Chitika Ad Unit Suite Mini-Series next week!

With over 70+ power-packed revenue earning ad units, Chitika has the largest collection of revenue-generating solutions catering to publishers of all sizes. We have always been big believers in “freedom of choice” to publishers. In fact, we were the first to give publishers the freedom to hand pick product keywords for their site. We have stopped at nothing to continue providing innovative services for years.

Mini Series Each of our products are designed with a specific objective for our publishers. Because different publishers need different things, you simply cannot rely on one ad-type to earn you revenue. Also, what works well for one publisher may not hold true for the next; which is why starting next week we will be taking each product from The Chitika Ad Unit Suite and showing you how they each work differently on your website or blog. This mini-series of blog posts will show you which products work for what publishers and where to use it. As you may know, Chitika now offers CPC & CPM ad units which can be found in products ranging from the Chitika | eMiniMalls Classic to Chitika For Domains.

New Ad Unit! The series will start off with our newest and most exciting ad unit to date: Chitika | Premium Listings. This unit will have personalized targeting for your ‘search’ visitors with premium listings. Find out more on Monday about how this high-performing ad unit can help you earn even more revenue with Chitika!

Why take VC money at all?

Fact: Chitika grew from a five dollar investment to a multi-million dollar company in just 5 years using zero outside funding. We are often asked, “what does it take to build a successful business?” And we can say that just by taking the time to listen to our publishers we were able to grow successfully. Over the years we were able to connect with our users on a personal level and learn what they needed to be more successful. That went a long way in providing custom revenue earning services and features quickly. This is what drives us to make our users happy and keeps us devoted to our 17,000+ publisher network. Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri has been asked by AlwaysOn to speak on a panel of 6 on the topic:

Why Take VC Money at All? And will be sharing more details from our five-year journey at Venture Summit East – April 8th, 2008, at the Four Seasons in Boston.

Over 1,000 now using Chitika For Domains

We are happy to say that just one week after releasing a poll gauging the interest in Chitika For Domains, we were able to successfully launch this service and cross 1,000 live domains! Publishers were looking for new revenue options for their parked domains and we were able to offer a beautifully-designed page with thousands of brand-name products.  

For more check out: Chitika For Domains Features coming soon or join the Domains discussion in our forum.

CEO Showcase at Venture Summit East

Where to catch us next! Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri will be presenting at the AlwaysOn “Consumer and Media” showcase next week, discussing Chitika’s vision and strategy, highlighting the exponential success that we have been a part of over the past 5 years. 36 top CEOs were selected for the opportunity to present their market strategies and business partnering objectives on the main stage at Venture Summit East.

Chitika chosen by AlwaysOn – Northeast Top 100

For the past five years we have successfully created new revenue-earning products for our users. Each year we are adding more features and different kinds of products to suit the many different needs of our users. A big thanks to our 17,000+ publisher base for being our inspiration in creating new innovations each year. It was because of you that AlwaysOn has selected Chitika as one of the Top 100 fastest-growing companies in the Northeast. This goes a long way in validating our belief in the power of the blogosphere. The Top 100 will be honored at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit East held April 7 – April 9, 2008, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, MA.

4 Years of Pills, Princes, and Paris Hilton


By: Daniel Dore

‘You’ve Got Mail’ Is Grammatically Incorrect.

April 1st is a date known for many things; the least of which certainly is April Fools Day in many countries (which, as many schoolchildren can tell you, is because on April 1, 1572, Dutch rebels who called themselves Geuzen, after the French word for beggars “gueux,” seized a town called Den Briel, marking the start of an uprising against the Spanish across the Netherlands[citation probably needed] ). It’s also the day that, in 1748, the ruins of Pompeii found were found and in 1976, the day two men named Stephen Wozniak and Steven Jobs founded Apple Computer. It’s also the day that, in 2004, Google announced a new email service called GMail. It was seen as a joke – a webmail account with 1 gigabyte of space? At a time when most companies were offering between 1-10 megabytes? Oh, those wacky Google guys and their jokes… But it was no joke; a select number of people were blessed with accounts and invites to give out to their friends. These invites became very valuable commodities and, I must admit, I received one of these invites in May 2004 from a friend of mine named E.Bay.

