Yes, I’m camping out for an iPhone…again

By: Daniel Dore

Yes, this is what I look like today

I will not be in the office tomorrow, for I’m going to be on a mission; despite the snarky comments from some of my colleagues, I will be, once again, waiting in line to buy an iPhone. I waited for 5 1/2 hours last June 29th for an iPhone on a beautiful, sunny Massachusetts afternoon, and in a few hours I will set up my camping chair and endure a humid, bug-infested Massachusetts night to purchase the new iPhone 3G and, hopefully, get my picture on the front page of the local newspaper again. I’m not an Apple “fanboy”; the only Mac computers I’ve ever owned were purchased for the sole purpose of repairing and re-selling. However, I’m a HUGE iPod fan (I’ve owned 2 iPods, a Nano, and 2 Shuffles in my day) and love the concept of carrying one device that handles everything I need.

I’ve had many, many different cell phones over the past 10 years; a StarTAC, a RAZR, various Windows Mobile phones…I’m officially hooked on the iPhone; all the other phones, in comparison, seem slow, underpowered, and user-unfriendly. I even imported an “iPhone killer” thinking it would be an alternative to my mild un-satisfaction with Apple’s offering. I had 3 major complaints about iPhone 1.0 – no GPS, no 3G internet, and no A2DP (stereo audio over bluetooth). The iPhone 3G solves two of those issues and the third, audio over bluetooth, will probably be solved by a crafty developer’s iPhone application. Yeah, I forgot to mention that – 3rd-party apps for the iPhone. Say what you will about Apple “finally” catching up to the rest of the mobile world and allowing 3rd-party apps, but it’s always been…oh my gosh, is that “Super Monkey Ball” for the iPhone?!? So, will I see you in line tomorrow, too?

High Search Engine Traffic = High Chitika|Premium Revenue

Darren Rowse at Problogger has posted some great tips on How to Grow Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog. How does this relate to earning revenue with Chitika? Chitika|Premium ad units are specifically designed to display when, among other behaviors, your visitors are coming from a search engine; so it only makes sense that you’ll earn good revenue from Premium ad units if you have a good amount of search engine traffic. Since we already know that search engine traffic is more likely to convert to ad clicks than non-search traffic (see our Google/Digg traffic study here), increasing your search engine traffic will give your Premium ads more exposure and, therefore, increase your revenue.  This winning combination yields a high eCPM for many of our publishers already. 

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Apparently Domain Names ARE Important…


By: Daniel Dore


[This space intentionally blank]


Last week I posted an article about top-level domains, and added some of my own pithy analysis. Rather than keeping to the topic at hand, I started rambling about various other topics, and I asked “are domain names REALLY that important anymore?” In response, a reader named Bruno emailed me the following:

I would like to add that Direct Navigation, or traffic received from users typing the domain name directly into the address bar – bypassing search engines – amounts for a large percentage of overall Internet traffic (I don’t have the exact number off the top of my head). I have a personal portfolio of names, and have many colleagues that also do, that receive thousands of views/day from this type of traffic, without any marketing or seo.

 He’s absolutely right – direct navigation has always been a very significant portion of overall internet traffic; a 2003 study found that 64% of internet traffic was via direct navigation. Much of that navigation is “good” domain names of generic things – if I want pizza, isn’t a good place to look? However, there’s only a finite number of names like this, so everyone else must be getting direct traffic through other methods that aren’t so random. But, my question is, how much of this traffic is due to a “wicked good” domain name, and how much is because of bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc.? I’d never randomly navigate to based on the domain name (is it about owls? Who knows?) but it’s bookmarked in all my browsers and it’s my first stop every morning. …after I visit, of course. So I guess the point of this rebuttal is this – domain names are, indeed, very important, but so are all the other tools to drive traffic to your site, gain an audience, make money…

Fireworks, Freedom, and the 4th of July

Many of us here at Chitika are getting ready for the 4th of July holiday; planning barbecues, taking vacations, and lots of other activities that involve being stuck in a car for 6 hours. But, rest assured, our ads and servers will be closely monitored this weekend. The Chitika offices will be closed on Friday, July 4th for Independence Day and will re-open Monday, July 7th.

