Chitika Premium Ads to complement b5media network

The Chitika Premium Ad program has delivered high click-through rates (CTR’s) and yielded high eCPMs rates across the Chitika network. The most exciting aspect of Premium Ads is that we are now able to provide ads beyond products to web publishers. In an effort to successfully expand beyond our past focus of “product-based ads”, we now cater to a larger and broader set of content channels such as Finance, Autos, Health, Fitness & Travel, Clothing, Sports & Outdoors, Kids & Family, Home & Garden, as well as Gadgets & Electronics. We are excited to partner with b5media and connect their user base with premium advertisers within our network.

We found Chitika’s Premium Ads relevancy coupled with the high CPM yield to be uniquely suited for our entire network  Jeremy Wright, CEO b5media

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We Will Match You $100 – Only 4 Days Left!

Don’t miss out! For Chitika users who have not yet started using Chitika|Premium: The Chitika|Premium Challenge will match any revenue you earn from our new ad unit Chitika|Premium (up to $100.00) now through June 30th. You have just 4 days! To be eligible you need to place the code above or below your article titles by June 6th.

*Only available for Chitika members not currently using Chitika|Premium. Chitika users, get your code here. Not a user? Sign up. Learn more about Chitika|Premium in our new overview video.

We’ll Match You Up to $100 – Take the Chitika|Premium Challenge

Our newest units – Chitika|Premium – are yielding extremely high eCPMs for many of our publishers. If you have not tried them yet – do not miss this great opportunity! Take the Chitika|Premium Challenge, and we will match you, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100 through June 30th. Chitika Premium Unit

The code MUST be placed directly above or below your article titles to be eligible for this program. Get your Chitika|Premium code by clicking here and then login to your account. Don’t wait around – to qualify for this offer, you must install the code on your site by Friday, June 6!

NOTE: Chitika|Premium will only display to U.S. traffic, and since these ads use our new behavioral targeting engine, they will only display to SOME of your US users (we call this your “Premium Traffic”). You can learn more about Premium Traffic by clicking here. If you are already using the Chitika|Premium code on your site, then you are not eligible for this promotion.

Why I’ll never buy an iPhone, a Lexus, or Patron

If you plan on going to the mall in hopes of checking out every department store, please don’t ask me to come with you. I start to lose my patience after store #2; my eyes even start to water with annoyance. Yes, a girl who hates shopping. But before you label me as the perfect girlfriend, there is a catch. I prefer to remain completely clueless when it comes to the new “must-have’s” of each season. So chances are I won’t be impressed with your new iPod or HDTV…sorry. People are faced with purchasing decisions all the time; whether it’s because you’re in desperate need of a new car or cell phone, or you simply must have the new version or newest style. There are a few people here at Chitika, I won’t name any names, but you can click here to see, who stood in line for 5 1/2 hours to purchase the iPhone last year. To me, this is just crazy. My car is old – the two back tires have slow leaks and my cell phone has a crack on the front (see image above) and freezes on me like a virus-contaminated computer while sending a text message. Now why don’t I get a newer car or a cell phone that can send a basic message with ease? Pure fear. I have dropped my cell one too many times in the toilet to know better. And on a less serious note, all of these things can break at any time – your car, HDTV (by mis-using a Nintendo Wii controller) or your cell phone. It’s like flushing your money right down the…well, you get the picture. So I prefer to just have items that get the job done and look just “okay”. What kind of shopper are you?

So what’s with the Patron? Well I probably would buy this on the right occasion 🙂 Unfortunately when I said I was a fearful shopper, I forgot to mention I can be careless, sometimes. By Karla Escolas, Chitika Inc.

The 2008 Chitika/TiECON BlogPreneurs

One month ago Chitika partnered with TiECON East to host the first-ever BlogPreneur Contest. The goal of the contest is to highlight the success of bloggers to the entrepreneurs of the world, and feature 3 winning success stories during the TiECON Entrpreneur Forum at this year’s TiECON Conference. After receiving many entries for the contest, it was not easy to choose just three. We were looking for 3 success stories that portrayed blogging success from completely different perspectives, but all led to personal success.

