Chitika Graphic ads make way for CPC & CPM

The power of brand advertising in the blogosphere makes way for more revenue options for your website. The days of considering user-generated content a marshland are gone because advertisers are not only looking at this as a channel for direct marketing (CPC) they are now leaning on the blogosphere to reach out to consumers and their brand advertising dollars (CPC) are following them. As a leader in this space we are barging ahead, bringing new products and services that best help our advertisers arrange these efforts that connect our publishers to more revenue-generating options.

CPM+CPC revenue Last year we introduced CPM & CPC based advertising to our Premium Publishers, and now we are offering this combination to all our publishers. This new graphic ads service has one goal: maximize your revenue. The Chitika ad on your page will display a relevant and targeted banner/graphic ad on your page only when it makes sense – when it will earn you more revenue.

How it works Graphic ads will pay per impression (CPM) and will be shown only when they can earn you more revenue than a CPC-based ad. Our ad targeting system will intelligently find and display relevant graphic (CPM) ads for your pages when appropriate.

Quick Q & A

When will I start seeing CPM + CPC ads on my website? We are planning on rolling this out at the end of the month.

Will I be able to track my CPM revenue? Yes. Your reports will be updated to display CPC and CPM revenue separately.

Will I be able to opt-out of the graphic (CPM) ad program? Yes. You will be given the option to opt-out before the service releases. We are very excited about brand advertising dollars rolling into the blogosphere.

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Guilty pleasures, past times and blogging


By: Norah Treptow

“What is your favorite movie?”

With increasing popularity of companies like NetFlix – I have been able to return to my old love…movies.

For mere dollars each month I can have two of my favorite things I enjoyed as a child: 1) Entertainment at my fingertips 2) Cool surprise packages addressed to me in the mail

What could be better? Movies for me, were always a collaborative past time that I would enjoy with family and friends. I grew up in a family full of “movie-geeks”, where we still rattle off names of actors, directors (and occasionally even the key grips) much to the annoyance of those around us.

But this aspect of sharing a movie with others has begun to change for me. I find that now that I can tailor my video watching to MY favorites in MY queue that I am not only increasingly more picky and obscure about MY choices but also greedier and possessive. Like a dog with a new bone, I take my red envelope and scamper quickly away to open it in privacy and enjoy the solitude of my couch and bowl of microwave popcorn as I settle in to watch my latest queued item. Rarely do I actively invite my new family to participate on my queue – and when I do – I usually increase my monthly plan so that I don’t “lose” any of my upcoming favorites to a substitution of the latest installment of “Hannah Montana.”

The internet, laptop, cell phone, IM and entertainment venues like Netflix & online gaming – have made us an increasingly solo population while living amongst our family and friends. A movie I would have once attended with my sister – I merely, now, set her as a “friend” on my Netflix community suggesting that she watch it and email me her opinion afterward. “Parallel-play” has now extended to the network of adult friends, begging the question…who’s in your fave five?

Blogging for Chitika I am now encouraged to recognize this introverted personal trait of mine. But by doing this other solo activity… blogging, I’m actually forming a bridge to others that I wouldn’t otherwise have known. What are your thoughts on individualized entertainment? Has it gone too far?

A new revenue generator? Chitika for domains

Here we are at it again; exploring new ways to help our publishers earn more with less work. Chitika is looking into offering a “Chitika for domains” service so you can also earn CPC revenue from your parked domains. Hundreds of premium publishers are currently using Chitika | ShopLinc stores to generate revenue. This service would also be a great customizable service for your parked domains. We are interesting in finding out how many publishers would be benefit from this type of service. With enough interest in this service Chitika could start offering this to their publishers.

Got domains? How many domains you own?

Chitika | Pulse IX: YouTube for Mobile Buzz

Data from Chitika’s network indicates that overall interest in YouTube has soared in the weeks following the the release of YouTube for Mobile. YouTube related search has increased two-fold (from the week following the Jan. 08 release, to the third week in Feb. 08) among online consumers in Chitika’s network.  

In the week following YouTube’s January release (Feb. 4-11), YouTube related search queries comprised 7.32% percent of the top 50 keywords in Chitika’s network. Find out more about YouTube for Mobile; Click here to read this weeks Chitika | Pulse, Issue IX

Confessions of a new blogger


Meet: Norah Treptow

“You learn something new everyday”

I recently started at Chitika as an Account Manager and have been asked to start a blog so that I could have a bird’s eye view into what our clients experience is like. Blogging is something that I have actually considered in the past, but had ultimately decided not to do until now. Why? I am all for sharing my feelings, opinions, and daily thoughts with family, friends, even colleagues – but sharing this with the virtual world? I’m a little hesitant of that.

With Myspace and other social networks out there – it has become second nature for people (especially youngsters) to share/blog even the most personal of stories about their lives and (YIKES) the lives of others. Since becoming a stepmom to a 9 and a 12 year old – this has become a pressing concern for me. There is a freedom on the web that we don’t experience otherwise – a locked diary that was once kept under the bed and monitored for parents’ fingerprints is now open to mass consumption – often in even more vivid detail than would have been committed to paper – and occasionally with pictures for proof.

Working for Chitika – even for a short time – has opened my eyes to the value and benefit that blogging poses. I’m not just talking about financial gain through online advertising but through sharing information about hobbies, interests, careers,and personal passion. Prior to this favorable experience most of the blogs I had read had been of the personal/diary nature which I found disturbing and I was often embarrassed for the author – knowing that in 5 years time – a fun party, bad boss, or troubled relationship could haunt the author when least expected. Little did I know how much creativity, expertise and passion went into each of these sites.

What are your thoughts on blogging about your personal life? Or reading others’ personal blog posts?

By Norah Treptow, Account Manager – Chitika, Inc.

