Using Chitika & Google – Expert Ad Placement

Chitika and Google Adsense can not only be used together on your website/blog, but some of our publishers have actually created some great ad integrations using both services together.

November 12th-16th, 2007 All next week The Chitika Blog will feature a mini expert series of tips from publishers using both Chitika and Google Adsense on their pages.


What happens in Vegas…

Gets reported on The Chitika Blog!  

How could Chitika make you lots of money in the next two days? We will be instantly activating accounts IN PERSON at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

Where? BOOTH # 527.

I couldn’t get too many details out of Ryan Travis last night around 9pm about their big plans in Vegas, but he did promise great things for all publishers that visit Chitika’s booth- #527.


-On the spot account activations

-Personalized ad placement


-General account assistance  

If you’re going to be in Vegas make sure you stop by the Chitika booth- #527 and ask Ryan Travis, Tom Goldman or Alden DoRosario to buy you a beer! -Karla Escolas Chitika, Inc.

PAST EVENTS! Dartman Throwing Contest- Ad Tech Banana Party- Ad Tech Flying Cash- Affiliate Summit Nintendo Wii Giveaway iPod Shuffle Giveaway

Chitika at Ad Tech New York- Did you miss us?


Tessa Rudd

“We saw our Dartmen on the ceiling!”

Our theme at this year’s Ad Tech NY was centered on targeting–Chitika’s ability to offer highly targeted advertising for our blogosphere network. It was a blast- we set up a dartboard and encouraged potential clients to try to hit a bullseye- if they did they got a $250.00 coupon towards a direct merchant advertising campaign. All visitors to our booth got a neat little Dartman that you can throw like dart (it sticks to just about anything) as a gift. Everyone loved them we found them all over the convention. Eventually people were coming to our booth specifically asking for them. Later we saw some of them on the ceiling! The Chitika Dartman!  Dan Dore, of Chitika’s Customer Support came along and did an amazing job at promoting the publisher side. A big thanks to everyone who came and chatted with us!  

Where can you meet Chitika next? Las Vegas for the BlogWorld & New Media Expo!! Stay tuned for updates on that!

Using Chitika | Linx & Google Adsense


By: Karla Escolas

“Chitika complements Adsense quite nicely:)”

Yesterday the newly redesigned Chitika | Linx ad unit was released to the Chitika publisher network. Linx first launched in May of this year and was released only to a select group of publishers for testing. Now after some upgrades in design and function, all Chitika users can grab this cool PPC unit. So now everyone wants to know- is the new Chitika | Linx compatible with Google Adsense? The answer is yes, you can use it with Google Adsense. Based on the changes in the terms of service of Google (in the last few months), we believe this is 100% compatible.

Get Linx Linx has a neat preview tool that shows how Linx will look on your blog right within the code panel. Login, click the “Linx Code” tab, enter your blog URL and click Preview!

Preview before you paste- Linx on your blog


By: Karla Escolas

“I say Linx for everyone!”

The engineers at Chitika have been hard at work making some cool changes to one of our ad products: Chitika | Linx. In addition to making appearance changes to the ad unit, they gave the code panel a pretty nice face lift. Once I heard this, I jumped at the chance to be the first one to test it out to make sure it is usable for everyone. I went in and played around with the code on a test blog of mine and came up with these issues right away:

1. It was completely unclear how Linx was going to even look on my blog and I wanted to know before pasting in the code.

2. There needed to be different codes for different types of blogging platforms like: WordPress, Blogger and Typepad.

A day later, the issues were fixed. Now the code for each blogging platform is already generated for you -just copy it! There’s also a cool preview tool that shows you exactly how Linx will look on your blog. All you have to do is type in your blog URL and a live preview appears like magic right in the code panel, you have to try it out 🙂

So how has the appearance of Linx improved? What do you think? You can check it out live because Chitika | Linx is now open to all users! Log in, click the “Linx code” tab and type in your blog URL to see how it will look 🙂

Is Linx missing something? If you tell me I may be able to get the engineers to add new features to it! Comments are open!

Sony Playstation 3 costs what now?


By: Karla Escolas

“Original Nintendo Rocks!!”

While watching TV last night the new Playstation 3 commercial came on. The first thing I said to my myself was, “wow that was a cool commercial”. At the end it said that the console is now starting at $399.00. Now I realize that “starting at” means that it’s without all the features and memory space everyone wants but, $399.00?! I thought for sure the price of the Playstation 3 wouldn’t budge from its original $699.00 price for years. This cut was just in time for the holiday season I suppose, but needless to say I was definitely surprised. Though, I have to admit I’m an original Nintendo lover at heart.

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re often are surprised at things like this and wish there were an easier way to find product sales as soon as they hit stores. Fortunately, Chitika has a neat little feature called Price Alerts. This cool feature will send a text message right to your mobile phone (or your email inbox) when a product you are interested in is available for the price you want to buy it. 

Set a Price Alert Search for a product at, click on the product listing then click “Set Price Alert”.

