New CPM ads are raising your revenue

Excitement has been brewing since we first announced that CPM Graphic Banners will soon be integrated into your websites. As we rolled this out you saw excellent results and we have seen an immediate increase in revenue across the board. This new service is designed to help publishers earn more revenue. All Chitika publishers are automatically enrolled in it unless you opt-out (keep reading for opt-out options).

How it works: The Chitika ad on your page will display a CPM banner/graphic ad on your page only when it makes sense – when it can earn you more revenue. For example, if you are in Canada, and viewing a page with a Chitika ad on it, we will most likely show you a CPM Graphic banner because we are seeing more revenue from graphic ads for Canadian traffic. If you are the type of person who does not like graphic ads on their site you can opt-out of our CPM program, just LOGIN and click on your “Account” tab near the top of the page (opt-out option is located at the bottom of the page). However, we do not recommend doing this, because it will result in less revenue for you. As always, if you have any questions about this please contact your account manager or contact Chitika Support. We are extremely excited about this, and we look forward to increasing your revenue further as we continue to bring new sources of advertising into our network.

Chitika | Pulse XIV: Analyzing Engagement Metrics

Chitika has issued an advertiser case study, which measures engagement as a principal metric, and outlines the success of our recent conversational brand marketing specific mimoco campaign, powered by Chitika | VBU. Over the campaign’s seven day run, data shows a 54% increase in engagement rate… Read more about analyzing engagement metrics and the mimoco case study, in Chitika | Pulse, issue XIV. By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division

TiECON/Chitika Blogpreneur Contest

Chitika has partnered with TiECON East to launch an exciting contest for bloggers, The Blogpreneur Contest. We are hosting this contest to feature the success of bloggers. To keep a successful blog today is by no means an easy challenge, and in this contest you will get a chance to share the secrets to your very own success, how you were able to get your blog up and running and what you think entrepreneurs can learn from you. 

For 3 Winners:

  • You will be featured as “blog stars” in a promotional spotlight during the TiECON Entrepreneur Forum (TiECON East is attended by over 5,000 people!)
  • Online video footage of your winning feature from the TiECON Conference to showcase on your blog
  • Extreme visibility for your blog on the TiE Boston website via news story, The Chitika Blog & Newsletter
  • A winning award badge for your blog & a plaque (awarded at TiECON East 2008; if the winner cannot attend, the plaque will be mailed to you)
  • A free one-year subscription from our friends at Technology Review Magazine

It’s very easy to participate and as simple as posting a blog post, Click here to LEARN MORE

Chitika and Unsupported Countries

We are making a small change for people who are viewing Chitika ads from unsupported countries. If you live in one of the following supported countries THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOU, so feel free to stop reading anytime now (go outside, or play some video games, enjoy life!).

The supported countries are: USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK

However if you DO NOT live in a country listed above, then you will notice a change in some of your Chitika ad units. To reduce stress on our servers and infrastructure, if you are viewing Chitika ads from a country that is NOT on the list above, you will now see a default ad or PSA. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR REVENUE AT ALL! Since we do not pay for clicks from unsupported countries, this will have ZERO impact on your revenue – it will only change the way Chitika ads appear to people viewing from unsupported countries. This change will allow our servers to run a lot smoother and faster, which will make for a better experience for all of your users.

Another very positive note: Over the coming weeks, we will be focusing on securing advertisers to fill these spots, and earn you revenue for traffic that we could not monetize before. Stay tuned! 🙂

**UPDATE**: I should have posted this originally (sorry for the oversight!) – but here is a VERY easy way for you to show an alternate ad (or graphic, or whatever you want) to traffic coming from unsupported countries. Just add this line into your Chitika code: ch_alternate_ad_url = “INSERT YOUR URL HERE”; You can read more about using this variable here. -Ryan Travis, Director of Client Services

How to dress your ad units for Mother’s Day


By: Karla Escolas

“What do you get a mom who has everything & wants nothing?”

Whether or not your blog or website is gadget-related (or not) here’s a few tips to get your ad units ready for Mother’s Day (May 11th!).