The Winners Are:

Al Carlton, In just 3 years has grown a readership of over 100,000 per day. “CG has enabled me to quit my day job, travel worldwide and earn an income doing what I enjoy.” Al now manages a fantastic team of writers and brings in a 6-figure income from blogging. Al’s story shows what is required to be a successful blogger today. Read his post here!

Shawn Collins, of says that even though he writes 7 days a week, blogging has never been considered a job. Not many people can say that about what they do (especially a 7-day straight shift!). “Blogging success comes from the enjoyment of communication”, Shawn says, and that creating original content can be a stumbling block for bloggers. You can overcome this by “Soliciting feedback and input”. Read more tips from Shawn’s story here!

Jeffrey Strain, of explains how he was able to build a six-figure internet income from blogging. “If you want to succeed, you are going to have to work hard. Probably harder than you have ever worked before.” he says. Passion, creativity, Self-Motivation, Vision, and Time are just a few key factors. Read his success story here! Congratulations to the three winners and a big thank you to all of the successful bloggers who participated in this contest. It was with great pleasure that we were able to participate in such a fantastic contest with TiECON and successful bloggers from around the world! You can catch Chitika at this year’s TiECON East Conference awarding the winners and highlighting their success stories to entrepreneurs. Register here to attend!

The Internet Doesn’t Save Me Money


By: Daniel Dore

“It’s a steal at twice the price!”

I recently finished reading Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, and in one chapter they discuss the information revolution brought on by the popularity of the internet. Their position is that the internet is remarkably efficient in disseminating information from people “in the know” to those with less expertise. They used specific examples of term-life insurance and (interestingly enough) coffins as examples of commodities that have dropped in price considerably in the past few years due to the emergence of comparison-shopping sites of all shapes and sizes. In fact, the most successful web-based companies are those that either make information more readily available to the masses (Yahoo!, Google, etc.), or allow you to search for the best deals and lowest prices (Amazon, eBay, our beloved Chitika eMiniMalls, etc.).

This sounds great, right? You can find the best price on what you’re looking for and save tons of money! Unfortunately I never seem to save that money. Here’s a recent example – I was looking for a digital camera, and found the perfect model in a local brick-and-mortar electronics store, and let’s say the camera was US$200 at this store (or, for those readers in Europe, around 30 Euros) (yes, that was a currency conversion joke). I immediately went home and searched for the camera online, and found it for US$150, which is great! I get a great camera and save US$50! Unfortunately, my mind doesn’t work that way. In my mind, I already have US$200 budgeted for this camera, so why not spend the US$200 anyway on either a better camera, or an additional memory card, or new batteries, or a camera bag… So, while I’m certainly getter better value for my money, I’m still paying US$200 no matter how you look at it (as an added bonus, I can complete the purchase whenever I like, however I like, wherever I like…it’s like democracy in a computer chair), and I feel as though I’m not alone on this.

Recent stories have highlighted an increase in online shopping due to rising gas prices in the U.S. which means that consumers can add in another factor – the gas they didn’t buy. Add that to the lack of time to be “talked out” of a purchase since you can buy it 24 hours a day, and this summer would seem to be a golden time for online merchants, couch potatoes and impulsive bargain-hunters. So am I alone? Am I daft? What are the differences in your online vs. brick-and-mortar spending? By Daniel Dore, Sales Support Engineer

Increase your revenue from your Premium traffic

Chitika | Premium targets a portion of your traffic that we consider “Premium” Traffic. For this traffic, we are able to use our behavioral targeting technology to show better-targeted ads, and really increase your eCPM. How to increase your revenue with Chitika | Premium ad placement: TIP #1: Place a Chitika | Premium unit near your article titles (directly above or below) like this (click to enlarge).  Publishers who do this have seen HUGE increases in revenue. When the Chitika | Premium unit does NOT display – you have 2 options:

  • By default, the Chitika | Premium unit is set to “collapse” into nothing. This is a great option for people who want a very clean-looking website, because our ads will only show when we know that we can generate great revenue for you.
  • The other option is to use our Alternate URL feature to set a different ad to show when Chitika | Premium does not display. This will help you generate the most revenue from that placement on your site.