I’m curious to hear how this works for you, please share your experience when you get your first alert!

Images, Overlords, and More

From the mind of a Chitika engineer…


By: Mike Axiak

“487572726179 666f72 51756575657321”

A LOT has been happening in the past week. I am excited to say there will be many improvements coming down the pipeline. One interesting project is that of web capture. There are times when we want to expand our inventory for some of our ad units like eMiniMalls to ads that do not come with images. We cannot just slap those new ads on without images because this will be an eye sore on your pages. There are two solutions to this problem: (1) find an image for a similar product, or (2) illustrate where the user is about to go. The first is done some times, and sometimes does fairly well. Other times, we just don’t have an image, period. So now we can illustrate where the user goes. How do we do this? Well, if you are like me and you have browsed the internet enough, you already know the answer— take a picture of the web site they are about to go. This has already been done, by countless people, so it’s not that exciting. Still, though, it is fun taking your own approaches to designing a system to take images for people. In designing this system, there are a few rules that come to mind:

  • If someone asks for an image of a web site, and we don’t have an image, we should not try to get it.
  • If someone asks for an image of a particular size, and we have another size, we should have the raw image on store to resize.
  • We should always be able to take images of web sites
  • The system should be massively scalable (yes, this process is embarrassingly parallel-ize-able) The solution: A master-slave* system. With the right URL, you will— after going through a huge akamai-style cache system —ask a master system for an image of a web site. If this image does not exist, it will add it to a queue. Meanwhile, many machines around the world will ask that master system for requests to answer. These machines will promise a small number of responses within a small amount of time. Within that time, the slaves will work tirelessly trying to get the screenshots required within the promised time. If it fails, it asks the master for more work and alerts me. This process continues indefinitely. The result:  This system will allow us to push a lot more revenue through the Chitika Network, due to expanding to other Advertising Partners. *My apologies to Los Angeles County.

Rectifying a publisher issue

Recently there was a terrible mishap in our support department that caused a publisher of ours, Jennifer Slegg of, great displeasure and inconvenience. Issues with her check payment caused her to report an email to our customer support in which she received no response for weeks. Customer-related mistakes and issues arise in companies of all shapes and sizes. What is important is that once an issue is known, the company does everything they can to put their customer’s concern to rest. I can assure you that appropriate changes have immediately been made so this problem does not happen again. Having said that, I would like to extend my sincere apologies to Jennifer for the inconvenience caused. When answering hundreds of support questions a day, over the years mistakes can happen to any company. We do not take issues like this as a light matter for any of our publishers. A new check was issued to Jennifer today and we have taken steps to tighten up our support system so that we can continue to provide our customers with the support they need and deserve. -Venkat Kolluri CEO, Chitika, Inc.

Who is this Myspace Tom guy

Myspace Tom, or Tom Anderson has been known as many things over the years; a phenomenon, a legend, and everybody’s friend. He was once my friend but I took him off my friends list mainly because I don’t keep anyone as a friend unless I know them, sorry Tom. Even though most of his 207718317 friends are there because they haven’t taken him off yet, I think he is liked among so many people on Myspace because he did something smart as President of the social network, and that was he leveled himself to being one of us. Even though he may have fibbed a little bit about his real age, he does a good job in making sure his Myspace profile looks as simple as the most basic Myspace page with information about who he is. Assuming what he says is true, we actually have something in common; we both like the TV show Lost 🙂 I guess the real proof of his fame comes from the number of comments he has: around 794526, and that’s just on his page. He has thousands on his profile pictures alone. Either way, he claims to answer questions if you ask him but he didn’t answer mine, o well.

I am curious.. has anyone asked Tom a question & did he answer you? -Karla Escolas Chitika CRM/Marketing

Opening the book on holiday shopping wisdom

Six months ago we held a huge blogging event right here on The Chitika Blog. An entire month of blogging wisdom from some of today’s internet thought leaders. It’s holiday shopping season, the best time to open this book for guidance. Lets go over a few of the best tips from this eBook:

  • Ten Secrets of an Earlier Adopter Tech Entrepreneur by Chris Pirillo he tells us:
  • “Ignore the echo chamber – Once everybody starts talking about it, you already missed you chance to be the early adopter” Who doesn’t want to be the king creator of original content? Take away message: Keep your content fresh!
  • Sell Without Selling -By Rosalind Gardner, she says:
  • “The point is to remember that our customers are likewise put off by the hype they too see every day, so it’s our job as online marketers to advise, recommend and endorse products rather than try to ‘sell’ them.” Rosalind knows how to bring you to the softer side of selling and when you think about it, it’s easy: Simply get to know your readers!
  • Dare to Be Eccentric, Manolo says:
  • “Do not be afraid to be seen as different, or even eccentric.” Leave it to Manolo to provide the simple advice that’s uplifting and grounding at the same time 🙂

That’s just 3 out of many tips from this one of a kind eBook: “Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging”. I’m sure you will find all 30 posts in here inspiring, some may even change the way you blog forever!