Chitika Gets LinkedIn, And So Can You!

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals from industries of all shapes and sizes; at present more than 20 million users from around the world use it to find potential business clients and opportunities, post job listings, and meet other professionals through your network. We created the Chitika Revenue | Feedback Group as an open forum of publishers who meet monthly to learn new ideas, explore best practices, and discuss opportunities to grow their advertising revenue. If you use Chitika’s products, are interested in learning more about our services, or just want to meet some great people, sign up! We look forward to connecting with you!

Unlike Google, Chitika Referral Programs Still Going Strong

For absolutely no reason at all, and with no prompting whatsoever, we here at Chitika wanted to mention our referral programs. We have one of the longest and highest-yielding referral programs of any advertising company. In fact, we have two!
By referring others to the Chitika program you will earn 10% of what they earn for 15 months! (Don’t worry, the 10% comes from Chitika, not your friends; they get the same amount) Any Chitika publisher can benefit from our referral program. Spread the word with one of our referral banners (as seen above), pass out your referral link, or by using our ads – the “Chitika” link in the top right corner of our ad units is also a referral link!
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Don’t Register .www – My Grandma’s Already Confused


By: Daniel Dore


“Carl Icahn should buy ICANN”


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (or ICANN) voted this past Thursday on a proposal to relax the rules on top-level domains. I know, exciting stuff, right? Basically the ruling ends the restriction to website addresses ending with .com, .net, .org, .ca, .uk, etc., and opens it up for almost any word to be an internet suffix (some restrictions do apply, however, and the names will be monitored). This opens up a can or worms for any company with a popular website (such as Yahoo!); you will not only have to purchase every iteration of your domain in the .com realm (,, etc.), but also will now have to “guard” against every new top-level name that pops up; yahoo.cpm, yahoo.xom, etc. This will make it difficult to prevent phishing sites from popping up all the time attempting to exploit your users (at least, those that still type in web addresses – see my diatribe below). While it will undoubtedly cause a whole host of problems; on the positive side, it will also allow people to be even more creative in choosing a domain name to register (as you’ll see on every other site that mentioned this story other than this one…okay, maybe one example).  

Rather than listing off all the possible names I’d like to own, I ask this question: what’s in a name anymore? When sold for US$2.6 million earlier this year, I was totally flabbergasted – are domain names REALLY that important anymore? I will admit that there are advantages to a “good” domain name (organic search traffic, high search rankings, the “simplicity” principle that, if I’m looking for pizza, isn’t a great place to look?) but isn’t search visibility arguably more important to the “average” user? For every or that sells for millions of dollars, there’s a much larger number of companies with non-standard names that become part of the culture, like Flickr, Twitter, Hulu, and countless others. It’s the idea, not necessarily the name. Now, there are naming mistakes that could pose a problem, but you certainly wouldn’t abandon a million-dollar idea if your first choice for a domain isn’t available. As computer and internet access achieve higher and higher saturation, the number of users that are accessing the internet for the first time is drastically dwindling. Subsequenty, more and more users are achieving what could be considered “familiarity” with the workings of the world wide interwebs. Even the most basic of user has a grasp of the concept of a search engine, and how to find the information they’re looking for (asking the grandkids for help “getting the Google”). Between search engines, bookmarks (both social and non-social) the history bar, advertising, etc., who still memorizes and types web URLs anymore? The destination is more important than how much you paid for the journey (unless it’s advertising; then it matters). For all the assertions that “.com is the internet”, a rose company by any other name will smell just as sweet, be it rose.rose, rose.flower, or pete.rose. Okay, maybe not the last one.

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Chitika|Premium Success Story –

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Chitika|Premium ad unit placement tips

What? You haven’t heard about the newest ad unit available from Chitika (which is yielding high eCPM’s for publishers)? Here’s the latest on Chitika|Premium in case you missed it…

Chitika|Premium placement heat map

Win-Win Ad Unit

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