TIP #2: Add Chitika | Premium units to the rest of your websites! We now have ads for ALL types of content, including finance, health, travel, autos, and MUCH MORE! By adding Chitika | Premium units to all of your websites, you should see a nice increase in your overall advertising revenue. Chitika users: Login to your account and click your “Get Code” tab to access your Premium Code. Not a user? Sign up for Chitika Premium here

Google Adsense as Alt URL for Chitika Premium

Chitika users have noticed fantastic things going on in their accounts lately; one example is that our new behavioral targeting technology has resulted in an excellent boost in CTR and eCPM. As a result, we have not only integrated this into our new Premium ad units but now this new technology can be found in all our ad units – eMiniMalls, MPU, RPU, etc. In the past few weeks this new type of targeting has proven to be extremely effective in helping you to earn higher revenues. Chitika ad units were known in the past to work best on websites that centered around consumer products or were product-related. If you were hesitant to use Chitika on your website because your site didn’t fall into a consumer product category, then there is great news for you. Our new ad unit, Chitika Premium, caters to websites and blogs of all types not just product-related. Instead, it serves content ads related to topics such as travel and finance, to name two examples.

What everyone needs to know about Chitika Premium Because this ad unit is “behaviorally targeted” it does not display on websites as our other ad units would; only when it can display premium ads specifically to a visitor to your page. All you have to do is paste code on your site to integrate the unit just like any other; however viewing it on your page will not be as simple as “save and refresh”. While there is a preview tool you can use to view how your ad unit will display, this still leaves you with what to display when Premium cannot target your visitors’ interest:

Here are two great revenue-boosting options:

1. Place the Chitika Premium ad code where you currently have no other ad unit on your page(s). So when it does not display, it will simply “collapse” and show nothing at all.

2. (Recommended) Place the ad unit in prime locations on your page, such as near your blog/article titles or within the content of your page with an “alternate URL” ad as a backup, so Chitika Premium can earn you great revenue when displayed and supply your space with another ad when it cannot so you are continuously earning revenue.

Setting an alternate URL for Chitika | Premium is easy. Follow these steps for using an alternate ad such as Google Adsense, in the event your behaviorally targeted Chitika Premium ad unit cannot display.

Not a user? Sign up for Chitika Premium here!

Chitika|Pulse XV: Wall Street Journal Got It Half Right

The Wall Street Journal‘s Shira Ovide explains that display advertising options had traditionally been “too expensive and too difficult to create for many companies”, and the industry’s current solution? Follow Google, and the advertising model that made her a $185 billion company. Learn more about new display advertising technologies in the industry, read more Chitika|Pulse XV

Chitika Boosts CTR with New Behavioral Targeting

Recently, we have been testing our new behavioral targeting technology and the results have been fantastic – an excellent boost in CTR and eCPM. Because this is working so well, Chitika is now implementing behavioral targeting for all Chitika ads, including eMiniMalls, MPU, RPU, etc. What does this mean for you? Sometimes, your Chitika units will now show advertisements that are targeted to each user. For example, if a user who is interested in “cars” comes to your site, your Chitika unit will show an advertisement for “cars”. This type of targeting has proven to be extremely effective, and will help you to earn higher revenues. If you have any questions, comments, or success stories, please feel free to talk about them in our forum. We STRONGLY recommend using our behavioral targeting, as it will result in more revenue your you and your bank account; however, if you wish to opt-out, you can read how to do this here.