The Chitika/ProBlogger SXSW Beer-Bus!

At SXSW, we will be commandeering a 40-passenger party bus full of ice cold beer (beer’s on us)!

Chitika is sponsoring Darren Rowse’s trip to SXSW & hosting a Chitika/Problogger SXSW Beer-Bus party. We have invited several A-List bloggers and industry insiders to this exclusive, invite-only party. Seats are limited but there is still room for a few more! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with Problogger, Darren Rowse, the Chitika staff and other great bloggers!

Comment below for your chance to join us on the party bus. Sunday, March 9th 3-6pm (Bus will depart at 4pm!) Also be on the lookout for Ryan Travis giving away t-shirts during SXSW. 

Linx Keeps Moving Forward



By: Mike Axiak

“Let Linx monetize your site”

Linx Growth

A little over a week ago Linx beat RPU in number of clicks. I can’t believe it. Just a few months ago Linx was little more than a word and a rough sketch. I generally don’t like to make comparisons between our products (since they have very different uses and roles to play in the overall revenue of a publisher) but this was really exciting for me.

What’s more exciting for me, though, is what we have in store for Linx. Some of you may have noticed that your individual earnings from Linx may have changed over the past month— some of you for the worse. Today we just released a new version of the code which will offer us much more flexibility in picking the best keywords, the best ads while still keeping your ads displaying as quickly as ever. The great thing about these changes? You don’t have to do a thing. Nope, just me and my colleagues :-).

phpBB Tip: Showing Linx only to guests of your forum

If you happen to be using phpBB on your site, Linx is a great opportunity to monetize those forums. One of the problems is that you don’t want to ruin the user experience for your logged-in users by highlighting words. How do you use Linx only when you have guests viewing your forum? Simple:

  1. Open styles/prosilver/template/overall_footer.html
  2. Look for
    <!-- IF U_ACP --><br /><strong><a href="{U_ACP}">{L_ACP}</a></strong><!-- ENDIF -->
  3. Add this code after the code above:
    <!-- IF not S_USER_LOGGED_IN -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
      ch_client = "YOUR_USERNAME";
      ch_sid = "PHPBB Chitika Linx";
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <!-- ENDIF -->

That’s it! You should have linx appearing for only users that are not logged in.


Iain’s WordPress plugin

Iain over at posted a WordPress plugin for Linx. I tried it for myself. Using it is dead simple— simply download to your plugins and set your client and you will start making money! Good Job Iain!

Chitika | Pulse: eTailers Increase New Web Branding in 2008


By: Tessa Rudd


I recently returned from eTail 2008, America’s largest retail event; this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to survey big brands, and discern current and future interest in advertising (branding) in the new web (blogs and social media). Out of the eTail attendees Chitika surveyed, 59% currently advertise in the new web. The 59% who currently advertise also plan to increase their new web ad spending in 2008. The 29% surveyed who do not currently advertise in the new web, importantly, plan on doing so in 2008. A mere 12% report that they currently do not advertise in the new web, and do not have plans to do so in 2008.  

Our survey brings good news for consumer electronic oriented publishers and marketers. All attendees representing consumer electronic brands, comprising 67% of total attendees surveyed, notably, report plans to increase new web advertising budgets in 2008. Furthermore, our survey finds that consumer electronics is the dominant category currently branded/advertised on the new web.  

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division

Chitika’s eTail 2008 iPhone Winners!

After extensive networking, rounds and rounds of Coronas, and a red-eye from Palm Springs yesterday, Chitika has returned from a successful trip to the Emerging Channels and Media Summit, eTail 2008!

Chitika’s CEO Venkat Kolluri, our PR firm Greenough Communication‘s VP Scott Bauman, and I spent three days in Palm Desert, California, enjoying North America’s largest retail event. The theme of eTail 2008, to “optimize and innovate: get your brand ready for the future of retail”, effectively and valiantly set the scene for Chitika’s main objective at the summit; to launch our premier Viral Branding Unit (VBU). We enjoyed chatting with participating eTailers (attendees and exhibitors alike), about the power of our new VBU, designed specifically for branding in the new web; and had a great time meeting with existing and potential new Chitika partners.

Chitika sponsored the “Around the Carnival Cocktail Reception”, held the evening of Tuesday February 12th; all 1,300 summit delegates were invited to attend the event, which boasted great food, drink, music, and carnival style games. Chitika’s ping-pong game, where players had to throw ping-pong balls into glass fish-bowls, was quite popular (even though I failed to get any in)! Chitika also raffled off three Apple iPhones to everyone who visited our table and dropped a business card into the pool. Just before the reception came to a close, Scott Bauman chose three winners (at random). I am happy to announce and congratulate Chitika’s iPhone contest winners; Brian Shun, of LifeWay Christian Resources, Rich Lesperance, of Circuit City Stores, Inc., and Michael Dell’Arciprete of Boca Java Gourmet Coffee and Teas

We would like to thank all attendees who participated in our contest. Furthermore, Venkat, Scott, and I contend that everyone who extended interest in the new Chitika | VBU, and spoke with us about the value of branding in the new web, are winners! Billions will soon be flowing into the blogosphere and social media, and as Worldwide Business Research advises to eTailers; “with competitors gaining market share daily, and consumers fully immersed in digital conversations with each other, ensure your brand is top of mind and increase lifetime value now.” Hats off to an exceptional eTail 2008!

