Making Facebook your new revenue stream

In case you missed it, we recently joined the ranks of those creating applications for Facebook. Chitika’s new application iBought was created for people to show off the products they recently purchased. Now with a growing number of users (100+ so far), we’re creating ways for people to incorporate revenue streams through Facebook. Not too long ago Jason, one of our publishers, creatively developed a way to put Chitika | eMiniMalls within the pages of his Facebook application iBaseball so he could start earning pay per click revenue from Chitika on Facebook. Although successful, the code he created was not easy to use. The Chitika engineers went to work to create a way for anyone to put eMiniMalls on Facebook just as easily as you can on your website or blog. Now with Chitika’s new API you can easily put eMiniMalls within the pages of your Facebook application to start earning PPC revenue to your Chitika account.

“Being able to use the Chitika publisher interface to create the ad code is going to make it easy for anyone to copy and paste into an app and begin earning” says Jason.

Getting eMiniMalls on Facebook… Simply login, click the Facebook tab then copy and paste your code!

Now sure how to create a Facebook application? Step by step guide to creating a Facebook application from the Facebook folks themselves!

  Yes I have
  No I am not sure how
  I have no interest in it
  I have never heard of it before

Want Chitika | eMiniMalls displayed on your Facebook app? Just sign up to get your code!

DigitalTechNews increases revenue Ten-Fold!


Publisher: Tony E., launched in May 2005 with the goal of focusing on the consumer electronics products and technology innovations that make up the digital world we live in. The blog had really started as a hobby, since I was already constantly reading about the latest in tech and gadgets, a sort of side project that complimented the work I do in multimedia/web/graphic design, and music production”, says Tony E. of DigitalTechNews. “Shortly after launching, I did some guest blogging on a tech blog for’s Darren Rowse– who I have to acknowledge for all the great blogging tips on his blog. I’ve also done some graphics for, and learned a few tips from Blog Network along the way – shout out to Andru Edwards.

“There are now about 1600 posts on Digital Tech News, so I would suggest that readers have a look at the archives for a good idea of tech and consumer electronics innovations and developments of the past two years or so. With about 15,500 RSS subsribers, is certainly more than just a hobby these days. I’ve been able to successfully monetize the blog with various Advertising and affiliate programs – Chitika being one of the best performing at the present time.

“After signing up with Chitika about a year ago, I’ve been impressed with the company’s developments, but only recently I’ve seen about a ten-fold increase in earnings thanks to the optimization tips that I got from Chitika’s Ryan Travis. The eMiniMalls and RPU Ads are what’s working best for me, but I’ve also set up some ShopLinc online storefronts that you can check out at I can’t wait to see what Chitika has up their sleeve for the future.

-Tony E. 

Ryan Travis helped Tony increase his revenue ten-fold and he can help you, too! He is available LIVE and ready to help Chitika publishers & non-Chitika publishers reach their goals at Chitika SPHERE Optimizations. Not a Chitika user? You can find out before signing up whether Chitika is a good match for your blogs/websites! About Chitika

Chitika’s team can’t be beat!

Interactive is Chitika’s middle name. Along with our interactive product services like eMiniMalls, we just had to make sure that in all we do, we include interactive features. Our latest interactivity? The Chitika Family page, a fun way for you to (literally) interact with some of Chitika’s front end team members. Click an image to start! 

What do we think?

That our team page is the internet’s # 1 team page! Think you know one that’s better? SHOW US! Link to a team page you think beats ours. Comments are wide open 🙂 Tops Chitika’s List!

NEW WINNER! Ian of has been on top of the latest developments of Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology since 2002. In the last two years received recognition from many leading publications, including The New York Times & USA Today. Now Ian can add Chitika’s Creative Creations winner to his list of accomplishments! Ian found that by customizing his Chitika | RPU’s (Related Product Units) his CTR experienced quite a boost! He tailored his entire RPU’s to showcase accessories on an Apple iPod review page (which happens to be one of the most visited pages on EverythingUSB). He customized it by adding appropriate keywords and changing the title of the RPU to things like “Related iPod Cases”, “Related iPod Accessories”, etc. By doing this, Ian was also able to highlight some cool accessories related to his posts!

What did he win? A Gorillapod SLR Zoom!

Thinking of entering into the next contest?

Maybe you are already doing innovative things with your Chitika ads on your site, so now all you have to do is submit your url(s) for a chance to win. If you haven’t thought about what you could do to be our next winner, you are missing out on not only a chance to win a gift from Chitika, but the opportunity to increase your revenue forever! And is living proof of how simple optimizations go a long way.

Submit your site and you could be our next winner!

Chitika’s banana party booth at Ad Tech



Meet Jacqueline…

“We gave away 200 prizes which included gift certificates just to name one. Some lucky advertisers even got free leads to test drive our network!”