Chitika | RPU now available to all Chitika publishers

When the Chitika | Related Product Unit (RPU) launched it was available only to select publishers for testing, during which time we received tons of great feedback on how effective this unit is for publishers. Now we are happy to say that we are ready to open up the flood gates and now our entire network has access to this unit. (Yes! This means YOU). The RPU is a simple, non-intrusive text link format that integrates right in to your content. The RPU has instantly become one of the most successful ad units across our network. Our users experienced overall revenue increases and enjoyed its complete customization features. Publishers love this ad unit because it doesn’t “look” like an ad. 

Use the RPU to:

  • Monetize space which has traditionally gone un-monetized
  • Provide your users with a logical “next place to click”
  • Keep your readers happy – the RPU is completely non-intrusive

Where RPU works The RPU is specially designed to be placed right at the end of your blog post, review, or article. This works well because once your user has read an article, they will be looking for the next place to click. The Related Product Unit provides this for them without being invasive (it sits nicely next to, or above your “Related Articles” section – thus not disrupting the user-experience).

“While laser quality targeting is almost always a good thing, sometimes people might want to learn about similar products to the one they have been researching to make sure they are making an informed purchase. The Chitika RPU allows me to show information about other products the customer might want to research before making a purchasing decision. RPU makes me more money, and offers my readers more choices.” -Tim Flight,

Here are five ways the RPU can make you more money! If you are a Chitika publisher, when you login, you will see your “RPU Code” tab. Here you can choose your RPU unit size, colors, product category, set channel tracking and grab your code. If you are not yet a Chitika publisher you can sign up and also have access to all our interactive CPC ad units! See what others are saying in the RPU Forum Discussions.

Back from Affiliate Summit West

This year’s Affiliate Summit West was a great opportunity to connect with many Chitika publishers and even some old friends. By simply looking at commission rates, average order sizes, conversion rates, and comparing with typical Chitika CPC rates, we were able to show some non-Chitika affiliates how much more money they could make if they were showing Chitika ads instead of affiliate banners and links on their websites. Many affiliates were happy to learn how much Chitika could simplify their “management” responsibilities, connect them to millions of products and provide them with on-time payments. And most importantly, our unique and large ad unit suite that’s already available for monetizing their traffic.

We enjoy attending events and plan to be at many more, don’t miss us!

Where you can catch us next: The Chitika/ProBlogger SXSW Beer-Bus!

Chitika’s hires local “rock star”

Meet the one of the newest members to The Chitika Family, Matt gregoire. Matt is currently the drummer in a band called, Meronah that focuses on Rock, Alternative and Pop Punk. He is involved in the writing and production of songs, and plays several instruments (even contributes vocals). While the band is new, Matt has been in the music industry since he was in his teens, and has had the chance to share the stage with many national acts; including Nonpoint, Kitty and Darwin’s Waiting Room. Matt has released two cd’s, of which he collaborated with national producers, and is currently working on a self produced EP- to be released this summer!

Matt has had the opportunity to meet some renown musicians like P.O.D and Beyonce. When Matt steps down for his role as “rock star”, he works as an Internet Advertising Consultant for Chitika, reaching out to publishers identifying client business challenges, and providing information about new/suitable products for maximum ad revenue potential.

Without His Brand, Obama is Just Another Man


By: Tessa Rudd


Chitika | Pulse first looked into gaming brand buzz this January, following Microsoft’s Xbox 360 presentation at CES International 2008. Recently, however, there has been substantial buzz surrounding the decision Warner Bros., and retailer Wal-Mart, have made to phase out HD DVD in favor for Blue-ray disc technology. It has been just over ten years since the DVD’s 1997 debut, and Sony and Microsoft have found themselves involved in a Blu-ray vs. HD DVD brand ‘warfare’. Sony initially branded the PlayStation3 as, “an all-around entertainment console, with tendrils that extend well beyond the realm of game play…chief among these is support for the Blu-ray Disc format.” Microsoft chose instead to offer product support for HD DVD with their competing gaming system, Xbox360. When WB and Wal-Mart entered the scene, the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD debate, which at first seemed only to effect DVD and DVD player sales, quickly fueled a fire in the gaming industry; will Sony’s PS3 phase-out Microsoft’s Xbox 360, based merely on the publicity it’s attracting due to its’ Blu-ray DVD capability?

Read more of this week’s Chitika | Pulse to find out how this relates to Obama…

About ChitikaPulse 

ChitikaPulse is a weekly publication that highlights emerging trends in online advertising and merchandising in the blogosphere. Through addressing a wide range of topics related to online branding, e-commerce, retail in the long tail, and direct merchandising within the blogosphere and social networks, the ChitikaPulse is a comprehensible measurement resource and data analysis medium for the online marketing industry. 

mimobots Invade Chitika’s Network

One of our premier Chitika | VBU advertisers, mimoco, brings mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives to Chitika’s network.

mimoco’s mission is “to bring style and soul to personal tech devices and to inject interactivity into the underground Art Toy movement,” and the two 2” ‘little friendly data fiends’ host 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capabilities.

New Web Approved. To succeed in the new web, brands need to be innovative and carry a storyline that online consumers will want to interact with; mimoco certainly accomplishes this.

The Story. mimobots of planet blõôh , have traveled a long time across multiple parallel systems to reach earth, suffer from ‘flash events’ that raze their memory, and take part in an incomparable adventure of human/mimobot symbiosis. Check out the mimoco site to learn more about mimobot history. We are impressed with mimoco’s stylish mimobots, available in three ‘flavors’; core series, artist series, and officially licensed crossovers of entertainment franchises, from Star Wars to Domo. Look out for Chitika | VBUs, powered by mimoco, and watch the mimobot line-up in action!

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division