How we are helping hundreds of non members!

Just about a year ago Chitika SPHERE, our official forum, first opened to Chitika members as a place to meet other Chitika users and share some tips. Since opening the forum to everyone, SPHERE is now a place where we are taking the time to get to know non members and help guide them in deciding whether or not Chitika would do well on their website or blog.

I’ve been running this blog since October 2006. Would I benefit from Chitika ads on my blog? Thank you for your time and suggestions. -spaniard (forum member)

This is just one of many questions asked in Chitika SPHERE’s Open House Expert Optimizations.

Have you ever wanted to know if something would make you money without having to test it out first? Now you can find out if Chitika would be a good match for your site before having to sign up and wait. Because, not only will we tell you if we are a good match, but we will also tell you which products would work well on your site and where! Anyone can find out if Chitika will be a good match for their blog or website! Create your user name!

You have friends, refer them for cash!

Publishers around the world are enjoying easy referral cash along with their regular monthly revenue checks & it could be easier than you think. By sending others to the Chitika program you will earn 10% of what they earn for 15 months! Don’t worry, the 10% comes from Chitika, not your friends. Any Chitika publisher can benefit from our referral program.

Get going 3 easy ways…

  • Grab your Referral Banner.
  • You can get your referral enabled banner when you log in. Click ‘Referral Program’ then ‘Promotional Banners’.
  • Copy your referral link.
  • Tell your friends to join Chitika by hyperlinking your referral link to an image or text on your page. Make sure it is clear that it’s a referral link to join the Chitika program! 
  • Use the Multi-Product Unit!
  • All multi-product units are referral enabled! So when a visitor clicks on the “Chitika | eMiniMalls” link in the top right corner of the unit and is approved for Chitika, you will earn 10% referral revenue for 15 months!
  • ALREADY A USER? Start by signing in to your account. NOT YET A MEMBER? Sign up for your own now!

Get the best of interactive this holiday season

Chitika’s unique & interactive pay per click products have brought fun & innovation to online shopping for years. With new products every year, we are sure to cater to every different kind of publisher. eMiniMalls Our flagship interactive product that gives your visitors a one on one experience with thousands of brand name products all within the unit. This makes for a one of a kind informed shopping decision! This product unit comes in many different sizes and is completely customizable. Show the products you want!

Click below to see all Chitika products in action!

Chitika’s Interactive Products

RPU or Related Product Unit Our most popular ad unit for it’s non-intrusive effect and high CTR is placed at the end of blog posts or product reviews. 

ShopLinc One of the only pay per click customizable shopping portals. Your expert reviews will be featured alongside the products you choose to endorse!

Owna A eye catching widget that you can place on your website, blog or myspace page. Show off the products you’ve bought or like and add your own tag line within the unit.

Linx This will intelligently identify key products/keywords within your content and hyper links (double underline) them to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings featuring best deals, offers and promotions from name brand merchants.

ShopCloud$ This unit is best described as a tag cloud with a twist, and the twist is pay per click revenue! This unit also has AJAX-based technology that interacts and updates users’ searches automatically.

Click here to start using Chitika products today! Get a closer look at all of these products in action.

About Chitika!

Top 5! Chitika Blog Post Winners

Chitika has been known to start some pretty interesting buzz; even some fun controversy surrounding the company services, contests and events. So let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the most memorable discussions over the past year shall we? Here are the top five posts in five different categories. 

Most Popular

“Digg Traffic v/s Google Traffic – A Chitika Analysis Report” Who is more likely to click on an ad: Digg traffic or Google traffic? Using data from the billion+ ads served by Chitika over a 31 day period, this post made for an interesting analytical read. Speaking of Digg, this post received 749 diggs! 

Most Controversial

– “A Chitika Blog Dollars Study says 500 Million!” Chitika teamed up with the University of Texas for the first ever study estimating the revenue in the blogosphere. This study may have grabbed the interest of Tech Crunch but was it enough to sway everyone? The good news is this study was the first of many others that will consist of findings from richer data. So stay tuned… 

Biggest Event

Blog Bash -30 days 30 expert bloggers” April 2007 took on a new meaning when we brought together 30 of todays top expert blogging gurus to one place: The Chitika Blog! All thirty expert posts now make up Chitika’s eBook, “Deep Secrets of a Successful Blogging”. It’s a must read for bloggers of any level!

Most Helpful

“Open House Optimizations” Ever wondered if Chitika would work well on your blog or website? Chitika is the only company who will take the time to personally tell you! Submit your URL on Chitika’s official forum, Chitika SPHERE, and our experts will show you which products to use and how to use them.

