Back to School Shopping Top 5

Back to school time can mean many things for different people, but for those who are looking forward to gearing up their ad units to target those back to school shoppers, here’s something that may make it simple for you to get started. Right now, anyone can take advantage of the 45 different pre-made categories at anytime for their eMiniMalls, Multi-Product Unit (MPU) or ShopCloud$ making life allot easier. But for this years shopping season we put together a “back to school” code with what we think are the Top 5 products for this falls season.


1. Palm Z22 Handheld Organizer

2. Mini Refrigerator

3. Jansport Backpack

4. Texas Instruments Calculator

5. HP Pavilion Notebook

Sample “Back to School” Live Unit: CLICK HERE FOR ABOVE UNIT CODE!

Chitika is going bananas at Ad Tech

The Ad Tech- Chicago Conference July 31st is where you can find Chitika standing out in the crowd next. If you have missed us at events in the past you will not want to miss this one! It will be extremely hard to simply walk by the Chitika table with three six foot monkeys, palm trees & tons of Chitika bananas! Our purpose at Ad Tech is to demonstrate what this #1 Blog company is all about and what we can bring to the table for advertisers. After a stellar presentation, Chitika will be showing advertisers what it means to make advertising work in the blogosphere. By the end of the show we will focus on launching several new ad campaigns!

Register and join us at this event!

Lessons Learned at Affiliate Summit -by Sharon Scherer

I got blog tagged by Rosalind Gardner to share one thing I learned at Affiliate Summit 🙂 This is how the game goes- after posting about a lesson learned from Affiliate Summit, I am to tag 5 lucky people to share what they learned. Well, I did learn more than one thing at Affiliate Summit but I must confess that working with affiliate marketers gets you rich in a short time. After meeting cool people like Rosalind Gardner, Joel Comm, ShoeMoney and others, the money making business kinda rubs off on you. 🙂 Here is a short video of me literally pulling money out of thin air: Basically this is the deal, surround yourself with the right people and learn from their successes and failures. By the power vested in me by Rosalind Gardner, I hereby tag the following people… 1. Jeremy Schoemaker 2. Ruth Ranaudo 3. Markus Urban 4. Bill Swartwout 5. Alden DoRosario

Networking is just a bonus!

This year’s Affiliate Summit East was such an adventure; it was great to finally put a face to the email address and exchange business cards with new people I look forward to working with. Getting out of your shell and boldly introducing yourself can also bring a lot of goodies in your path!  I met ShoeMoney for the first time at Affiliate Summit, he promised me one of his designer ShoeMoney tee-shirts and I couldn’t believe it when I received the package in the mail yesterday. I take a lot of pictures of the many events I attend; it often breaks the ice barrier of meeting someone for the first time by saying “Hey, take a picture with me!” Making a good first impression when you meet someone is how to establish a great long-term relationship. 

Posted by none other, -Sharon Scherer Special Projects sharon(at)chitika[dot]com

You do the blogging, let us worry about your revenue

I have Ryan from Chitika on my MSN list and he’s always ready to chat. I’m a small publisher, this gives a very personal feeling.” -Carl,

We give you Ryan, a simple smart sociable guy turned pro optimizations guru overnight! Ryan, Chitika’s Sr. Account Manager, developed a knack for helping his clients with positioning and keywords through simple customer support in email. Once these users praised him for his personal efforts that turned their mediocre revenue streams into gushing rivers, we knew we had to unleash Ryan among our entire 15,000 publisher network & let it rain revenue! Oh ya, and he’s not bad to work with either. 

GET LIVE OPTIMIZATION WITH RYAN! Simply post your URL in the optimizations thread on Chitika SPHERE. Yea, it’s really that easy.

What do you find is the most rewarding part of being asked the same question for thousands of different people multiple times a day?  I like the variety, hehehe. But being serious, I get excited if I can help others make more money. Usually it is a few easy changes that will result in significant increases in a site’s revenue – and it feels great knowing that I can help do that. Now I just need somebody to make ME some money!!!

