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“Trying to be different than millions of other blogs in this field is very hard indeed but we seem to be making a statement since we are all over the search engines.”

I love life and try to live it to the fullest as much as I can however being so passionate about my blog Phones Review, my personal life seems to have slowed down a bit. I enjoy writing and getting out information that I know my readers love. It’s also nice because these are the same things I am interested in; and this is what I do everyday (7 days a week if possible). Mobile phones are one of my interests, learning about the new models and concepts keep me doing what I do best.

Life & Lucky Number 11 I’ve had many jobs in many different fields and have worked my way from the bottom in my career. I have a business called Marksway Internet Solutions that has been going for one year now. I basically make websites work- it’s also blogging and promoting, but my main expertise is writing on Phones Review and Cheap Laptops. I just hope this carries on for many more years. One of my hobbies away from work is martial arts which I have been doing for about 11 years & I’ve also been married for 11 years! I wonder if anyone else has a cool statistics fact about them?

About My Blog Phones Review is about getting information on everything to do with mobile phones, home phones, accessories and much more. Trying to be different than millions of other blogs in this field is very hard indeed but we seem to be making a statement since we are all over the search engines. Not only is it about information, we like to have debates, share information in the forum section and keep you well up to date with the latest news. They are all the top brand names to keep you busy and much more.

The ups and downs of blogging Blogging is a pain staking business to be a part of. You really do need patience, time and of course passion, if you do not, then you need not bother starting because it can take over your life. Blogging is about information, getting the information out in a way that readers will be interested in, searching for the latest news before millions of other blogs and keep updating stories that you have already covered; but that is not the end of it, you need to have a nice design that people will like, an angle that is different to other blogs and most importantly, you have to try to answer your readers comments as quick as possible. There is also marketing, promoting and partnerships with other top ranked blogs. There is so much more to cover but I will save this for another edition of Phones Review, Life & Business. It is very much hard work but it is worth it because if readers are happy, and then so am I.

Top 5 Things You Can Learn From Michael Jordan About Running Your Blog

Everybody knows about his achievements, but what really differentiated Michael Jordan was his work ethic and his killer attitude. Here are 5 habits of his Airness — and how it applies to blogging. 

1. The Playoffs Are Way More Important Than the Regular Season

When it came to big games — Michael Jordan delivered (6 championship rings to be precise!). And that is what made him so great. When it comes to blogging, the championship game is “the scoop”. Its that piece of news or story you have that is completely unique — and nobody else has it. If you get the scoop, you get instant growth in readership — and you become a magnet for future scoops. Its not easy (Hey, who said winning championships was easy?), but it can be done.

2. The Last 2 Minutes Are More Important Than the First 46

In “crunch time”, Jordan would always demand the ball. When a big story is in play (e.g. “Paris Hilton in Jail”, “Google Buys Doubleclick” or whatever is “big” in your world of blogging), are you ready to demand the ball? What new perspecitives do you bring to the table? Are you adding to the story, or just reporting what Seth Godin, Robert Scoble or some other A-lister is saying?

3. Bring It — Everyday

Michael Jordan’s work ethic — on a daily basis — was legendary. He practiced hard and had a rigorous daily training schedule. What does this mean to you as a blogger ? Get into a rhythm. Get into what Problogger calls his “daily rhythm“. Ask yourself this question: what will get my readers back to my blog today? Most blog readers have attention deficit disorder, so keeping your blog fresh and vibrant is paramount.

4. Be Market Smart

Jordan wasn’t the only one to win a bunch of championship rings — but he was the man when it came to market savviness. He knew how to play the media and play the hearts of the TV-viewing public. As a blogger, you must build the relationships that elevate your status as a blogger. Why is this important? Because “Power attracts Power“. As you elevate your status as a blogger, you will notice more and more powerful entities attracted towards you (think: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch)

5. Make your teammates better

MJ was awesome when it came to getting the best out of his teammates; in some cases, they even made clutch 4th quarter shots to win championships instead of him. For you as a blogger, this is all about your community. They are your team — get them engaged. Get them rooting for you. And most of all: Show them the love. Make your readers famous. Show them some link love. Comments are open. Please feel free to add your own two cents. Posted by Alden DoRosario (alden [at] chitika [dot] com)

This post was inspired by Problogger’s Group Writing Project sponsored by Chitika.

Enjoy a drink on Chitika at the Problogger Readers Meetup in NY!

Come and share some laughs and drinks at ProBlogger Readers Meetup in New York, a ProBlogger/b5media Blog Training Day event. You will get to enjoy speakers from the b5media team including Darren Rowse of

A Blogging Event For ALL- BIG and small! Training sessions will include a variety of many topics for the beginner and pro blogger so don’t miss out on this one! Darren says this will be an excellent way for bloggers to get in some networking with blogging gurus like Liz Strauss from Successful Blog.  

Sharon from Chitika will be attending the Meetup! Be sure you catch her for a few on the spot questions you may have!