Most asked question

“Chitika and Adsense together in one place?” Publishers are often surprised to hear that Chitika recommends that you use Chitika as a complement to Adsense on their pages instead of replacement. And even more important is the fact that Chitika is the only service with zero restrictions to using any of our products with other ad services! WOOHOO!

Posted by: Karla Escolas, Your Chitika CRM/Marketing “Buzz Girl”

Chitika backs The Next Internet Millionaire

Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund have managed to grab their piece of this “reality tv” craze with their new online reality show The Next Internet Millionaire . Twelve contestants are competing for $25,000 and the ultimate joint venture with Joel Comm. You can be sure this show will include the twists and turns that you would see on any reality tv show, and we were extremely thrilled to be a part of it! Chitika is a sponsor for the show and appeared in the first episode:

Facebook Application Referral Program

Get $1.00 for each of your Facebook friends. By promoting the newest referral banner on your blog or website you will instantly receive $1.00 each time you refer someone to add the iBought application to their Facebook account. Example: 20 referrals = $20.00! Give a warm welcome to the Chitika | iBought Referral Program!

Why you should do this and do it now. This promotional offer will be given to the first 10,000 downloads only. That means Chitika is giving away $10,000 in total for referral revenue on Facebook!

Why your referrals will love iBought. With Chitka | iBought you can share what products you purchased recently with your friends and give them access to best deals to your product. Don’t forget to tell your friends how you feel; give their purchases a thumbs up or thumbs down if you don’t like it! And best of all, you and your friends will get access to deals from name brand merchants for each product bought. Login and click ‘Reports’ then ‘Facebook Referral Program’ to get your referral banner. 

On this page you can access the code for your promo banner and check your referral rewards revenue.

Not a Chitka publisher? Sign up now to take advantage of this limited time deal!

The verdict is in… You and Facebook

Last week when we told you Chitika made it possible for users to put Chitika | eMiniMalls within the pages of your Facebook applications, we were curious to how many of our readers even knew how to develop a Facebook application and whether they even cared for it at all. Well so far it seems 52% of our readers are unsure of how to develop a Facebook application and 39% of you have! 

Here’s a new question for you…

At the beginning of this month, Chitika and the University of Texas conducted a study estimating the revenue in the blogosphere. We came up with: $500 Million for the top 50K bloggers!

  Way too high
  Sounds about right
  Seems a bit low
  Not sure

Being a Chitika publisher means having control

Who would you trust to choose what ad products are displayed on your pages? Someone who doesn’t know your readers at all? I hope not! We think it’s important that all our publishers have complete control over what is shown on the pages of your website; after all, you know what your readers are interested in better than a company who will target the ads for you. When you login you can choose your own products you want displayed in your ad units.

Simple changes, large results! The small things count and can go a long way; take Tony for example – he increased his revenue ten-fold by making simple changes. And he was only able to make those changes because he was using Chitika’s flexible products to properly relate his ad units to his blog.

Who else? Ian from, simply changed the title of his RPU from “Related Products Unit” to “Related iPod Cases”, “Related iPod Accessories”, this brought some attention to his RPU & highlighted some cool accessories related to his blog posts! And this is true with any of Chitika’s pay per click products. You can customize them all on each product code page to fit your pages perfectly.

What to do when you’re not sure of what’s best Only when you’re not sure what your readers may need is when we will give you personalized tips. Our experts take the time to look at your website or blog and tell you exactly what may help you increase your revenue.  


Revenue For All Facebook Developers!

Chitika is the first ad service to create a Facebook compatible API allowing all Facebook Application Developers to monetize the traffic to their applications via advertising. With Chitika’s new Facebook compatible API, you will be able to easily integrate Chitika | eMiniMalls ad units within the pages of your application. This will allow you to monetize the traffic to your Facebook application while earning pay per click advertising revenue.


1. Open an account with Chitika using the URL to your Facebook application

2. Once you get your login email, click the tab labeled “Facebook”

3. Select an ad unit, copy and paste your code! TIPS:

  • This code will work only on Facebook canvas page
  • You need to supply at least one product keyword
  • Don’t forget to select your application type(FBML or Iframe)

What non-Chitika users should know

Dive into Chitika’s Open House and put your concerns to rest…

We understand it can be a long waiting game, first you have to sign up and be approved, then you have to wait & see what kind of revenue results you get from the new eMiniMalls you’re (pretty sure) you put in the right place. We say, skip the waiting and find out BEFORE YOU SIGN UP whether or not Chitika will work for your website or blog! We will also tell you which Chitika products would benefit you the most. No other service available right now is willing to tell you that information for free before you sign up. All you have to do is submit your site and our experts will tell you whether or not it’s worth signing up, for free!