The members of our Premium Publishers Club are putting Sr. Account Manager Ryan Travis to work with requests for custom ad units, product categories and custom reporting – just a few of the many exclusive features offered in the Chitika Premium Publishers Club. He managed to break away for a moment from his avalanche of requests to provide some tips on getting on the right track to become a Premium Publisher in the Chitika network.

Once you have used Chitika ads consistently and made at least $1000 over the past 90 days and/or you have proven high-quality of traffic based on the feedback of our advertisers, I will find you and place you in my Premium Publishers Club. I am continuously checking my email and chatting with premium publishers to help out in any way I can. Do I love it? Of course, but just so you know, the more requests that I get, the less time I have for Halo 3 Team Slayer matches!”

 -Ryan Travis – Chitika Sr. Account Mgr. / Battle-Rifle Pro-Marksman

Our top publishers are extremely happy with the revenue results they are seeing with the Chitika | RPU. And remember – everyone can use optimizations help, so make your way to our forum and submit your website where Ryan leads the expert tips/optimization section.

Would you lend a hand in advertising?

Plan on going out to celebrate the Red Sox World Series victory tonight? Your local nightclub just may leave you with a different type of lasting impression – a friendly little stamped message right on the back of your hand. Advertisers can create brand buzz with a 4×4 cm ink stamp message for thousands of people to see throughout the night at all kinds of gatherings.

HandvertisingUSA.com plans on expanding their network to 100,000 visitors (hand stamp opportunities) per month! Creative fun ways to approach advertising is something Chitika and HandvertisingUSA.com have in common. This cool idea is a personal favorite of ours. What do you think of advertisers making their mark on your hand?

Chitika challenges you to a Halo 3 Team Slayer match!

Do you enjoy the fresh taste of a carbine laser in the face? If so, we would like to personally kick your butts in a 3 vs 3 Team Slayer match on Halo 3! T

he Champs: Ryan Travis – Sr. Account Mgr. / Battle-Rifle Pro-Marksman

Scott Whitecross – Director of Engineering / Ghost-Splatter Master

John Luther – Senior Systems Analyst / Explosives Expert/Target Dummy

The Challengers: YOU!

We are now setting up times for matches so please send me an email at karla[at]chitika[dot]com if you would like to be destroyed by the Chitika Champs. We will be re-capping the matches right here on the blog, so you will be getting some nice press (and most likely, embarrassment) for your blog/site.

The Prize – we are giving away 4000 MS Points to whichever team loses to us by the smallest margin. We will play against 5 different teams on a first-come, first-serve basis. But don’t get your hopes up – you’re probably not going to get any kills. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Making changes to automatically update your ad units

At first this didn’t make much sense to me, since with the Chitika | eMiniMalls code you can make changes right on your pages; but then again that’s only useful to those who know what to change.

Scenario: You log in, click the eMiniMalls tab, select an ad unit, product category/keywords, and copy and paste the code on your blog. Two days later, you realize you need to add new products to your ad unit or maybe even change the category and color scheme. Before you know it a week goes by with the same ad unit because the thought of having to replace the code on your pages is daunting.

Solution: Log in, make changes and hit the SAVE button. Much easier. If you are an Adsense user you can look forward to this feature soon. Why isn’t Chitika offering this time-saving feature? I plan on hounding the Chitika engineering team about this for our publishers soon so don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ Think this a good request? Feel free to add some others when you comment ๐Ÿ™‚

-Karla Escolas Chitika CRM/Marketing

Promotional tools for your ShopLinc

Now that every Chitika publisher received their own ShopLinc, the next step is to promote your ShopLinc store, increase traffic, and earn revenue. We have 3 easy and effective tools you can use:

Using Chitika | ShopCloud$ to promote your ShopLinc Halloween-theme, anyone? By making your ShopCloud$ stand out, your visitors will notice it, and all product links in your ShopCloud$ take your visitors right to your ShopLinc!

Interactive Product Search Unit All product searches and clicks on the products are directed to your ShopLinc 

ShopLinc-powered search box All searches lead to your ShopLinc!


Get your ShopLinc by signing in and clicking the ShopLinc tab!

Chitika SPHERE’s Top 3 Most Wanted

Does Chitika have a forum? Yes! Where hundreds of Chitika publishers exchange tips with hundreds of non-members. Chitika SPHERE is an information gateway; a place to chat with other users from all around the world and see how they are using Chitika to earn revenue. So, what are the 3 most-wanted answers to the top 3 questions in the forum?


Can I use Chitika alongside other ad services like Google AdSense? YES. Some of our clients who have contacted Google have been informed that it is ok to use eMiniMalls with Google Adsense when used in non-contextual mode. Chitika is happy to put this issue to rest on our part since we have absolutely no restrictions using any of Chitika’s ad units with others on your website or blog.


Do I need multiple Chitika accounts for multiple blogs/websites? No. If you currently have an account with Chitika you can use the same code on all of your blogs or websites as long as they meet our Terms of Service. To apply using multiple websites simply put each website url one after in your application.