Meet the girl responsible for making Chitika’s booth at Ad Tech stand out from the rest! We decided to get everyone’s attention not only at the conference, but in the bathrooms! Jackie put together, wait… “how many chocolate bars with keys attached to them did you end up making, Jackie?” J: “Well besides the ones a few hungry co-workers ate there were over 375 Hershey bars and keys!”  

K: “Okay…what in the world were the keys for?”

J: “Everyone wants to know what a key opens! The purpose of the key was to lure attendees back to our booth. By picking up keys in the bathroom we were luring them to our booth to see what their fabulous key opens! We gave away 200 prizes which included gift certificates just to name one. Some lucky advertisers even received free leads to test drive our network!” 

Missed us at Ad Tech Chicago?

Be prepared for even bigger surprises from Chitika at Ad Tech New York!!!

Posted by: Karla Escolas | karla(at)chitika(dot)com

Jacqueline Clemens | Jacqueline(at)chitika(dot)com

You’re Invited to The Chitika Open House!

Chitika SPHERE, Chitika’s official forum opened exclusively for publishers in October 2006. SPHERE became a great place for members to exchange tips & tricks and get to know each other. Among the most popular and visited sections of SPHERE was ‘Submit your URL for Expert Optimizations’ with 590 Posts and 54159 views, our most successful approach to help our publishers increase their revenue. Now, for anyone who has ever wondered if Chitika products would work well on their blogs/websites, they can find out LIVE by submitting their URL’s to our experts in The Chitika Open House without signing up!

Chitika Products ABOUT CHITIKA

A Chitika “Blog Dollars” Study says 500 Million

Chitika has taken the first step to estimate the revenue in the blogosphere. In our Blog Dollars Study we have estimated that $500 million has been generated within the top 50k blogs in 2006. Jump in on the active discussion now on TechCrunch, your feedback is highly encouraged! This study was done as the first of more to come in the future. We will continue to update the revenue in the blogosphere using richer data.

Our first of many more blog dollar studies to come

This study was done as an initial attempt in establishing the advertising revenue of blogs. Suggestions for alternate methods of estimating these numbers as well as ideas for future studies are welcome and encouraged: blogdollarreport(at)chitika(dot)com ABOUT CHITIKA

Chitika and Adsense together in one place?

When deciding how to monetize your blog/website there are always questions that pop into your mind. Among the most popular is, “Can I use these services together?” Something you can keep in mind: Chitika allows their publishers to use any of their products with any other service.

When Chitika rocketed into the blogosphere, eMiniMalls was considered competition for Adsense, but the truth is Chitika complements Adsense quite nicely.

“If you have a site that focuses on products… you should put the AdSense units above, below or next to the article and embed an eMiniMall into the text.” -Joel Comm,  

Which is pretty good news for those who want to use both or aren’t sure which would earn you more revenue each month.

Chitika | eMiniMalls Fast Facts:

  • Pays you per click!
  • Earn unlimited referral revenue for 15 months!
  • Provides and one of a kind shopping experience for your visitors!
  • Using with other ad services does not violate our Terms of Service

For more information about Chitika products on your site contact Tom Goldman tom(at)chitika(dot)com


Has Chitika | RPU Rocked Your World Yet?

One important thing all RPU users have in common right now is how something so simple works so beautifully on their site.

“It was actually pretty easy to implement. And I am not surprised because it’s a very simple effective concept.” – Luigi, Owner,

I4U saw a 15% overall ad revenue increase after using the RPU…


1. The RPU is completely non-contextual and can be customized to match the EXACT look and feel of your site by modifying the RPU CSS!

2. Ever wonder why there’s a “What’s this?” link next to your RPU? That little link earns you referral revenue for 15 months!

3. The RPU is PRODUCT-centric not DEAL-centric. So when you’re blogging about a specific product, your visitors will see deals similar to YOUR product – not just other deals.

4. Have you ever been able to customize the title of your ad unit? RPU lets you name your unit! EXAMPLE CODE: ch_att = “Popular Related GPS”;

5. WHERE IT MAKES SENSE MAKES MONEY The RPU was specially designed to be placed right at the end of your blog post or story. This works perfectly in sync with a review of a product because once a visitor is done reviewing a product the RPU gives them the information to take their interest to the next level: purchasing options.

Are you Ready for the RPU?  

Questions and implementation contact tom(at)chitika(dot)com !

Going Where No Man Has Gone Before!

Along side our Chitika bananas, palm trees and giant monkeys at Ad Tech Chicago we decided to extend our lavish gifts to places like the woman’s bathroom! Make sure you drop by the restrooms (yes men’s also) for a chance to “test drive our network” and a few other great surprises! Confused? I guess you’ll just have to pay a visit to Booth 510!