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Divsion

Chitika Reports – Now 93% More Awesome

Today when you log in, your reports tab will be completely different, but in a wonderful and exciting way. We gathered all your traffic data and condensed all the information you need into one nicely organized area. Your unaudited & audited reports and channel management is now all in one place for you; in the “Reports” tab.  

Most importantly, along with condensing your information, we have added some great new features that will help you monitor and enhance the ad units on your pages. With these new features right at your fingertips, you will have what you need in seconds so you can focus on individual enhancements to increase your revenue with Chitika.

New Features

1. Quick Links – Designed with you in mind, to save you time. Quick Links will give you a breakdown of where you are making the most revenue, where you should focus on driving your traffic and which part of your site you need to work on.

2. Group, Save & Delete Channels – Yes, you can already create as many channels as you want; now you have the option to group & save them. This will help you compare the performance of one group of channels to another.

3. Other cool new features – Login and check them out! What do you think about these new features? Leave us some feedback by commenting below.

A data analysis medium for the online marketing industry, are you missing out?

In January Tessa Rudd, a Strategic Partnerships Coordinator in our Advertising Media Division, started gathering & analyzing data using queried data from our reporting systems. With this information she has created a weekly publication that highlights emerging trends in online advertising and merchandising in the blogosphere.

Chitika | Pulse covers a wide range of topics related to online branding; e-commerce, retail in the long-tail and direct merchandising within the blogosphere and social networks, and is posted Mondays here on The Chitika Blog.

This week’s Pulse: Excitement for Corporate Branding in Web 2.0 “Viral branding opportunities, such as online video ads, ensure good news for publishers and online marketers alike; branding endeavors in Web 2.0 are predicted to drive major increases in online ad spending.” Read More

Pulse Archives Super Bowl Loses Ad Budgets to Internet Gaming Brand Buzz Pre-PMA Buzz Guides Market Trends Forget Smart, It’s All About the Music

Meet Chitika at the Affiliate Meet Market

While attending past Affiliate Summits we managed to pull money out of thin air, give away a Nintendo Wii, hold contests giving away other great prizes and best of all, meet some great people. So naturally, we wouldn’t miss the 2008 Affiliate Summit West for anything!

Chitika’s VP of Publisher Sales, Jeff Sable along with Daniel Dore, our Sales Support Engineer will be at this year’s Affiliate Summit West February 24th looking to meet with bloggers, affiliates and advertisers at the Affiliate Meet Market, table #88. 

Won’t be attending the Meet Market? Meet us after the event, or on Monday the 25th! Send a note to chitikaasw(at)chitika(dot)com to set up a time to chat with Jeff and Dan.

Current Events: New Chitika | VBU unveiled at eTail 2008

New Chitika | VBU unveiled at eTail 2008

Chitika Press Release out today: Chitika Launches Viral Branding Unit to Bring Power of Video and Interactivity to Advertisers

“We founded Chitika on the idea that branding is a fluid conversation between brands, buyers and online publishers,” said Venkat Kolluri, chief executive officer at Chitika. “The new VBU takes this dynamic to the next level by delivering more impact, more interactivity and more of the conversational attributes consumers want. And rest assured, we’re not done yet; billions will soon be flowing into the blogosphere and social media, and Chitika will continue to lead the way with innovation and a keen understanding of the dynamic of the new web.”

Read Full Press Release If you are planning on attending eTail 2008 in Palm Desert, California (February 11-14) will be a host at this year’s eTail Carnival and Cocktail Reception where we will be presenting our new CPM ad unit: Chitika | VBU. Also make sure you drop your business card by the Chitika table for a chance to win one of three iPhones we are giving away!

Chitika | Pulse: Excitment for Corporate Branding in Web 2.0


By: Tessa Rudd


Leading up to the launch of Chitika | VBU, we issued a survey to discern how our online publishers feel about integrating video ads into their interactive media plan. Out of those polled, 77% reported to be “very, very interested” in online video ad units, 13% were unsure, and 10% indicated they would not use video ads at this point.  

Viral branding opportunities, such as online video ads, ensure good news for publishers and online marketers alike; branding endeavors in Web 2.0 are predicted to drive major increases in online ad spending. In fact, IAB reports that online video ad spending will quadruple in five years. In 2007 rich media and video advertising accounted for roughly $1.5 billion in online ad spending, accounting for a total 9% of overall online ad spending. By 2011, video ad spending is projected to grow to $6.2 billion, accounting for 17% of overall online ad spending. Powerful branding yields impressive new revenue streams for eCommerce in Web 2.0 and Chitika is thrilled to be on the forefront of this excitement.

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division

Spam issue in our Support being resolved

Heads-up from our customer support department: A massive influx of spam to our support system has caused a delay in our ability to answer customer emails. Our customer support department is working to resolve this issue and will be working throughout the weekend to respond to your emails as quickly as possible.

Posted by Daniel Dore, Chitika Customer Service

UPDATE 2/9/07 10:30 AM: Spam issue has been resolved. There’s a fresh pot of coffee (or six) brewed and we’re tackling your questions.