How do you manage your time with all these accounts at once? Sacrifice – pure and simple. I have had to cut my gaming time (yes – this includes Xbox 360 AND the Wii) in half. These are the types of tough decisions that have to be made when it comes to standing out from the huge crowd. You know the crowd I’m talking about – the huge crowd of website advertising optimization experts who also manage Chitika accounts.

What is the most simple piece of advice you can give beginner bloggers that may get them on the right track to a steady income? Go big or go home! Seriously though – stand out from the crowd. Nobody is interested in reading the same stories re-worded over and over again. Traffic is the first step towards making money on the internet, and in order to get traffic you need to do something different (or if not different – then better!) than the next person.

GET LIVE OPTIMIZATION WITH RYAN! Simply post your URL in the optimizations thread on Chitika SPHERE. Yea, it’s really that easy.

-Karla Escolas CRM/Marketing karla(at)chitika(dot)com

Chitika products on Facebook? This user did!



“After writing a display function to properly feed the different variables to the eMiniMall code, I am able to display specific team products in an ad that is color coded to match the team colors.”

Jason created a Facebook application similiar to Chitika | iBought and has used the Facebook API to his advantage to display Chitika ads on his app: iBaseball.

How I did it…. One of the hardest parts of creating applications for the Facebook platform is how to monetize those apps. Many apps are perfect for advertising so it can be frustrating trying to find a program that is flexible enough to target a wide variety of topics and layouts and still be used on the Facebook platform. My application iBaseball, is no exception. The app delivers, scores, news, pictures, schedules and standings on all 30 Major League Baseball teams. Each team has it’s own “profile” page, with users setting a favorite team to use that team’s profile as their application home page.

eMiniMalls, ShopCloud$ and MPU on Facebook!  So this app has highly targeted users: everyone is a baseball fan and they are a fan of a certain team, since fans usually buy and shop for team merchandise, I wanted ads with pictures, preferably with multiple products to give users the ability to “window-shop” and since as everyone with passing baseball knowledge knows I can’t show Yankee ads on a Red Sox page or Cub ads on a Cardinal page or vice versa. Lucky for me I am basically describing a Chitika eMiniMall using the Multi-Product Unit option. After writing a display function to properly feed the different variables to the eMiniMall code, I am able to display specific team products in an ad that is color coded to match the team colors. so users get to browse through a wide variety of team products in a cool way, and the ads blend in perfectly with each page layout. Even if your application isn’t as demanding as iBaseball, the eMiniMalls are the perfect match for any app, since you set the keywords you want to target, you don’t have to worry about the problems contextual ads are currently having “reading” page content. Even if your app isn’t product based, you can choose products, that you think your users might be interested in, or use information available through the API to display ads of the user’s favorite band, or movie etc. The only limit to using eMiniMalls is your imagination and not what the system can handle. 

Got questions for Jason about putting Chitika products on Facebook? Chat with him here!

Chitika shakes things up on Facebook!

If you’re among the many who have a mini-obsession with the fun & wacky applications on Facebook we have something special just for you! Chitika | iBought widget has made its mark amongst the other cool applications you can add to your profile. With the iBought widget you & your friends can show off products you recently purchased.

What makes iBought better than other apps? You’ll get access to thousands of products & where to buy them at the cheapest price! iBought will look something like this on your profile page: Oh, and don’t forget to rate your friends’ purchases! If you don’t like what they bought you can give them a big thumbs down!  

Comments are open! -Karla Escolas CRM/Marketing karla(at)chitika(dot)com

Chitika is Nintendo Wii crazy- Another giveaway!

We proudly speak from experience when we say the Nintendo Wii is incredibly fun to use, especially at the office. So we decided to give away another Nintendo Wii at this years’ Affiliate Summit by having people guess the correct price of items from our newest social shopping network Anyone who guessed the correct price was automatically entered into our drawing to win a Nintendo Wii! It was amazing to see people dig for deals on this site using their cell phones!” says Sharon.  

JP Diaz Congrats JP! And thanks for playing!