Set your Keywords If you’re using eMiniMalls, RPU, Multi Product Unit, Owna or ShopCloud$ you can set keywords or products to be displayed in these ad units. Login to your Chitika account and go to the code panel OR change the keywords in the code on your page like this: var ch_queries = new Array( “diamond earrings”, “heart pendant” ); However, I recommend doing this in the code panel so you can test what products display for certain keywords. Also, update the colors of your ad units to grab the attention of Mother’s Day to your visitors like using, red, pink or green for text and border colors. Don’t want pink ribbons and teddy bears on your gadget website? I’m sure there are many moms out there who would love the latest digital camera or digital picture frame!

Set up a Mother’s Day Store To get the newest version of ShopLinc, ShopLinc 2.0, Login to your account, click the arrow next to “Get Code” and click on Chitika for Domains.

How do I add the store to my domain? Add a CNAME (Alias) that contains the sub-domain ( from the above example) and point it to Here is more help on this!

News leak… Blogging Contest & Feature Opportunity

Be on the look out- coming soon!

As big believers in bloggers and the blogosphere we of course took on the opportunity to get bloggers involved in the TiECON East 2008 Conference coming in May of this year. Although we can’t say much yet* what we can say is that we will be giving successful bloggers a chance to share their success stories and win a featured spot during a conference at TiECON. This will be very nice coverage for 3 lucky winners! So stay tuned!

ABOUT: TiECON East 2008 offers a glimpse of how evolving networks can be harnessed offering entrepreneurial solutions in a remarkable variety of fields, from technology, life sciences – and business.

Chitika’s Publisher Revenue Guide -Free eBook

Right here on The Chitika Blog, we hosted a series of posts showing you how to use all of Chitika’s revenue-generating ad units, products and services to earn you revenue on your website. There are over 70+ ad units available for Chitika users that were specifically designed to cater to publishers of all sizes. Now you can find all of these posts in our 3rd FREE eBook: “Chitika’s Publisher Revenue Guide” our ad suite handbook: OPEN FREE eBOOK!

Chitika is a Red Herring North America 100 Winner

What’s even better than being recognized as a leading online ad network? Being recognized by Red Herring, a known leader in finding and advocating the most promising tech startups. Chitika has been selected as one of the 100 most innovative private technology companies based in North America.

“Chitika is honored to be selected as a finalist for the Red Herring North America Awards for our innovative and entrepreneurial achievements,” said Venkat Kolluri, CEO, Chitika. “We are dedicated to delivering innovative technology for online branding and advertising, such as our new Viral Branding Unit, and this recognition is further proof that we are striking a chord with brands and publishers in the new web.” The unveiling of the Top 100 private companies in North America will be at the annual Red Herring North America conference on May 12-14.

New Interactive Premium ads update!

In the first post of our Mini-Series last week, we announced the upcoming release of a new ad unit, Chitika | Premium. Since then, we’ve received tons of interest for this new unit which offers non-product inventory listings and is designed be your highest-performing ad unit

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we put the final touches on the code panel for our publishers. We also want to make sure you don’t miss the release of this unit so we have created a way for you to receive an email as soon as Chitika | Premium is available. By sending an email with just your name to you will automatically be put on our contact list and will be notified the moment the code is ready!

Get your one-on-one with Chitika at SOBCon

Where you can catch Chitika next!

We are thrilled to be a sponsor for SOBCon08 again this year! Last year was unforgetable (see our Dancing Bloggers Video here) so we are pretty excited to be heading there again in 2008. Chitika’s VP of Publisher Sales, Jeff Sable, will be attending May 2nd & 3rd and is looking to meet with anyone interested in receiving personal, one-on-one optimization help getting started with Chitika. With over 70+ revenue-earning ad units, Chitika has the largest collection of revenue-generating solutions to cater to publishers of all sizes. You can catch up with Jeff at SOBCon or schedule a meeting with him by sending an email to jeff(at)chitika(dot)com to learn how Chitika can start earning you revenue on your blog or website.