The fallout from this was immediate; all the popular email services drastically increased their inbox sizes (for example, Microsoft’s Hotmail increased from 10MB to 250MB) in response in order to “keep up” and take advantage of the new revenue model Google introduced:

For years, webmail users had to pay for extra storage. Then, as storage prices continued to fall, Google went after new customers by offering 1 gigabyte free to every user. Yahoo responded last year with the ultimate offer: infinite free storage. Since each page of webmail comes with ads, more users means more revenue. Source: Wired Magazine

There are two aspects of this seismic shift that I find interesting. The first was covered very well by Chris Anderson, and I would be hard-pressed to top his article. The angle that fascinates me is Google’s “first step”; if they hadn’t taken the plunge and expanded to 1GB, where would webmail be today? Would we still be waiting for the 1GB barrier to be crossed? It’s not just the first person or company that crosses a particular milestone that leads to a shift; if a tiny start-up company offered 1 GB of email storage then went out of business three months later, it would barely measure a ripple in the industry; it was the fact that Google would make more money from this method and would also make their competitors look bad (“only 10MB? The Google’s offering 100 times that!”) in the process that made an entire “industry” adapt. Which leads me to this question – what aspect of your current life, in 5 years, will be vastly different from today, and why? Will it be an industry-dictated shift? Will consumer pressure lead to innovation, or will the quest for cash continue its 1000-year-reign at the top of the charts?

Nintendo Wii for your mom


By: Karla Escolas

“An expensive alternative to traditional exercising?”

Have you ever played the boxing game for Nintendo Wii? That game is a workout in itself; my arms were sore the next day (a side-effect-first for me during a Nintendo session). As a parent, it was a bit of a relief that there was finally a gaming system available that would get my kids off the couch. That itself was enough; but now they are offering what they are calling “an exercise product” for the system called Wii Fit. I thought the thinking behind the Nintendo Wii was to get people out of the chair and moving instead of sitting glued to the TV without actually saying it 😉 – kind of like hiding broccoli in brownies, but I guess not. I foresee this game as not being too popular among most teens. Rather, it seems to be aimed at moms who are looking for a fun way to get a workout, kind of the way the Balance Board is presented in this video. And if that’s who will be interested in it, how many of them are going to purchase a $250.00 exercise video? The Nintendo Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board is said to be shipped May 19th, 2008 after their announcement of this product in 2007. I am interested in how you rate this new concept introduced as a video game, please add your vote in the poll below:

Chitika/ProBlogger Beer Bus – The Aftermath

By: Ryan Travis

So, this was my first year at SXSW, and let me say – what a crazy bunch of lunatics we have in the tech community (you know who you are!!!). I’m not letting myself off the hook here – I was involved in some of this “crazy” activity too… most notably the Chitika/ProBlogger Beer-Bus. The bus-ride had a particularly dubious formula: 25 bloggers/industry-insiders + 180 beers + Pringles + no bathroom = FUN (or “yikes!” – depending on who you ask). The catchphrase of the afternoon was “Hey are we stopping for a bathroom break soon?”. Luckily I have a steel bladder and I didn’t have to go at all 😉

We had an awesome time, and it was a GREAT group of people. Thanks to all of you who attended – you definitely made my afternoon! \\

Extra special thanks to Darren Rowse for his help in organizing/populating the bus. Also – we want to give a big “Congratulations” to Steve Shickles (President, 451 Press) and Rhea Becker ( for winning our shirt-signing contest: Steve won an Xbox 360 Premium and Rhea took home Guitar Hero 3!!!

 I look forward to doing this again next year – get ready for the 2009 SXSW Chitika Beer-Boat!!!!

By: Ryan Travis, Director of Client Services

Chitika | Pulse: Efluencers Kick-Start c2c Brand Marketing

A recent comScore report indicates that heavy users of blogs, “heavy bloggers”, are significantly more likely to consume content across a range of categories on the web, particularly in the areas of politics, news, and entertainment. The report defines heavy bloggers as 20 percent of blog visitors; more importantly, this group accounts for 84 percent of the overall time spent on blog sites.  *data cited; comScore, 2008.

Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore, describes the ‘heavy blogger’ demographic, as a “highly informed, tech savvy, and entertainment-oriented consumer segment [which] is consistent with the profile of an ‘influencer,’ which is of course a particularly attractive audience to reach.” Are you a heavy blogger? Read more about how powerful bloggers efluence c2c marketing in Chitika | Pulse, issue X.

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division

Chitika RPU Placement & Customization


By: Karla Escolas

Now that the Chitika Related Product Unit (RPU) is available to all Chitika publishers you may be asking yourself “Can I use the RPU with other Chitika ad units on my pages?”

The answer is yes; we actually encourage this because many of our Premium Publishers (who have been using the RPU for over a year now) have seen their revenue increase when they combine the RPU with other ad units like Chitika | eMiniMalls.

Publishers are finding that placing an eMiniMalls unit followed by the RPU actually work great together. Chitika publishers have also found that once they blended their RPU ad unit to match the look, color or fonts used on their website, it performed much better than non-customized RPUs. The RPU can be customized to match the EXACT look and feel of your site by modifying the RPU CSS.