premium? Chitika | Premium is a behaviorally-targeted ad unit that shows text ads from a diverse set of advertisers. Here are some features of this unit:

  • Large diverse set of inventory. There are advertisers for pretty much everything under the sun (from “Batman” to “baseball” to even “Britney Spears”)
  • Very highly targeted: Ads are targeted to user behavior (specially search behavior). Due to this, the CTR is high (much, much higher than regular banner AND text ads)
  • Clean content: The format is aesthetically pleasing and clean, so your users find this appealing (there is none of the flashing stuff that will make your publishers mad!)

Why would I use Chitika | Premium? One word: Backfill. Also…

  • No channel conflict (there is a good chance you and Chitika are not going after the same advertisers. And if this happens to be the case, Chitika has the systems to exclude your advertisers)
  • We only take the inventory we can deliver on, so there is no inventory wasted. If we can’t deliver, we redirect back to your ad server.

How does the implementation work? The concept is simple: You use the Chitika | Premium ad unit for parts of your inventory. If we have a behavioral profile on this user, we show the unit. If not, we redirect back to your ad server so that the next campaign in line can run.

What Ad servers are supported? At this time, we have tested this with Doubleclick, 24/7 Realmedia’s OAS and Openads/Openx/phpAdsNew . If your ad server is not on this list, contact us and we should be able to make it work (our engineers are smart and have gallons of coffee at their disposal!)

Who to Contact? If you are an ad network and this sounds interesting to you, please contact Jeff Sable (jeff [at] chitika [dot] com) OR call 866-441-7203 and select option 1.

26,000+ Publishers and Counting…

Chitika Inc. was founded just 5 years ago in 2003 and since then, we’ve created over 70+ power-packed revenue-earning ad units for our publishers. We increased our publisher base by almost 15,000 in the past year alone by expanding our advertiser inventory to be suitable for ALL types of websites. Here’s a list of a few of the awesome things we’ve done over the years that got us where we are today…

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SBM. The Extended SEM.

Extend Your SEM Reach. Keep Your Keywords. Why are we stopping SEM at search when we can take the power of keyword targeting beyond search? Ask any successful search engine marketing client what their successful, perhaps kick-a$$, keywords are and he or she will happily list off enough to compose a lengthy tongue twister.

We all know the SEMantra:  Kick-A$$ keyword line-up = Ability to drive Quality traffic to e-business  

After a web user searches for something they do not disappear into thin air, or the world-wide-webosphere… SEM has proven to be the most effective online marketing channel for driving relevant, valuable—ideal—web traffic to e-businesses. With SBM, or search behavior marketing, marketers can now extend their SEM success, and use their same Kick-A$$ Keywords to target ads to their ideal audience beyond the search listings page and into content-rich websites. SBM targets web audiences based on their search behavior by tracking their web activity, including affinity to search for certain terms as well as sites they frequent (ie; a web user who searches for Travel in Paris, and visits every few hours…) Learn more about SBM.