Quick Event Info:

Date – Saturday, 9th of June 2007

Time – 7-10pm VenueThe Speakeasy (a party room at 442 Amsterdam Ave between 81st and 82nd St)

Cost – FREE!

We are happy to be providing finger food snacks and a free drink to the first 100 people to arrive! So don’t be late!


Chitika | ShopLinc Goes Mobile

The Apple iPod Nano goes for about $110.00-$150.00USD. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find out when the price goes down and where to purchase it? With the new Price Alerts feature on Chitika | ShopLinc you can! And you can receive it all right to your mobile phone!

SET A PRICE ALERT & RECEIVE IT BY EMAIL OR TEXT!  The Price Alert system that will notify you when a product reaches your target price. You simply set the price you want to pay for the product and as soon as an etailer is offering it at that price and/or below that price, the system will notify you via e-mail, or text message to your cell. Go ahead. Find your product and SET A PRICE ALERT

Chitika | Owna- a little something for everyone!

Time to spruce up that website!

And you don’t have to be a Chitika member to do it! The flashy Chitika Owna is just what your website has been waiting for! Express yourself through one of 5 skins & yup, just put it on your website in 3 extremely easy steps.

Personalize with a tag line!

And as always, Chitika products are CPC based! If you are a Chitika client, you can enter your Chitika ID and start earning with a Chitika Owna now!

Linx-ing our many different publishers to new CPC possibilities

With all the different kinds of publishers and bloggers in the world, we understand the demand for different revenue steams better than anyone. Which is why in-line Linx is perfectly in-line with our core mission; Blog$ (pun intended). Expanding the possibilities for publishers to earn revenue in different ways that suits everyone! With that said, we now offer a way for publishers to provide thousands of brand name products, best deals and product reviews right within the content of their pages!

Chitika | Linx (Beta)

When users mouse-over these links, a small bubble-like scrollover is revealed listing offers from merchants. READ MORE ABOUT LINX

Are Alexa Stats Messed Up?

At Chitika, Inc. we have two primary domains: and (our corporate site) gets about a couple of thousand visitors (approx. 6,000/day on average last week). (our ad serving system) serves about 1 billion pages per month. Yet, Alexa reports as average Rank 7,517 for last week and as average rank 31,812 for last week. Huh? The site serving 1 billion pages per month is ranked at 31,812 and the one serving couple of thousand page views a day is ranked at 7,517? 

What Could Be Wrong ?

I can’t possibly fathom how such a huge twist could happen. But let’s take a shot:

Argument: The Alexa toolbar (on which the data is based) only runs on Internet Explorer on Windows machines.

Counterargument: So? I highly doubt that the 1 billion page views are coming from Firefox and Mac browsers only. Last time I checked, the browser distribution for the billion pageview traffic was as expected on any normal site (i.e. they follow the standard browser distribution).

Argument: Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users (Quoted from this page on

Counterargument: Millions of users? That was probably 1999. There are people who have reported being able to skew the data with just a few downloads of the toolbar. And, of course, there are also the spammer services. The reason this irks me is this: There are still a bunch of people who base their services (and more importantly – perceptions) based on the Alexa data. I’d wish people would at least triangulate with other more reputable services like and/or quantcast.

Light Reading: Why You Should Completely Ignore Alexa

No dollars in the blogosphere? Says Who?

Chitika has proved to its advertisers and publishers that the blogosphere is not a marshland, but can indeed be a fertile ground for online sales and advertising., talks about Chitika’s role in proving there really are dollars to be made in the blogosphere. “Now, advertisers are running to us and saying wow, we were wrong,'” says Venkat Kolluri, CEO of Chitika.” Read the article here!

Dancing Bloggers! No but, seriously.

SOBCon-07 was an outstanding conference that I will remember forever. A room full of talented people sharing great ideas, challenging questions and tips on how to take one’s blog to the next level. As a sponsor from Chitika and a non-blogger, I learned a lot about being a good networker. Simply put, the conference was for both bloggers and non- bloggers.

Below is a video that captures the true spirit from SOBCON. It’s unedited footage from the conference. If you were not there, you truly missed out!

Some folks that left a big impression on me…

Terry Starbucker – A crowd energizer. “Somebody get those bloggers out of their chairs! Let’s do the blogger dance!”

Andy Sernovitz – Your speech drove it home – “give people a reason to talk about you!”

Liz Strauss – The veteran blogger. Thanks for your words of wisdom and also the opportunity to attend SOBCON.

Wendy Piersall – The biggest hugger! “Get outside your comfort zone.” Thank you for making me feel so welcome and at home! SOBCon was a conference I would recommend to experienced and novice bloggers alike. Please share my video with the world, I know you want to! Hats off to all the organizers and speakers that made this event a successful one.

Sharon, Strategic Partnerships (sharon [at] chitika [dot] com)

Chitika Turns 4! From $5 to a Media Empire

We were told it was impossible to turn a five dollar investment into a media empire… zero outside funding and four years later, it was done!

And thanks to our growing 12,000+ publisher network, we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission: To be the number 1 Blog$ Company! Next stop stratosphere, seriously… stay tuned!