Where should I place my Chitika ad units on my pages? This is the ultimate question, isn’t it? The answer is very different for everyone; so what can we do to help? For almost a year we provide free expert placement tips right in Chitika SPHERE – it’s easy and free. Just create your alias name and then submit your website for our experts to check out!

Your weapon of choice? eMiniMalls

Have you added your input to the poll at the top of this blog? Well, many others have and good ol’ eMiniMalls seem to be your favorite Chitika product ad unit! Don’t forget to optimize ALL your ad units before the holiday shopping season by submitting your site to our optimization experts in our forum, Chitika SPHERE. What else can you do before the holiday shopping season? Your custom Holiday Shopping Store is ready! As a Chitika member already you can now login and grab the link to your online CPC holiday shopping store that is already set up for you. What this can do for you. By linking to your store from your website or blog you can earn some extra CPC revenue on all product listings within the store! CPC (cost-per-click) means you will earn revenue instantly, not when a product is purchased.

How important is having your own online customized CPC shopping store to you?

  Very important. I rely on this for most of my online revenue
  Somewhat, I am interested in experimenting with one
  Not really important, maybe some extra cash
  Would not benefit me at all

Creating a picture-perfect revenue stream

Publisher: Richard Schneider

When I first bought the PictureCorrect.com domain name in 2003, I created a Photoshop service website where people could send their photos to be edited for a small fee. Unfortunately, I was unable to find very many interested customers so I tried adding an online gallery of some of the best photos that I have taken. But this still did not bring many visitors to the site. Almost a year later, I decided to scrap my initial idea and rebuild the site to be a free photography information resource. I thought it might be fun to build a site that conformed to some of my hobbies. I initially tried to monetize the new site with only Google Adsense which worked well but only with certain sections. Later on, I started adding information on specific products so I signed up with the Amazon affiliate program and others but had very little success with them.

When I first stumbled upon Chitika, I experimented with eMiniMalls on only a couple pages to see how well they performed and I was shocked to see how much more I could earn with Chitika than with the other solutions I had tried. After being a Chitika member for only a few days, I spent hours replacing other ad units with Chitika units. Soon after, my Chitika earnings surpassed my Adsense earnings to be my number one revenue source. PictureCorrect.com reached a milestone at the end of last year by receiving more than 100,000 unique visitors in one month. This consequently required me to move it from a low budget hosting arrangement to a dedicated server (since my site has high resolution photos, I have burned through over 20 Gigabytes of bandwidth in a single day). My next goal is to keep making the site more and more useful until 200,000 unique visitors come in a single month.

I am very grateful to Chitika for helping me make my hobby into a small business. Also, if Ryan Travis gives you some optimization advice, it is probably in your best interest to give him your attention.


Get the expert optimizations like Richard did with Ryan Travis: Simply post your URL in the optimizations thread on Chitika SPHERE. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Your custom Holiday Shopping Store is ready!

Get the store you’ve always wanted A CPC (NOT CPA) STORE! It’s that time of year again & it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to earn some extra cash this holiday shopping season. We are now offering our popular ShopLinc stores to all of our eMiniMalls customers. It’s already set up for you; just log in and grab it! But first, keep reading for how to maximize your revenue with your ShopLinc…

Don’t let your ShopLinc store go unseen! A ShopLinc not promoted is a ShopLinc that doesn’t exist. Anyone can have a store, but you will need to promote, and drive traffic to it in order to earn revenue. We have set up 3 easy and effective tools you can use. To access your promotional tools LOGIN:

  • Click your ShopLinc tab
  • Click your ‘Promote your ShopLinc’ link
  • Copy your promotional tool code and paste it on your website or blog!

Want a ShopLinc? Become a Chitika member: http://chitika.com/publishers/apply 

Chitika’s Premium Publishers Club: Rewarding Quality

Reward quality? Duh… this is “common sense 101.” Of course we have always been a big believer of rewarding quality throughout our entire network. Publishers with quality sites have always automatically received higher revenue share because of what they bring to our network. So then whats up with this *new* Premium Publishers Club? This program was created for the best of the best publishers (our top guns) with a proven track record of consistent high quality traffic. While they are already getting rewarded with a higher revenue share, they will now have a chance to be part of our PremiumAds program which pays for impressions as well as clicks.

Paid for Impressions AND Clicks? Its simple. We are working with our advertisers to help acknowledge the branding value that our top publishers can offer so we can give our publishers the opportunity to earn revenue for impressions as well as clicks. And it doesn’t end there, the Premium Publisher Club has tons of exclusive features like real-time auditing, extensive one-on-one account management, customized ad-units and of course a cool new badge to show-off.

How do you qualify? Our account managers WILL find you ๐Ÿ™‚ They are constantly monitoring our network to find the next rising stars. In case you’re curious, some of the factors they are looking for are:

  • You have used Chitika ads consistently and made at least $1000 over the past 90 days
  • AND / OR
  • You have a proven high-quality of traffic based on the feedback of our advertisers.

Are we ignoring the rest of our network? By giving special benefits to publishers we are in turn encouraging all our publishers to shoot for the stars with constant motivation to achieve higher quality. How do some of the publishers feel about it? You can take in some personal thoughts and proven effectiveness on SelfMadeMinds.com. And find an interesting review by Darren on Problogger.net.